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Weight Loss all you shorties out there btwn 5'1-5'3!!! Sep 15 2007
15:28 (UTC)

Ricen, I looked at your pics and I think you are gorgeous, you definetely carry your weight well.

I wish I had your arms they look beautiful.

Were does everyone else carry their weight? I don't have a camera so I can't post a pic.  I carry all of my weight up top. Belly,boobs,arms. My legs do not go with my body. I get tons of compliments on my legs. I think they are my husband's favorite body part on me. 

I just HATE my stomach!!!!!!!!

The Lounge Your Crack (what is your personal addiction) Sep 14 2007
23:38 (UTC)
Oh yeah ...............sleep I love that more than food.
The Lounge Boring topic sorry-Kids and spelling tests Sep 14 2007
22:55 (UTC)

They have had their eyes examined. However, their father does have dyslexia.

Yes my kids read especially my daughter not so much my son.  My daughter writes really pretty. My son's writing is horrible.

They learned to read from phonics.

Also, I usually quiz them out loud and they spell them so that may be a problem because I know they write them.

This is a new school for them also. They were going to another district last year so maybe the anxiety.

Thank you so much for your help. I am going to try the quiz out loud and also have them write it down.


The Lounge First Job Sep 14 2007
22:15 (UTC)
Long John Silver's
The Lounge Worst Job Sep 14 2007
22:15 (UTC)
Well, I worked at this window place for about 4 hours. Believe me we needed the money but it was hot and we had to hammer pieces in all day long. No talking, short breaks it was horrible. I even puked once. As I was leaving I looked at the employees and said"no one should do this work for such little pay" and I never went back. It was the most horrible job in the world. I felt bad some people had to work there.
The Lounge Your Crack (what is your personal addiction) Sep 14 2007
22:12 (UTC)

Wine -I love the stuff

Taco Bell- I would eat this everyday if I could

and then there is that addiction to chicken wings..........I drool thinking of going to the local pizza pub and having a few draft beers and hot wings........YUMMO

But I realized if I continue to like this crack then no one will like my crack.......

Motivation Inspiration? Sep 14 2007
22:08 (UTC)

I have a ton of reasons. First this fat person is not me. I want to feel attractive again.

Second, I have high cholestrol and had gestational diabetes which puts me at risk for diabetes later on, I have high blood pressure......and I am only 37.

I used to look really great and had no health problems. But I let myself go I need to get me back. I used to see bigger women after they had kids and I would say"that is so never going to be me"  I would say" I am never going to look fat after I have my kids" And for most of my mommy life I didn't get fat. But a few years ago I have started to get fat.  After 4 kids it is starting to show. After I had my last baby I exercised very hard and counted calories and got down to 139 I remember feeling great about myself. So I can't blame having kids really on being fat. I quit my job and lost my motivation to keep myself up. But I am bringing sexy back :)

We can do this, it is so worth it.


Start date 9-4-07

SW 163

CW 159.4

GW 130

Ultimate goal 125

Foods Anyone eats bacon here? Sep 14 2007
21:59 (UTC)
Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon........yum
Weight Loss I have lost 5 lbs. since joining CC on August 28! Sep 14 2007
21:56 (UTC)

YAHOO good for you;)



Weight Loss all you shorties out there btwn 5'1-5'3!!! Sep 14 2007
21:55 (UTC)

I am 37 and 5'1 and a fatty 159.4 I am wanting to get down to 130 at least and hopefully 125. At my age I'll take that;)


Start date 09-04-07

Start weight 163

Current weight 159.4

Goal weight 130

Ultimate goal 125

Foods I'm so sick of diet food!!!!!! Sep 14 2007
19:41 (UTC)

I still eat those things I like occasionally I just have to eat less. I still am going to indulge in some beer and chicken wings with my dh but I am going to count them too.

Hang in there!

Fitness any firm users out there?? Sep 14 2007
19:38 (UTC)

I am one of those rare people who decided to eat more than cc told me to. Because I am in no hurry to lose weight. Yes I want to lose it but I don't want to have to be hungry. I eat around 1600 a day and 60 mns  a WEEK in exercise. And I have a "bank of calories" for treats that I start each week with it is 1,050. If I go beyond my 60 mns of exercise then I get to add those into calories I can eat.  I must have been eating a a gazillion calories before if I am losing on these high of calories. Then I weigh myself weekly and if I don't see at least 1/2 pound loss then I increase exercise time, decrease calories only slightly. Hope this helps! I did this same system a few years back and lost 18 pounds over the summer.

Good Luck Linda!


Weight Loss Counting when you eat out Sep 14 2007
16:06 (UTC)

 We have a place called Giovanni's here and it is extra yummo. I just get out my calorie book and find a restaurant similar to it and see what calories they listed and used that.

 Have fun with your mom!


Fitness any firm users out there?? Sep 14 2007
10:35 (UTC)

Oh yeah, I haven't used them for awhile but I used to be a FIRM believer. I have tapes dated back to 1987 from them. They will give you an awesome body. I plan to get back into the FIRM soon. Right now I am walking on my treadmill until I build some more stamina up.

After you get really fit and want even more of a challenge check out Cathe Friedrich. She is at

Also check out They have load of info on exercise dvd's/videos.

The FIRM rocks=)

Melting Michelle

Starte date 9-4-07

SW 163

CW 159.4

Goal 130 

Weight Loss Taking it slow anyone else? Sep 14 2007
10:27 (UTC)

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to check on you! How is everyone doing?

Melting Michelle

Start date 9-4-07

SW 163

CW 159.4

Goal 130

Foods Favorite Frozen diet TV dinners Sep 13 2007
19:30 (UTC)

Lean Cuisine-Swedish meatball YUMMO

LC-pizza bread

LC-sesame chicken

LC-turkey,dressing and apples

I pretty much like all of LC I tried. I know they don't get good grades but I pretty much eat them all the time.

And for a sweet tooth craving-I Like smart ones chocolate chip dough sundae.......SINFUL

Melting MIchelle

Weight Loss First day but a long way to go! Sep 13 2007
15:58 (UTC)

I have exercised like a nut for years and the only time I lose is when I count my calories.

In May I was exericising on the ellipitical for 1.5 hours a day and didn't drop a pound.

I swear if it was determined on exercise alone I would be SO happy and SO skinny.

So now I scaled back the exercise and started counting the calories and the weight is coming off and if feels great to not slave in the gym, now I can walk on my treadmill and be done in 30 mns.

Melting MIchelle

Foods Rachel Ray's turkey burger Sep 13 2007
12:29 (UTC)

Yikes 841 calories. Although I would use turkey bacon but still I am no way eating that.


The Lounge Movies you watch over and over Sep 13 2007
11:12 (UTC)

The wizard of oz............I seen it a million times I think! I still remember being a tiny girl and it would come on once a year(before vhs and dvd was invented) and I would be so excited.......and I am 37 now.

Lions and tigers and bears oh my...........

Melting Michelle

Foods Frozen Healthy Choice meals Sep 13 2007
10:45 (UTC)

I have heard about sodium content also. However, I am a big fan of the frozen food. I eat lean cuisines, healthy choice, smart ones. I love them.

My friend Leisa used them to lose weight.