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Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! Apr 08 2010
10:34 (UTC)

My Phone's browser remembers me if I am on the regular web site but not the mobile web site.  But it's not a big deal to me. 

Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! Apr 07 2010
10:46 (UTC)

One suggestion I have is making it where we don't have to log in each time we access the mobile site.  It would be great if it would "remember" us.  Even if that isn't an option, though, this new mobile site is still awesome!

Motivation Single, unemployed, and overweight! Apr 07 2010
00:13 (UTC)

PLEASE be careful of what you wish for.  When I got on the weight loss wagon the first time in 2004, I, too, had a goal in the back of my mind of losing weight to get a boyfriend.  Well, I did, but it was a big mistake.  This guy would compliment my weight loss, but at the same time, would bring it up if he could tell I'd gained back a lb or two.  And there were many other ways in which he passively told me that I wasn't good enough (but I know it was he who was not good enough for me).  We broke up, and I ended up gaining back every lb of the nearly 100 lbs I'd lost.  I think I felt that losing the weight is what brought me such a jerk of a man, and I subconsciously put up my shield by regaining the weight.

Lose the weight for yourself.  Learn to love and appreciate yourself at every stage of this journey.  Don't make getting a boyfriend one of the reasons why you want to lose weight.  Yes, physical attraction does play an initial role in a potential relationship, but it's what is on the inside that matters most.  A good and decent man will know that. 

I am back on the train, and this time it is all about me (and getting back on roller coasters that I love lol)

Good luck to you on your journey.

Weight Loss Success with discontinuance of counting calories? Apr 07 2010
00:00 (UTC)

While I was working out at the gym nearly two week ago, a report came on TV that spoke about calorie counting apps for the i-phone and how many people who are prone to eating disorders are being pushed over the edge by these apps because it makes them become even more obsessive about the number of calories they eat when they can very easily count them with an app.  In a way, I can see how that could happen, but I was afraid that report would give sites like this a bad rap.

I have found that using this site has made me much more aware of portion size and what the average calories are in foods we commonly eat.  I do log my calories around 98% of the time, but if I have a day that I consider a cheat day, I don't log those calories (although I do keep a mental tab).  I don't want to let myself become controlled by these tools.  They are here to help, not make us a slave to it or to make us obsess about every calorie eaten or burned.  I know that even when I meet my goal weight, I'll still use this from time to time; but I also know that I will have learned how to eat better and exercise better so that I won't have to rely on these tools on a daily basis.


Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! Apr 06 2010
23:45 (UTC)

This is wonderful!  I had been able to access the full site all along since my phone has a full html browser, but things took longer to load.  This works much better since it's designed for mobile browsers.  I have the Samsung Finesse touch screen through Metro PCS.

Thanks so much for this development!

Motivation Need motivation? I think this may help... Mar 28 2010
13:53 (UTC)

Thanks for posting!  I love looking at before/after pics for inspiration.  I also keep my own after pic from four years ago before I gained back the weight.  It's my desktop background so that I always have that to aspire to.  I'm thinking of even putting that same picture in a photo key chain so I can carry it with me everywhere. 

Motivation Inspirational YOUTUBE video! Mar 27 2010
12:33 (UTC)

I agree with some of what she is saying.  The change has to come from inside yourself.  You can't look outside yourself for the answers or the motivation.  Until your outlook changes and until you are doing this for yourself instead of somebody else or some other outside reason, you won't really be successful.  At least that is what I've discovered about myself.

I, too, will continue counting calories.  Unlike this woman in the video, I'm not going to run myself into the ground if I eat pizza or chocolate chip cookies.  What I will do is incorporate those foods, if I choose to eat them, into may daily caloric allowance.  I know I can still enjoy those foods from time to time and not have to feel guilty for doing so.

Weight Loss Burn More Than You Take In?? Mar 27 2010
12:15 (UTC)

Your body burns calories just be living, without you doing any extra activities.  One of the tools on this site shows you approximately what your body burns in one day based on your age, current weight, gender, general daily activity level, and body frame.  It's called the Burn Meter.  Any exercising or extra activity you do increases your burn meter.  Just log in your activities, and you'll see.  In the section called "My Home" you'll see the Eat Meter then the Burn Meter next to it.  Let that be your guide.

Weight Loss How do you feel when someone compliments your weight loss? Mar 24 2010
10:50 (UTC)
Original Post by yummy_kitty:

I'd like to add one more thing since another poster brought it up:

Someone calling me skinny or tiny doesn't bother me since it's not a comparison to my old self and has no implications that my OLD self was inferior to my current self. It is only the "You look great now" or "Wow you look really thin lately" that upsets me.

Compliments from strangers who met me after the weight loss are much easier to take gracefully than compliments from people who knew me back when I was chubby, if that makes sense.

