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Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Sep 16 2011
10:47 (UTC)

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I would let everyone know my progress. Way to go hjoslyn87! Feels so great doesn't it? I started on May 28, and I am almost 4 months in. Still walking 4 miles everyday, watching what I eat, and feeling great! I have always struggled with my weight and can't believe that I am actually doing it this time! I feel great, and people are starting to notice too! Here are my stats:

Starting weight:  280

Current weight:  239

Challenge goal weight:  236

Long-term goal weight:  180ish

Pounds lost:  41

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Aug 13 2011
08:14 (UTC)

Great job everyone!!

Starting weight:  279

last weeks weight:  250

This weeks weight:  246.4

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Aug 09 2011
09:51 (UTC)

Haven't posted in 2 weeks, so thought I better. Still going good. Still walking 4 miles everyday and eating great. Feels so good.

starting weight:  279

last week:  254.4

current weight:  250


Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Jul 24 2011
11:59 (UTC)

Forgot to weighin on Friday, so its Sunday instead. Last week I didn't lose anything thanks to my "monthly visitor". But this week was good. Still walking 4 miles everyday and watching what I eat. Can't wait to see what next week brings.

Starting weight:  279

Last week:  256.6

This week:  254.4

Challenge goal:  236

Long term goal:  180

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Jul 10 2011
12:58 (UTC)

Weekly Weigh-in:  This week was pretty good. I went camping for 4 days, and thought for sure I would gain, but I actually lost 3 pounds!!! Still walking at least 4 miles everyday and eating great stuff. I actually got my bike out yesterday and rode for 1/2 hour. I haven't been on a bike for about 10 years!!! Boy does my butt hurt!! 77 pounds to go!!!

Starting weight:  279

Last week:  259

Current weight:  256

Challenge weight:  236

Goal Weight:  180


Fitness Nervous/Scared Jul 06 2011
11:48 (UTC)

I have started dieting on May 28 and have lost 19 pounds. I walk 4-6 miles everyday, and my log term goal is to jog. I have started incorporating this into my walks. I will walk for 10 minutes and jog for about 5. Even though it is only 5 minutes, It is a big deal for me. I am 260 pounds, and when I did that first five minutes, I was so proud of my self. I do this everyday, and in the next week I will try to increase the jogging a couple minutes at a time.

Weight Loss Regarding daily calorie requirement Jul 06 2011
11:43 (UTC)

Adding exercise will definately help shed those pounds. A 600 calorie deficit is good. Think that 3500 calories= 1 pound of body fat. So if you work out 6 days a week at a 600 calories deficit, that results in 3600 calories lost for one week which is 1 pound. I am allowed 1900 calories a day, but rarely make that. I usually end up with about an 800-1000 calorie/day deficit. I walk 4-6 miles everyday. I have started this on May 28, and have lost 19 pounds so far. So incorporating exercise into the plan will definately make a difference. Good luck. I hope this helps.

Motivation lost inches! Jul 06 2011
11:36 (UTC)

way to go!  It feels so great doesn't it? I have lost about 4 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips, 3 inches off my thighs, but have gained 2 inches on my calves. Must be muscle I'm sure, since I walk at least 4 miles everyday. I actually got into a pair of shorts that were too small when I bought them 2 years ago, I even have a little wiggle room. Keep up the good work!!!

Foods How often do you eat out? Jul 02 2011
12:49 (UTC)

Very rarely do I eat out. I like to cook and its a lot cheaper. Maybe eat out 2-3 times a year.

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Jul 02 2011
12:47 (UTC)

Saturday weigh in:  All is going well for this week. I had a barbque to go to last week and I was a little nervous about the food part, but I did well, didn't over-eat, and didn't have seconds. Still walking 4 miles everyday, weighing and measuring my food, and eating sensibly. Hope everyone is well.

Starting weight:  279

Last weeks weight: 262

This weeks weight:  259

Challenge goal:  236

Long-term goal:  180

Weight Loss Uncertain. Jul 02 2011
08:39 (UTC)

I also have hypothytoidism. I would maybe suggest that you get your thyroid level rechecked. I have mine checked every 6 months just to make sure the pills I take are doing its job. Mine had to be adjusted a few times. Hope this helps.

