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Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Sep 30 2010
05:34 (UTC)

Hi coppertop! Lovely photos :)

Mila's doing great. Congrats on the 5 weeks of breastfeeding - that's still a fantastic start. I have heard some FF mums say they let their babies "nurse" for comfort even if they don't get any milk - maybe you could try that? I've only just heard about the Similac; it's not a brand that's sold in NZ. My gosh the formula seems expensive! Are they allowed to discount it in the USA? I know that in the UK and NZ there are laws preventing infant formula (not the 6month+ kind) from being advertised or sold at discount prices.

Here the babies have vaccines at 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 5 months... Not sure after that. Our 12 week vaccines were a disaster as Mila had seizures and had to be rushed to hospital. She was fine but it was the most frightening day of my life - I never realised before I became a mother how much my entire life would revolve around someone I'd known for such a short time. She really is everything, though. Her next vaccines are due in a few weeks and I'm really worried - she's going to be given them at hospital though and she'll be given anti-seizure meds straight away which should mean the risk of her having a reaction is low. Still pretty scary, though!

How's life with Bryce? Is he sleeping well? What have you found challenging? We have found getting her to nap during the day quite hard - she doesn't seem to want to miss out on anything!

Are you still on CC much? Do you use Facebook? I haven't really been on CC in ages but I check in every now and again to see if there are any new posts on this thread :)

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Sep 22 2010
11:26 (UTC)

Just wanted to say hello...

Mila is 18.5 weeks today and her first tooth is just coming through - eek!

I feel so lucky to have her as she is now breastfeeding easily and sleeping wonderfully. She feeds to sleep about 9.30pm and sleeps until 9.30am unless I wake her earlier. Right now she is going through a growth spurt so is feeding very frequently during the day and evening, but I hope it'll be over soon.

We go to a different coffee group most days of the week and Mila loves seeing the other babies. She is getting better at lifting her head up and has recently discovered that she has a very loud voice - lots of enthusiastic gurgling!

I have just started trying to lose weight. It's tough as Mac is very aware of my ED history and tries to feed me up at every opportunity. I have about 7-10lbs to go depending on the day. I find I can diet for a few days but then have to maintain for a few days or else my milk supply decreases dramatically.

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jul 27 2010
10:41 (UTC)

Coppoertop, sorry to hear you labour didn't go to plan! That must have been so scary. Glad your little one is ok - you definitely made the right decision with the C section. I see your due date was July 20th - can I ask why you were induced early?

Amy, you got a new profile?! I'm so glad to hear about your husband getting a permanent job when his contract is up. It must be really nice to have the security. I can imagine working must be hard. Are you enjoying work? What's the childcare like? Mila will be going into daycare part-time from Feb next year so that I can go back to study.

We're all good here in NZ. Mila is now 10.5 weeks old, gosh she looks so different. She is really alert and "active" now - as active as a non-mobile baby can be anyway! Lots of kicking and rolling on to her side. She has transformed from the terrible sleeper she was when she was born and is now sleeping 11pm-8am most nights. Tonight bizarrely she has been asleep since 7pm. It's 10.36pm now and she still hasn't woken - I'm wondering if she's actually going to sleep through??!! Surely not. It's the first time she's slept all evening so I didn't know what to do with myself. Can't remember what I used to do before I had her. so the house is now spotless for the first time since we got home from hospital. Very strange. Surprised

I am still breastfeeding and starting to enjoy it a lot more. It's nice watching her feed while I cuddle her :)

Hope everyone is doing well with their lovely little ones.


Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jul 16 2010
09:00 (UTC)

Congrats iz! Glad the birth went (reasonably!) smoothly and little Elizabeth arrived safe and sound. So glad you got your VBAC. How is Asher handling having a little sister? How is feeding going? Hope you're getting some sleep!

Everything is going well here. Mila will be 9 weeks on Sunday, oh my gosh time is flying by! I am still busy with all my groups - have somehow managed to join 5 different baby/coffee/discussion groups so the loneliness I worried about when pregnant has not eventuated as I am far too busy! Life seems pretty good right now although I am already worrying about returning to study and finishing my degree next year. I wish I could be a stay at home mum but don't see that happening unfortunately.

Leela - sorry to hear about your moods but glad you're getting help and taking action on this. Have seen some pics of Suha - she's growing so fast!