I know exactly what you mean, YK.  That is what I'm not looking forward to at work when people begin to notice.  I am still the same person no matter what size I am.  I don't think they will mean any harm by what they say, so I have to try not to feel bothered by it.  I just have to take it in stride, say thank you, and see the compliment as a testament to my determination to succeed.

Motivation Little Rewards Mar 24 2010
01:52 (UTC)

I reached the 10-lb mark last week, and I bought myself two pairs of earrings.  I love earrings, and I think I'm going to make it a tradition for myself that each time I drop another 10 lbs that I'll get more.  I am not sure yet if I'll do anything additional for a larger cumulative weight loss.  Maybe I will when I've dropped 50.  Basically I started out wanting to lose right at 150 lbs.  That would be three big milestones at 50lbs each.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but for now, I know new earrings give me something to look forward to; and the earrings I buy will be encouragement because each time I wear a pair of earrings I've bought when I reached another goal, I will be reminded of what I've accomplished.

Another reward is a closet full of clothes that I was able to wear when I lost weight before.  I can't wait to be able to get back into them.

Weight Loss How do you feel when someone compliments your weight loss? Mar 24 2010
01:43 (UTC)

So far I've dropped 11.5 lbs.  My face has gotten a little thinner I've noticed, and I think I've seen people at work looking at my face a little longer than usual, like maybe they think there is something different but maybe can't put their finger on it yet.  I know that the time will come when it will be much more obvious that I'm dropping lbs, and I mostly am not looking forward to that.  One reason is because I don't really like much attention.  I am much more comfortable being in the background.  And that raises a question.  Do I like being in the background because of my current weight, which is still in the severely overweight category? 

This is my second time around on the weight-loss train.  The last time when I lost around 90 lbs, I only worked with three other people at a small business. So I didn't have a big crowd of people to discuss my weight loss.  Now I work for a large company, and there are probably around 100 people on my entire floor.  And I know they will mean well when they start noticing and asking, but it's going to be hard to deal with at first.  I'm just going to have to try and put that behind me and be thankful that I'm losing enough for it to be noticeable. 


Weight Loss Progress Pictures! Mar 15 2010
10:19 (UTC)

Great progress pic, Gatsby!  Congratulations!  It is always so satisfying to see pictures of yourself like this side by side.  Keep up the great work!

Weight Loss What made you see/feel that you wanted to lose weight? Mar 07 2010
14:01 (UTC)

My decision to do something about my weight has been about a year in the making.  Last year during my daughter's birthday trip to Six Flags, I was not able to fit in the rides I'd once had been able to get on.  This was March of last year.  Then we took a family trip to Florida during spring break, and I missed out on all of the fun roller coasters with my kids.  Although I secretly hated myself, I lied to myself and said it didn't matter. 

The push it took was seeing my sister begin a weight loss program and seeing results.  I had once lost about 100 lbs from 2004-2006, and I remembered how much loved how I felt and my new look.  That memory along with my sister's influence has made me make the decision to once again get the weight off, but this time it's going to be permanent.  I don't want to miss out on things with my kids like I did last year. 

I keep a picture of myself from four years ago as my desktop background on my computer.  I also keep that image in my head when there are times that I may get discouraged.  That picture tells me that I know I'm capable of this, and it gives me something tangible to strive for. 

The Lounge What's your ring size? Mar 03 2010
03:01 (UTC)

I am 5'4" and currently weigh 297 lbs.  I have a medium build.  However, I wear a size 8 ring.  I have always had slender hands even though the rest of me isn't small.  Back when I lost about 100 lbs, my ring size was a 6.  So, yes my hands do gain weight, but I have never had fat hands.  

Motivation Your motivation to get to the gym...... Mar 03 2010
02:53 (UTC)

My motivation is that money they get from me every month.  No way am I paying them for something and not getting my money's worth.  Aside from that, my motivation is the sense of accomplishment that I feel, the knowledge that I am doing something good for myself.  That feeling is priceless.

Motivation Who Is Your Inspiration? Celebs? Family? And What Motivates You To Loose Weight?? Mar 03 2010
02:45 (UTC)

My sister is my inspiration.  She, like most of us in our family, has battled weight most of her life.  She is 30 years old and was diagnosed last year with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  She also found out she was borderline diabetic.  She decided this year that she'd had enough and started on a weight loss program with a doctor and joined a gym.  She gave me one of her free week-long trial passes she got when she joined, and I decided to go.  I joined last weekend.  Seeing her make the effort to get healthy has inspired me to get myself back to where I was four years ago.

Also, I'm doing this for myself.  I lost nearly 100 lbs from 2004-2006, but I allowed myself to put it back on.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life miserable in an unhealthy body.  I will be 40 next year, and I have a lot of life to live.

