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Motivation Can't get out of the 180s!!! May 29 2009
15:15 (UTC)

I think slow but steady is really good. You are more likely to keep it off that way.

Wow, I wish I did better on weekends. That is my biggest challenge. All of the temptations......

Motivation Can't get out of the 180s!!! May 28 2009
13:36 (UTC)

I am setting my calorie goal for 1600 daily. Also, at least 3 days of weight training and 45 minutes of cardio. I always slack on weight training but I think it's really important. You can see the results quickly if you stick to it. Do you want to have a weigh in day?

Motivation Can't get out of the 180s!!! May 28 2009
01:36 (UTC)

Wow, we are in the exact same boat. I was all the way up to 196 and I have been able to stay at 183 for the last month. I have been watching what I eat and exercising but like you, I need an extra push. I guess I hit a plateau. I would really like to be at least down to 175 by the 4th of July.

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 21 2008
13:38 (UTC)

syzhu, don't let those uppeties get to you! Just remember that you are a good person and that's what counts:)

All right guys, it's the weekend!, well almost. I am making a goal of working out on Sat and Sunday, planning dinner so I don't have any urges(yeah right! I mean LESS urges), what else??

I don't know, weekends are just the worst for me. I probobly would've lost alot more by now if it wasn't for that.

What are your plans?

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 19 2008
15:15 (UTC)

I think it's a great idea to stretch out the goal, that will keep us all motivated. I am going to keep my personal goal of losing 15 lbs by Christmas (I've now lost 4lbs all together so 11 to go).


I just want to report my good news. Today's wed. so I stepped on the scale. 2 lbs down from last week!!! I am sooo excited because I thought I blew it all over the weekend. I made sure to exercise though and I did really well during the week. This weekend I am going to try even harder to eat right. Since I'm really poor that will help on the going out to eat factor. One thing I do on the weekends as a treat is pop light popcorn. It's a great salty, semi lo cal treat that I can indulge in and not feel guilty. What lo cal treats do you guys eat on the weekend?

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 17 2008
18:47 (UTC)

Hey guys,

Things that went good for me:

I exercised 5 days, mon-thursday I counted calories and had about a 700 defecit, I ate lots and lots of veggies, didn't eat out once!


Things to work on:

weekends!! I always lose track and end up feeling like a cow on Monday. This weekend I thought I did okay even though I didn't kep track of everything I ate. It's like a never ending cycle and every Monday I'm back to square 1. I guess we'll see on wed.

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 12 2008
13:31 (UTC)


yes, my weight tends to fluctuate alot during the week. That's why I try really hard only to weigh myself once a week, on the same day, at the same time. That helps my frustration alot. It's just hard to wait sometimes.

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 12 2008
12:33 (UTC)

Alright, I weighed in today. 1lb. down from last week, 2lbs all together. I know I'm on the right track, I was just hoping for 2 lbs this week. That's still my goal for next week.

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 10 2008
17:03 (UTC)

Hey guys! It's been a few days, sorry. This weekend was rough! I went to a wedding and they had a chocolate fountain buffet! Oh my it was tough. I did give in a little:) But they weren't serving alcohol, so that helped my will power a little.

How did you all do?


I hear you Soraya, I have a sister that is like a minnie version of me,  but of course much skinnier. I've dealt with that my whole life as well.  It's hard not to do, but, trying not to compare yourself with others makes it easier for you to feel good about yourself (I know easier said than done):)

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 05 2008
14:39 (UTC)

I'll second that Janay....YAY!! for Obama:) 

So I stepped on the scale this morning, nervous becuase I've been feeling fat. 1 LB down since last wed. Woo hoo. I know it's a small accomplishment but it makes me feel like I'm doing something right. I'm shooting for 2 next week (if I want to make it to 10 by tukey day). My strategies are: drink more water, take my intensity to the next level when working out and eat 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day. What are your strategies everyone??

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Nov 03 2008
19:02 (UTC)

janay- yep :) it's Michelle


This weekend wasn't so good, which is usually the case for me. I always do great during the week and then ruin all my hard work on Saturday. At least I exercised so hopefully I didn't blow it too bad. Plus, I had salad for lunch (that doesn't really make up for the beers with dinner though:)

good thing weigh in is not until wed. I'm hoping for the best

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Oct 31 2008
17:43 (UTC)

I think weighing in on a certain day is a great idea! It's really hard for me not to step on the scale everyday and feel frustrated.

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Oct 31 2008
17:42 (UTC)

wow, janay101, I teach Spanish;) It's my first year though, I love it.

Weekends and evenings are also the worst for me. I used to feel like drinking was my only calorie problem but I have cut way back and still find myself consuming alot of calories. I have been trying to drink lots of water and it helps me eat less.


I hate halloween!! well, actually, I love it but the candy is a problem. I am very weak around it. Wish me luck with that tonight!

Games & Challenges Lose 10 by Christmas -- starting now! Oct 30 2008
16:54 (UTC)

I want to lose a little more than 10 (maybe 20) but I'll do the 10 by turkey day goal with you also. I just got back on the diet wagon and definately need a jump start. I having been doing exercise videos on netflix and it's awesome. There are some really good videos out there (I'm sore). I have been trying to do them everyday, drink more water, always keep track of my calories and use the stairs more and park far away. I think I'm on the right track

Weight Loss 9 lbs in 4 months?! :) :( Apr 04 2008
21:41 (UTC)

So looking at it on an average I lost .8 lb per week. According to this website and many other sources, losing .5-1 lb a week is the way to go. Looks like I am doing the right thing. If I were to lose any faster, I would probobly just gain it back. Losing weight isn't about quick fixes, it's about the long run, changing your lifestyles. I want to be in it for the long run so I guess I will continue what I'm doing.

Weight Loss 9 lbs in 4 months?! :) :( Apr 04 2008
19:45 (UTC)

I started out eating 1300 and after a few weeks without losing decided that was not enough. I am now eating about 1600-1800 and I work out at least 4-5 times a week. 45 minutes cardio, 20 minutes weight training. I also walk a mile every day at lunch.

Weight Loss Am I Eating Too Much? Mar 14 2008
19:20 (UTC)
I think that if you feel close to a binge urge if you eat less, you should definately stick to what your doing.
Weight Loss no weigh-in for 2 days now... Mar 11 2008
19:34 (UTC)
I would wait til friday because a different scale might tell you something different
Weight Loss Sassy Water Recipe-Flat Belly Diet Mar 11 2008
19:10 (UTC)
I have heard that cucumbers are good for releaving bloating as well as ginger, maybe that's got something to do with it
Weight Loss overeat 1 day a week to boost metabolism or . . . . Mar 10 2008
17:47 (UTC)
Original Post by haley_2008:

I can only speak for myself, but once a week I go out to eat for dinner and eat chicken wings/nachos/beer.  I eat very  healthy at breakfast/lunch and I make sure I work out that day.  (burn 500 calories usually)  Next day I drink a whole load of water to rid most sodium.  I am still losing weight.

Just my experience.


**Edited to add I do NOT count calories for dinner at all....just eat!!! **

You make me feel so much better. I have been doing the same thing. It isn't always intentional though. I eat well all week, then saturday rolls around and I will usually go out to eat and have some beers too. I feel real guilty sometimes, although, I know deep down I am still doing something right. I have been consistantly losing about .5-1 lb per week, which is slow but I am trying to make a life style change while still incorporating things I like.