Pregnancy & Parenting How much does it cost to have a baby? Jul 06 2010
20:43 (UTC)

Yup, we do have a high rate of child abuse. I am not entirely sure why although some groups (!) are definitely bringing up our national average, which is so sad.

The Plunket system has been around before our child abuse statistics actually got so bad so I don't think it's a preventative strategy - I think education and improving the economic status of those people would do a lot more although obviously it's hard to just wave a magic wand and achieve that.

I am having Plunket home visits for my baby every 2 weeks until 6 months, then every month until one year, then I think they are just every 6 months until age 5.

Pregnancy & Parenting How much does it cost to have a baby? Jul 06 2010
00:57 (UTC)

I live in NZ... so, free midwife, obstetrician and consultant care during pregnancy, free delivery in hospital or at home (I planned a homebirth but ended up going to hospital), free midwife home visits twice a day for the first 10 days after the birth then every few days until 6 weeks, then free Plunket (child health service) visits until 5 years... free doctor appointments for your child... free antenatal and parenting classes... the list goes on.

I may pay taxes that include free care for other women and their babies but I am so glad no woman or their child has to suffer with inadequate healthcare because of their economic circumstances.

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jul 06 2010
00:24 (UTC)

Congrats VP! Lovely name and a great weight! My baby was also born on a Sunday lunchtime... very civilised lol. Sorry to hear about the tear but glad Eleanor arrived safely.

Iz... Thanks. I don't want Mac to have to get up for night feeds with me, I guess I just want him to appreciate that it is hard work for me to have to do so! As for him bonding with Mila... I'm sure you're right that it will get better as she gets bigger and is more expressive. But I don't think that excuses him from making an effort now. After all I also have to make an effort to bond with her and spend time playing etc before she gets to the really interactive stage. It's not fair that I have to make all the effort now and then he just reaps the rewards when she's bigger!

I am normally not very good at communicating my problems to him but last night I made my feelings pretty clear. He was quite hurt I think but I'm glad I said something as it was making me quite upset how little time he spent with her. It all came to a head because he kept saying the only time he had to spend time with her was on his days off. Then his days off came and went and I was still the one holding the baby all day long while he did his own thing. I think the message finally got through so although it was a painful weekend for both of us it had a good outcome in the end.

Do you have names lined up for your baby? I love the name Asher. My suggestions for your last day - get a massage and a haircut. I don't know when I'm next going to be able to get my hair cut and wish I'd done it before she was born. Good luck for the labour and birth, you must be so excited!

Mila was 7 weeks on Sunday, I can't believe how big she is getting! We are getting loads of smiles now and it makes such a difference. She is also sleeping so much better - the last couple of nights she has been up til late (12-1am) but then only waking once between then and 10am, WOOHOO! She was the world's worst sleeper for the first couple of weeks so it's lovely to finally get some bigger chunks of rest.

I've posted this link before but I'm putting some new pics up today...Finally got her to smile for the camera! amp;id=507880927&l=2ab6ff6ccb

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jun 30 2010
10:26 (UTC)

Just a quick update from me! Sorry I have been so slack about posting - life has been very busy!

Mila was 6 weeks old on Sunday and we're both doing great. I seem to have got over the baby blues and feel stable and happy (if very tired) most of the time. I'm still taking antidepressants so maybe that has helped stave off anything more serious. Did a lot of research on the effect on the baby of taking my medication while breastfeeding and it seems to be very small/nothing at all which is reassuring.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding and one side feels absolutely great and one side is still a bit sore... although I fed her tonight with the "rugby hold" and her latch was much better, so going to keep trying that one!

I've been going to Baby & You classes run by my local parent's centre which have been a lifesaver for me. It's been so great to talk to other new mums about the good, bad and ugly of life with a new baby. It's been fantastic just to know others are in exactly the same boat as we are and I have made some good friends I plan to keep in touch with after the classes end next week. I've also signed up for a whole new raft of classes to keep me busy once these classes end... Planning activities or even just to meet friends has been a big part of what has kept me feeling sane and happy these last few weeks.