Weight Loss How did you know it was time to change? and how have you achieved it? or began it? Jun 29 2011
12:09 (UTC)

It all started for me when I had my cholesterol checked. I need to lower that and hope that losing some weight will do that for me. I started my journey on May 28, and I have lost 17 pounds so far. I still have a long way to go to get to a loss of 100 pounds, but I am off to a good start. I have not had a cheat day yet, I really don't see what the meaning of this is. I do not want to undo all the work I did the previous day. I love chips, and maybe once a week I will allow myself 1 serving, and then the craving is gone. I walk 4 miles every day, log and weigh all my food, and try to keep the cholesterol in mind and not focus on the weight so much. I really do not have a lot of cravings for food that I used to eat. I eat about 1700 good calories a day and feel satisfied with that. I drink lots of water and keep busy so I don't get bored and want to eat. I think you are doing great so far. Keep it up!!

Health & Support Medication / Anti Deps Jun 27 2011
00:28 (UTC)

The first one I was put on was Abilify. It helped me tremendously. I also was put on Lamictal and Lexapro. This combination has does wonders for me and my depression. What type of Dr. do you see? Is it a general physician? I saw a Dr. that specialized in brain chemistry, and he helped me so much, I feel like my old self again.

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Jun 25 2011
08:13 (UTC)

Saturday weigh in: I have been doing great this week. For the week I have walked a total of 28 miles! I have been doing well with my food, still eating great stuff, and still measuring and logging everything. Today it is one month since I started my lifestyle change and I feel so much better and have so much energy. Looking forward to what the next month will bring.

Starting Weight:  279

Last Weeks Weight:  266

This Weeks Weight:  262

Challenge Goal:  236

Long Term Goal:  180

Weight Loss period pause Jun 23 2011
12:05 (UTC)

I try not to weigh myself when I have my period. I tend to gain about 1-2 pounds that week. I will weigh in about 2-3 days after my period has ended, and then that weight is gone, sometimes plus some. Hope this helps.

Weight Loss Work out then REALLY want candy? Jun 21 2011
11:44 (UTC)

Try eating a piece of dark chocolate like Hersheys miniatures. Just have a couple.

Foods New healthy foods you never thought were so good! Jun 21 2011
11:37 (UTC)

I will have to try some of those. I love beets, squash, ground turkey.

Recipes Cheesecake recipe? Jun 21 2011
09:51 (UTC)

I make some low fat mini-cheesecakes. They are so good. I make them in muffin tins, so they are portioned out. I have 1 for a serving.

Line muffin tins with muffin liners.

Put 1 whole vanilla waffer in the bottom for the crust.

Mix 2 packages of low-fat cream cheese, 2 eggs (or you could use egg beaters), 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 1 tsp. lemon juice, and a little salt. Mix together and spoon into muffin tins. Bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until set. Cool and I top them with a little pie filling. I like apple or lemon. They are really good, and since they are in muffin tins, they are portioned out for you already. That way your not tempted to eat a huge slice. Hope this helps.

Foods Need healty, crunchy snack ideas! Jun 18 2011
16:01 (UTC)

Neve thought of dry cereal! I'll definately do that one. Thanks.

Motivation Challenge June 1st- Nov 30th Jun 18 2011
09:33 (UTC)

Is it to late to join in?

I have started a healthier lifestyle 3 weeks ago today. I have lost 13 pounds so far. I am trying to lower my cholesterol and take off some weight. I have to go back to the Dr. in November to have my cholesterol checked again, so I would love to do this challenge since it is till November. I'm 5'7", started at 279. I am a stay at home mom of an 8 year old, 5 year old, and a 1 year old. Since I am a stay at home mom, I really have no excuse that I cannot find the time, aside from chasing after 3 VERY active kids all day! I have been doing well at measuring all my food, logging everything, exercising, and reaching my calories. I have drastically changed my eating habits.

Starting weight:  266

Goal weight for challenge:  236

Long term goal weight:  180

Fitness Goal:

I walk at least 4 miles everyday right now.

My long term goal is to be able to jog, slowly at first of course.

Personal Goal:

I always put everyone elses needs before mine. My goal is to take some time for myself every once in a while. Whether it is vegging out in my bedroom with a magazine, or whatever, just so I am alone and it is quiet for a few minutes.