Another big thing that motivates me is my love for amusement parks.  I have always loved going to theme parks and riding roller coasters.  While I've always been a bigger person, I never had a time when I couldn't fit on a ride...until last year.  My daughter wanted to go to Six Flags for her birthday, so that is what we did.  We were getting on Acrophobia, a ride I love.  When I tried to get in the seat (you have to put your arms on the seat then sort of jump up, unless you're tall), I couldn't make it and fell hard onto my hands and knees.  I was embarrassed for myself and for my kids.  I sat it out while they rode.  I didn't really think much about it being because I was so heavy.  Next, we went to get on Goliath.  I couldn't fit in the seat.  This went beyond embarrassment and sped right into humiliation.  I didn't try to get on another ride the rest of the day. 

Later that that same year, we took a week-long trip to Florida where we went to Universal Studios.  I think I rode maybe 2 or 3 things, rides that didn't have compartmentalized seats.  I missed out on all the awesome roller coasters because I in no way was going to set myself or my kids up again for that kind of humiliation. 

So, I have a lot to motivate and to inspire me.  This time, I'm not turning back.  I'm not going to miss out on the rest of my life. 



Weight Loss Progress Pictures! Feb 28 2010
19:38 (UTC)

Good for you!  Number-wise, 10 lbs may not seem like a large number, but it dose make a very visible difference.  Pictures are such a wonderful motivation.  When I see pictures of myself from when I lost a lot of weight from 2004-2006, I am saddened that I let myself get back to what I was when I started six years ago.  At the same time, though, I have those pics as a way to motivate myself to get back to that weight.  I think I need to print out a couple of those pics and keep one with me and keep one on my refrigerator so that I am not tempted to get off track again.

Oh, and I love your shower curtain.  I have the same one! 

Weight Loss Girl Scout Cookies!! Feb 28 2010
19:25 (UTC)

Yes, it is that time of year again!  I ordered four boxes before I decided to get back on the wagon.  The lady I bought them from brought them in to deliver on Thursday.  I kept one box at work, the box with the cookies that have the least amount of calories/serving of the boxes I bought.  The ones I kept are the Thank You Berry Much that have cranberries in them.  Two cookies are worth 120 calories.  I decided I would keep those for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack at work until they are gone.  I brought the rest home (Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs).  I have not touched any of them, and it has been hard not to have a Samoa.  When I look at them, though, I just think about the money I'm paying for my gym membership and think about future beach vacations, and those thoughts give me the will power to resist. 

Weight Loss Starting Over Again! Share Your Story Feb 28 2010
16:30 (UTC)

Hi everybody.  I am beginning my 2nd serious attempt at weight reduction in my life.  I'll be 39 in April, and I've been heavy most of my life.  I've had some fluctuations throughout my life, but still more time has been spent being heavy than not.  In 2004, I decided it was time to take charge of this thing and got serious about losing the weight.  I began watching what I ate, consumed fewer carbs, and began walking every day.  A few months after that, my aunt gave me her elliptical, and I began using that rather than walking.  I was losing on average 10 lbs a month and feeling so happy and confident.  I had not dated in a few years and thought I would give it a try again.  I met somebody who seemed to be okay.  And he wasn't a horrible guy, but he was somebody who was never satisfied with anything.  He was always quick to point out flaws in my body and was always a taker rather than a giver.  We were together about 1-1/2 years when he crossed the line thinking he should come before my kids.  I broke up with him in May 2006, and I was so happy to be free again.

By the time we'd broken up, I had lost nearly 100 lbs.  I had become complacent and stopped exercising.  I told myself I would just watch what I ate.  From 2006 to 2007, I knew I was slowly gaining weight, but I just ignored it.  Then in 2007, I started having female issues and ended up having to have a hysterectomy.  And I also started online classes in 2007.  So, I was recovering from surgery, had a full-time job, had full-time classes, and was raising 2 teenagers, not to mention having to deal with other family issues.  I never had any time for myself, certainly no time to exercise.  I was emotionally drained, so I was eating all the time. 

I finished school in August 2009, and skated through the rest of the year.  My sister, who is also heavy, found out she had rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and was pre-diabetic.  She knew the weight was making her arthritis worse, and she didn't want to become a full-blown diabetic.  She began eating right and joined a gym, and she got me a free pass for a week.  I finally decided last week to check it out, and I felt very comfortable and accepted there. My sister has dropped 20 lbs so far and has inspired me to get back on the wagon.

So, here I am today, back at the weight I was (or maybe a little more) in 2006.  I know that this time I'm not going to let myself go again.  I want to be able to live a full and active life in my 40's.  My kids will both be on their own, and I want to be ready to take on new challenges and go on new adventures.  I can't do that if I'm sick and unhealthy. 

I know with the support of my family and the people here on CC, I'll reach my goals.  Good luck to everybody here!