Mac and I have been bickering a bit as I don't think he helps out enough, whereas he thinks he goes out to work so deserves to sleep at night and not do any housework/parenting in the morning. At one point it was really upsetting me because he was spending hardly any time with Mila... I kind of realised part of the problem was that I have to feed her, but then I'm the one still holding the baby after I'm finished. So now I've just started giving her to him to hold for a while and he's started to take a bit more responsibility as a Dad. The amount he participates still gets on my nerves, but I think we're getting there.

Can't remember if I posted this link before but I put up pictures of Mila here every so often: amp;id=507880927&l=2ab6ff6ccb . She's getting so chubby! Lol.

Vp and Iz - sounds like you are both getting close to meeting your little ones! I never had an examination before labour and I'm not sure if I would have wanted it or not... it might make me more impatient knowing how close/far away labour might be! Congrats iz on your last day of work. I would go out for some fresh air, meet friends, sleep in and pamper yourself - I never got to enjoy some down time before the birth so enjoy this time for both of us lol. I can't wait to hear about some new arrivals!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jun 05 2010
10:06 (UTC)

Coppertop - woohoo! Fantastic news on the glucose test. I never had the tests but I imagine it's a weight off your shoulders. When is your strep b test?

VP - glad to hear you're sleeping better. That was one of the bugbears for me during late pregnancy. Now I have no trouble sleeping, just trouble finding opportunities to do so lol.

Lsami - must feel so good to have some new clothes! I am also in that in-between stage: my maternity clothes are too big and my pre-preg clothes are too tight. Well, some of them fit but not as many as I'd like. I stopped weighing myself a couple of months before my due date so I don't know how much weight I put on in the end, but I would think it safe to say at least 40lbs. Funny how that turned out - there was no need for me to be worrying about gaining enough weight! I am up 20lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I definitely want to lose 10lbs, but I'm not sure about the other 10lbs as my pre-pregnancy weight was kind of low. We'll see. I haven't started exercising or counting calories so I won't have to worry about the second 10lbs for quite some time at this rate!

Amy - you and I have the opposite problem. I have trouble taking Mila out because it's so cold and rainy here! I've tended not to bother when it rains, and when it's just cold I bundle her up. But the temperature still worries me - one time she went blue five minutes after we left the house and I got scared and hightailed it back indoors! My stroller came with a rain cover and a fitted sun-shade... you could get a sun-shade for the stroller from a baby shop? If you're going to be out and about a lot it might be a worthwhile investment.

I'm feeling a little better since I last posted. I still have parts of each day where I am really emotional - mostly sad at the fact she is growing so fast and I can't just "freeze" her as this tiny, wonderful baby forever. I wish I could embrace her growing and changing a little more but I guess that will come with time. For now I am just working on nailing the breastfeeding (still sore), keeping up with housework, finding time for naps and keeping in touch with friends.

I'm pretty sick and tired of the pain that comes with breastfeeding, but everyone tells me it will get better. I hope so! If it does, then this crappy stage will have been worth it.

One thing that has worked out well is expressing enough milk for a big feed last thing at night... usually about 2am. She will take more from the bottle than she does from the breast, probably because the milk flow is a lot faster and she doesn't have time to fall asleep! So, that fills her up and makes her sleepy and she will sleep from 2-6am. 4 consecutive hours - bliss! It has stopped the hourly night feeds that were killing me. After her 6am feed (when I also express for that night's feed) she generally wakes again at 7.30, 9am and 10am. Still, I am thankful that she is at least sleeping more than before.

I wonder if Iz has had her baby???

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread Jun 01 2010
18:37 (UTC)

Just thought I would post the link to the Facebook album of baby pics I have... amp;id=507880927&l=2ab6ff6ccb.


I've been in a weird mood the last few days. I hated being pregnant, but now that I'm not I miss it so much. I miss feeling Wriggly kicking around in there (Mila is somehow not the person Wriggly was) and get really lonely being 'just' one person again. I keep catching myself wishing I could go back to being pregnant, or even get pregnant again - and that's even when rationally I know I would be horrified if I got pregnant anytime soon!

I don't really understand all of this because I was sick to death of pregnancy by the time I gave birth and I never really embraced the whole experience anyway. But somehow I feel like as well as gaining something wonderful, giving birth has also been an experience of loss.

