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Foods What do you buy from Trader Joes? Jun 17 2008
03:24 (UTC)

Buffalo Jerky.

Health & Support Baseball game- what to eat? Jun 15 2008
03:45 (UTC)

How about a giant pretzel? It's not technically health food, but it's just bread, and it's vegetarian.

Foods Favorite Food Survey to cure your boredum/curiosity; be Specific please! Jun 14 2008
08:04 (UTC)

Name/Nickname: Melanie

Age: 17

Calorie Goal: 1600

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries and grapes

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Meat: Bison

Favorite Dairy: Fage 0%

Favorite Carb: Oatmeal

Favorite Baked Good: Cookie

Favorite Nut: Does peanut butter count? I hate nuts.

Favorite Frozen Treat: Ice cream

Favorite Dinner: stir-fry

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream with toppings.

Old [Pre-Diet] Favorite Food: Pasta

Current Favorite Snack: Fage

Favorite Comfort Food: Cereal, out of the box

Favorite Herb/Spice: Cayenne pepper

Favorite Salty Food: Jerky

Favorite Sweet Food: home made custard

Favorite Spicy Food: Salsa

Favorite Warm/Hot Food: Oatmeal with maple and pumpkin

Favorite Soup: tomato

Favorite Sandwich filling: Tuna with lettuce and olives

Favorite Restaurant: hate restaurants.

Favorite Dish at said restaurant: 

Favorite Beverage excluding water: diet soda.

Favorite processed food: Jerky

Favorite processed food brand: Trader Joe's

All time favorite food: ...grapes?

The Lounge My list of things not to do again while naked: Jun 13 2008
08:24 (UTC)

-Letting the dog out. Just because it's very early in the morning does NOT mean there won't be people outside.

Foods Ceyenne Pepeer Jun 13 2008
05:34 (UTC)

I love cayenne on everything. It's my favorite spice. That would be interesting if it had fat burning benefits. I hope someone who knows how it works posts here!

Foods okay, who's tried cottage cheese in oatmeal, and would you recommend? also when do you put the cottage cheese in? Jun 13 2008
05:33 (UTC)


Is this good? Seriously?

Health & Support which is worse Jun 12 2008
09:13 (UTC)

Probably restricting. Say you eat 1800 calories and burn 600, you have an intake of 1200 but get more nutrients, and get to enjoy more food and be less hungry. Eating 1200 wouldn't be as satisfying.

You shouldn't exercise like crazy, though. Be gentle with yourself and your body. The best way to lose binge weight is by just pretending it didn't happen, and continuing your diet as normal the next day. Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and avoid stress to help yourself not binge in the future.

Foods such a thing as too much egg whites in a diet? Jun 12 2008
09:07 (UTC)

like everyone said, too much of anything can have negative side effects. I don't think you're over-doing it though, honestly. You're obviously not overeating; you're on a calorie controlled diet. If it works for you, I say go for it, as long as you're including enough variety to get all the other nutrients your body needs.

Foods I know that is sounds super weird but... Jun 12 2008
09:04 (UTC)

They look gross to me... But they aren't bad for you or anything. Everything a baby eats is safe for an adult. (Doesn't work the other way around.)


So go ahead, if you want to, lol

Foods Having a real energy slump - what to eat? Jun 12 2008
07:22 (UTC)

I'm curious. What did you eat, and how did you do?

Health & Support Has anyone gone for 48+ hours without sleep? Jun 12 2008
06:06 (UTC)

I think if you're going to pull a stunt like this off, you should do it without chemical aids. Drinking caffeine while simultaneously depriving yourself of sleep is like taking money out of a bank, (by which I mean your adrenal glands,) and not putting any back in. 

So, yeah. It's crap for you either way, but worse with the drugs. What are you doing, anyway? Do you really not have time to take even a three hour cat nap? I once stayed up 48 hours finishing a study project for my Japanese class. By the time the classtest I'd been cramming for rolled around my thinking was so muddled I had to physically hurt myself-- dig my nails into my skin, bite my lip, snap a rubberband,-- just to stay awake and alert. My eyes kept closing on their own. And guess what: I got a C on the project, and a D on the test.


Young Calorie Counters Mini-Survey for Middle-High schoolers Jun 11 2008
18:47 (UTC)

First name: Melanie

Country: US

State (If there is states): Soon, Utah.

Favorite food: Grapes, frozen yogurt, neopolitan ice cream, molasses, fage, squash, jerky, oatmeal.

