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Calorie Count How to change my username? Mar 12 2013
19:51 (UTC)

It looks like you're pretty new to the site...if you can't figure out how to change the name (I have no idea either) would you be able to just start a new account?

Weight Loss Eating my kids' leftovers Mar 23 2012
00:21 (UTC)

Ok, I give up...what's wrong with margarine?  It's light, 50 cals per Tbsp...what am I missing?

Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game Aug 09 2011
07:32 (UTC)

Poof!  Wish granted, and it looks just lovely.  Now you have to come do mine as well.

I wish I had someone to do all my annoying tasks. 

Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game Aug 08 2011
20:27 (UTC)

Ummmm......okay.  You no longer have an ed which means you got an "ucation" in school, which doesn't look good on a resume.  You end up going to clown college where you fall in love and marry a guy named Lenny, who (ironically) has E.D.

I wish my gut was boobs instead.

Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Aug 08 2011
20:18 (UTC)

False.  Dunno who Cody Simpson is.

TPBM is currently barefoot.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Aug 08 2011
18:13 (UTC)

Hi.  I'm 5'4" and I started 2 weeks ago at 179.  Today I am 168!!  I can't believe I lost 11 pounds!!  Woop woop!

I'm breastfeeding so the doc says I need an extra 200-300 calories a day, so I am eating around 1400.  Plus I go to the gym every day and spend 45 minutes sweating on a treadmill or a stair stepper.  Lol, my calves are getting rock hard!

I can't help it, I was so super psyched to see that 168.  I haven't been in the 160's since before I got pregnant with my third child.

Games & Challenges Wrong Answer Game Jan 12 2009
06:34 (UTC)

A: He hasn't changed his socks since Man on the Moon came out.

Q: What REALLY happened to Amelia Eirheart?

Weight Loss Dieting while pregnant Jan 12 2008
04:10 (UTC)
Thanks everybody for the advice.  This is my second baby, but the first time around I was the opposite of a healthy eater, developed severe hypertension and had labor induced 4 weeks early.  I'd like to do it better this time around.  At least I have developed some better eating habits.  You wouldn't believe how stupid I was last time.
Foods McDonalds snack wrap Jan 12 2008
01:17 (UTC)
Weight Loss Calories, too many or too few, which is worse? Jan 09 2008
03:51 (UTC)
Thanks for your input!
Games & Challenges Remember When? Jan 05 2008
04:44 (UTC)
Remember when slap bracelets were all the rage?  Remember when they were banned in schools? 
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jan 05 2008
04:39 (UTC)
True.  We got another 4 inches of snow yesterday!

The person below me didn't like what they ate for dinner tonight.
Games & Challenges Quotes Jan 05 2008
04:37 (UTC)
If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be.

-Yogi Berra
Motivation I gained four pounds in one day?!?!?!?! May 10 2007
22:40 (UTC)
That makes sense, I ate lots of smoked almonds and Doritos, lots of sodium.  Thanks for that and for your support.  I feel a lot better. :-)
Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game May 10 2007
22:34 (UTC)
*Poof* You have your pair of beautiful Malolo Blahnik shoes, but I stole them!

I wish Doritos had no calories.
Games & Challenges Return of the Questions Only Game May 10 2007
04:45 (UTC)
What will happen to this thread if someone loses the game?
Games & Challenges Word Chain May 08 2007
00:04 (UTC)
Young love
Games & Challenges Return of the Questions Only Game May 08 2007
00:01 (UTC)
Have you used the chat room?
Games & Challenges The Food Game May 08 2007
00:00 (UTC)
Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game May 07 2007
23:58 (UTC)
POOF you have more self esteem but are now the most arrogant person on the face of the earth, and you're famous but the papparazzi won't leave you alone and there's a picture of you sitting on the toilet on the cover of US Weekly.

I wish I had a clone to do my housework for me.