On the other hand, maybe this is just sleep deprivation talking!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 27 2010
16:20 (UTC)

Amy, Adeline is just gorgeous. And what a head of hair! Mila's hair is growing pretty fast but she still has nothing on Adeline lol. Just curious, did you take the picture yourself or have it professionally done? It really is a lovely photo.

Leela, glad to hear the depression is better. I hope it continues to ease for you. I have been very tearful since Mila was born, not sure if it is baby blues, depression or just exhaustion. I think probably mostly I'm just overtired. I've thought about formula supplementation but I don't want to affect my milk supply. Today was really good with the feeding anyway - fingers crossed it continues!

VP, so happy to hear things are going better with your sister. My sister disowned me (temporarily - long story) when she found out I was pregnant, so I can definitely relate to sister dramas.

Iz, glad your ob appointment went well. I never had those kinds of checks with my pregnancy - water levels, dilation etc. How do they check your water levels? Do you have much left to do to get ready before your baby gets here?

Ugh, it's 4.10am here... On the plus side, I've just fed Mila and managed to get her to take both breasts without the nipple shields - breakthrough! I am trying to wean Mila off the shields but she adjusted to them incredibly quickly as they are easier to latch onto than real boobs. I'm determined to get her on to the real thing but it is very hard work. Part of me wishes I'd never started using the shields but I was in so much pain at the time I don't know what else I could have done except maybe pump, which wasn't really practical given the hourly feeding rota we're on. She did sleep for 2hrs last night, woohoo! lol.

So, the nipples are healing up and my next mission is to get rid of the shields. After that I will finally have breastfeeding sorted - can't wait for it to just be easy instead of an emotional rollercoaster. I have one more appointment (my third) with the lactation consultant tomorrow. She's been a godsend, I don't know what I would have done without her.

Bed now for 1/2 an hour...

Pregnancy & Parenting Babies due April-May 2010 support thread May 27 2010
16:01 (UTC)

Congrats juju! Our babies were born the same day. Although Mila was not expected until May 31st and I had convinced myself she'd be 2 weeks late - so much for that.

Hope you're doing well!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 25 2010
15:23 (UTC)

Oh wow, a huge congratulations Amy! Your labour sounds fast and easy, I'm so glad. I didn't tear either but that was only because I was encouraged to push so slowly Mila's head and hand took 1hr 45 minutes to crown... ouch! Just curious, how long was your first labour? I've heard second babies are often faster.

I've also heard that bottle-fed babies sleep for longer intervals because formula is thicker and takes longer to digest... Tempting thought as it's 3.15 am and I haven't had any sleep yet as Mila tends to wake hourly for feeds during the night. I'm going to try and persevere with breastfeeding, but the exhaustion from so many feeds (and sore boobs!) is pretty rough right now.

VP, take all the down time you can get Smile. I haven't experienced hemorrhoids but on the pregnancy/baby forum I use ( there are loads of posts about them so it sounds pretty common. Hope your doc can offer you something to bring you some relief!

As for me... I'm doing ok. Pretty overwhelmed, emotional and tired exhausted. In particular 6am and 11pm seem to be regular meltdown times for me when I decide I'm too tired to get up and feed the baby... then realise no-one else can do it and I have to get up anyway. On the plus side I feel really close and bonded to my baby, which does make everything easier. I can't wait until she's passed this nocturnal cluster-feeding phase though!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 21 2010
10:28 (UTC)

Hahaha, Amy, I did that too! Gave up going near the area at 37 weeks so good thing she was born a week later or it would have been a right sight... actually, it's not like the sight of birth is all that pleasant anyway lol.

Leela - I have been a total waterworks since Mila was born. It doesn't feel like depression, just that all my emotions are in technicolour. It's pretty overwhelming - I cried because I spilt a cup of tea yesterday!!! I agree about rest having a lot to do with it. Mila was awake nearly all night for the first three nights and on the fourth day both Mac and I were nearly in pieces. However she then slept most of that day and only woke twice for feeds in the night, and we woke up today feeling happy and blessed - crazy the difference sleep made.

Yikes, heard a wail, gtg!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 20 2010
10:43 (UTC)

Posted my birth story as a journal if anyone is interested in reading. Smile

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 19 2010
22:25 (UTC)

Leela - I can understand being miserable when your baby has nappy rash. I can't think straight when Mila is crying, even when I know it's just that she's about due another feed.  Glad she is doing better, that must make you feel better too.

