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Weight Loss eatin cause im bored Jun 06 2007
15:15 (UTC)
Go for a walk, clean something, surf the web, play solitaire, or call up all your friends. You could go to a store and window shop, trim the hedges, or mow your grass. Heck, you could mow your neighbor's grass. Learn to watch tv with out food. At night you could play video games, read a book, call your parents (if they are still here), say a prayer, go over your bills, plan your meals for the next week, or even (gasp) fold laundry. NEVER eat when you are feeling anything but hunger! This is coming from a recovering emotional eater. No eating when you are just bored. There is always something to do! Write a book or a poem. Create an artistic masterpiece. Research a groundbreaking new philisophical idea. Really, the possibilities are endless, when you apply yourself to it!
Weight Loss feeling ill Jun 06 2007
15:06 (UTC)
Too much junk food can make you feel really gross. It happens to me when I over indulge. Just keep to smaller portions of the junk and you won't feel so bloated, nausious and headachy from it. Drink lots of water and whole foods today, and get lots of fresh air and some sushine. you'll feel lots better.
Weight Loss . Jun 06 2007
12:25 (UTC)
1 cup is a portion of milk. so, like 8 fl oz. My advice is limit yourself to one bowl of cereal. you can do it, even if you think you want more, just don't take anymore. then, eat all your other meals. Make yourself if you have to. After a while, you will train your appitite to be hungry when you need to be, but right now your appitite is messed up, so you need to use your head to train your appitite. You need to get up to 1200 or more, ok? Even if you over do cereal, you need to eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day, and a bit of protien, too. I don't mean to scold, but don't starve yourself sweetie, ok?
Weight Loss ~T' SHRINKIN' PIRATES (AAAAArgh!) ~ B.L.C.-P.3/Team 3 Jun 06 2007
11:28 (UTC)
I am 201.2 today. That puts this weeks weight loss at 5lbs!! woohooo!!!
Weight Loss Final Results Posted Way to go Everyone!! Thanks for the Participation!! Jun 06 2007
11:26 (UTC)
Shrinking Pirates team 3
Weight Loss ~T' SHRINKIN' PIRATES (AAAAArgh!) ~ B.L.C.-P.3/Team 3 Jun 06 2007
01:05 (UTC)
Goddess9: YOU can do it!!! resist temptation!!! Here, have some of my motivation and will power! haha..
Weight Loss having weakness issues Jun 05 2007
14:22 (UTC)
ms. stress, Please stop using all caps! It is stressing ME out! haha...
As for the weakness, I have that too. I also have dizzy spells, and My mucsle weekness is worse right after one of those. I had all the tests, and I am not anemic, ect.
The Lounge Calling all Geminis!! Jun 05 2007
00:33 (UTC)
Hapy b-day all!! Yeah Geminis!!! I turn thirty on thursday!!! woohooo!!! The upside of being gemini: we have more fun. The down side? we can't make up our mind what to be/do! If I could just focus on ONE thing that I enjoy doing, I'd probably have an actual career by now, but I just can't settle for one thing! argh...
Weight Loss "new" i need help. Jun 04 2007
23:44 (UTC)
You've done this before, so you know you can loose the weight! Just believe in yourself. And this time, when you go into maintanance, dont return to any negative "old" eating habits, ok?
Weight Loss ~T' SHRINKIN' PIRATES (AAAAArgh!) ~ B.L.C.-P.3/Team 3 Jun 04 2007
14:21 (UTC)
Well, im dropping alot of weight this week (Im currently down 3.8), but thursday is my BIRTHDAY and I am going to go to red robin!!!!No one can stop me, mwahahahaha!! I will get a boca patty and limit my fries a bit, though. And my hubby is going to make me a sugar free chocolate cake!! ha! so I might not loose as well next week, sorry... hehehe.
Weight Loss Worrying Jun 04 2007
12:39 (UTC)
Actually, they adjust the calories burned for your weight. My husband is 162 and it shows lower calories burned on the same activities than it shows for me, who is 202... So I am prety sure the activity calculator adjusts for weight.
Weight Loss Blood Type Diet Jun 04 2007
03:54 (UTC)
just read a review. Basiclly the book is based on more science fiction than science fact. I don't mean to be rude, and clearly you have had success with it, but it doesn't sound like my cup o' tea. Anything that eliminates entire food groups (besides the proccessed junk food group) doesn't work for me, and I end up binging eventually. Here's the review, if anyone's intereseted: od_group_diet.htm It had me laughing, anyway.
Weight Loss I stopped eating! Jun 03 2007
23:34 (UTC)
girlywhirly... Me too. I was just realizing that I have a little snacky-poo most nights, I purposely leave room for it in my calorie budget! Usually it is just a Sugar free chocolate pudding cup (fat free, only 60 calories) but I try to stop around 8:30, so I have a couple of hrs between that and going to bed. If it is a problem (you can't stop after one small snack) then I guess just don't do it! Oh, another low cal snack: strawberries. Sometimes I mix the pudding and straberries together and make chocolate covered strawberries! I am trying to trick my mind into thinking I am being indulgent, kay? Oh, and when I have extra calories, I do the pudding with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter: Reeces!!!! haha... Or if I have LOTS of calories I do a homemade fruit smoothie. One time I made popcicles with blueberries and a teeny bit of juice. Those where yummy. I like my snacks. I have lost 25 lbs, so I guess it isn't too bad for me, lol...
Weight Loss Protein Question Jun 03 2007
23:01 (UTC)
Google it! Look up " protien recommended allowance" or something like that. You should be able to find a calculator. That is what I do whenever I want to know how much of something I should have.
Weight Loss Says who? Jun 03 2007
02:45 (UTC)
I've followed this site fairly closely. I give myself a 200 calorie range, 100 less than they say to 100 more. I've lost 25 pounds in about 3 months. And, actually, the first week or so, I was still eating too much. I think it works. slowly but surely. I say, give the site a month. See if you can 1: stick to it and 2: loose weight. Why not? eat a litlle more than you are now? mmmm.... food.... Honestly, it can't be that hard. And the most important thing: stop stressing out! stress makes you hold on to weight!
Weight Loss ~T' SHRINKIN' PIRATES (AAAAArgh!) ~ B.L.C.-P.3/Team 3 Jun 01 2007
18:20 (UTC)
me and mine are doing fairly well... Hows about you?
Weight Loss Final Results Posted Way to go Everyone!! Thanks for the Participation!! May 30 2007
12:06 (UTC)

Shrinking Pirates
Weight Loss Am I eating too little or too much? May 29 2007
01:31 (UTC)
Take it from me, a person that has has diabetes and polycystic: eating too little and crash dieting to loose weight fast does NOT work in the long run. Eat the amount the calculator says, eat whole healthy, lowfat foods. Loose weight slowly. If you are just a few pounds down by july4th, it doesn't matter! This time next year you'll look fabuless! and crash diets will send you into the yo-yo cycle, will NOT help you successfully avoid blood sugar and insulin related problems, and are just an over all bad idea. BTW, moderate excercise 3 or more times a week for 20 or more minutes is the BEST way to help you avoid blood sugar issues, and will give you a toned body, which is always good!
Weight Loss ~T' SHRINKIN' PIRATES (AAAAArgh!) ~ B.L.C.-P.3/Team 3 May 28 2007
13:53 (UTC)
good for you Aimee!!!