Lol iz, Mila's head was quite pointy when she was first born - I think that picture was taken at about a day old so it had a little bit of a chance to go down. I pushed for 1hr 45 minutes and I think the longer the baby is down in the birth canal for, the pointier their head gets.

Well I had a lactation consultant appointment yesterday because breastfeeding was really painful and my nipples were already cracked and blistery and in agony - after only 3 days! It turns out Mila had a tongue-tie so she had that snipped and now feeding is much easier because she can open her mouth a lot wider and gets a better latch. My nipples are still quite raw but I have a nipple shield to help them heal. I think I'll be fine on the breastfeeding front once they're better.... I am also sore from my milk coming in but I think (?) that should also go down after a few days.

I have to be honest and say it is really hard, all the bodily changes after birth; I knew I wouldn't be my pre-preggo shape but I didn't know exactly what I was going to look like, either. Luckily I am so busy and tired I don't have too much time to dwell on it!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 17 2010
18:21 (UTC)

Wriggly made an early arrival! Mila Arden Fraser was born on Sunday 16 May at 12.30pm after a 12 hour labour, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

She is just lovely and I can't believe that this complete little person has come from my body! Mac has been amazing with her - he is a natural at being a daddy and I get a huge kick out of seeing them together.

Never got a chance to see how the homeopathy would have worked out, and seeing as we also didn't have a birth pool set up yet I decided to go to hospital - had the antibiotics too. They offered me the option of a closed IV (one dose administered by IV for 5 minutes, then disconnected) which I took as it meant I was still able to have an active labour and to be honest, I hadn't finished weighing up the pros and cons of that so just went with what was suggested to me.

Had a couple of small complications - she got stuck at the head because her hand was pressed to her face, and I lost a lot of blood after it was all over; but nothing major. No pain relief except for the water, massage and acupressure.

We came home today and she is a hungry little treasure! So far she has been feeding hourly overnight so I'm tired and my nipples are on fire (still figuring out how to breastfeed, although I have already had lots of help) but I'm thrilled to have my healthy bub home.

There is a bit more about it in my journal but you've probably just read the gist of it here!

Will hopefully update soon. Hope everyone is well!

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in June/July 2010 support thread May 13 2010
05:58 (UTC)

Made an appointment with a homeopath for Monday. Iz - don't worry, men don't have to have treatment for group B strep because we don't catch it from them in the first place. It is mostly part of normal permanent gut bacteria and sometimes travels down into the nether regions, hence why colonisation in the vagina comes and goes.

I'm so glad your appointment went well - sounds like a good plan! Interesting that your "kicks" were actually braxton hicks. I had what I thought was a BH at 23 weeks and then nothing since then. Maybe what I have been thinking are boots are actually BH? In that case, I don't know how to tell the difference lol.

I had a great day today as I finished my last assignment for uni. I have to wait til the weekend to print it off from my parents' house as we don't have a printer, but I can't wait to hand the sucker in. Now I finally get to rest before the baby gets here. Hopefully she doesn't arrive in the next week or two so I can just waddle back and forth to my appointments, get the house clean and ready and take lots of naps!

Pregnancy & Parenting Am desperatly trying to get back to shape after first child.. May 13 2010
05:21 (UTC)
Original Post by blondiecath:

I'm not asking this to be mean, and I know that everyone is affected differently, but how did you treat your body during your pregnancy? Did you constantly give into cravings and not participate in gentle exercise? Perhaps your friends did something slightly different to you? But hey, definitely not uncommon to hold onto weight post-gestation. If you follow a suitable plan you can really tone up and lose dress sizes rather than weight. Breast feeding really increases your metabolic rate (and not to mention best for your offspring).

Hum... probably a little irrelevant now how the weight went on...

For what it's worth I have heard several times that women who are smaller to begin with tend to put more weight on, no matter how they eat. It makes intuitive sense - your body is going to need to gain more reserves than other women's!

Like Bier has said, it's very early days yet. I like the "9 months on, 9 months off" saying. So congratulate yourself on being a mama and take it reasonably easy on the diet/exercise front. Eating enough to ensure a good breast milk supply (if you're breastfeeding) and taking gentle walks when you get time is probably enough for now.

I am 8.5 months pregnant myself so will be watching this thread. Smile