Favorite actress/actor: Nathan Fillion

Favorite movie: Howl's Moving Castle

Siblings? If so, how many? One and a half. (Litle bro and older half-sis)

How many parents live at home? One

Favorite class at school? Science. I get the best grades in English, though.

Pet peeve[s]? Chatspeak, mispronunciations, and when I make dinner and people don't come to the table for hours and the food gets cold. 

[I added this one on] Why are you on CC? I like learning about food.

Favorite book? The Book Thief. (My favorite manga is Tsubasa.)

Do you have any allergies? Nope.

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Um... grapes.

Do you have a BF/GF? Nope.

Do you play an instrument? Piano currently. I used to take violin.

Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, ect...? I've actually been each of those, at one point. None currently, though.

[edit] Favorite place to shop [clothes] Online

Health & Support Don't know which forum this falls under....advice please! Jun 11 2008
17:36 (UTC)

He needs to get help, quick. I'd worry about him fainting.

If he won't go to a therapist for eating disorders, take him to family or marriage counseling with you, and start from there. There's a stigma around mental illness, and I think it's especially strong about male anorexia. Let him know that it doesn't make him weak or a bad person, and that you want to help him get better.

Weight Loss You know you lost weight when.... Jun 11 2008
17:32 (UTC)

>You decide to skip the bra just today, you barely need it anymore. XD

>You have to stomp the wii mat instead of just putting your foot down.

>People try to pick you up literally. 

>You let people take your picture... Or encourage them to.


Foods Having a real energy slump - what to eat? Jun 11 2008
16:45 (UTC)

I'd say a mix of protein and natural sugars. Nothing to heavy or fatty, that can make you more tired as you digest. Grapes, a banana, or dried fruit like Jane suggested are all good; they'll give you energy quickly. Protein will help give you strength, so try and include some of that, too. 

I find colder foods make me less tired than the hot ones. Sometimes after I eat something warm like oatmeal or soup I feel like crawling back into bed and being cozy. XD 

Anyway. Grapes. I think they'd be perfect.

Health & Support Center for Change (or any inpatient) Jun 11 2008
08:14 (UTC)

Thanks again.

I guess I will have to get used to the butter thing. If I had to eat fat, I'd probably like it best if it were in yogurt or meat or disguised in another manor, but I'll just have to do what they say. 

That's interesting about your grades. Do you really think it's because of your diet? 

How frequent were visiting hours for you? Were they every day? Every week? I live really far away from the center, so my parents won't able to see me at all during the whole thing. I do have friends that live closer, though, and I'm hoping they'll want to visit. 

I am pretty nervous about the other patients. (I almost just wrote inmates.) Having an E.D. has made me do some pretty nasty stuff, and I know I'm not the only one. Also I'm worried I won't look skinny enough to be admitted, and they'll all think I'm faking or something. 

Three pieces of gum... eek. I have a lot more than that, haha. It's going to be one b**** of an addiction to break. x_x

Health & Support Center for Change (or any inpatient) Jun 10 2008
23:16 (UTC)

Oh, thank you so much for coming back. 

I'm not too scared about the portion sizes. I can eat a whole plate of veggies and be fine. The idea of eating fat is the worst. I haven't had any in a really, really long time. They don't start you off eating pats of butter, do they? Just thinking about it has got me panicking.

It's funny... I'm trying to think of foods I don't enjoy eating. I can think of foods I wouldn't touch, but they're all bad foods, not foods I actually dislike. That sucks about the lima beans. Were you forced to eat them anyway?


What was the policy on phone calls and visitors where you stayed?

Health & Support Center for Change (or any inpatient) Jun 10 2008
21:23 (UTC)


How fast do you gain weight? Do you have to get all the way up to your target before they discharge you, or just to where your health is stable? What if I gain weight and STILL don't get a period? Will I just have to keep gaining and gaining?

The food scares the hell out of me. I've eaten 2000 calories at once during my binges, but not spread out over a normal day for a very, very long time. 

What about safe foods? Will I be allowed to eat those, or are they forbidden?

And my clothes... what if I get to big for them? Should I buy some clothes in bigger sizes to take along?

Health & Support Center for Change (or any inpatient) Jun 10 2008
21:03 (UTC)

Um... does someone wanna take pity on me? Please? x_x



Health & Support I'm 19 and I haven't gotten any wisdom teeth yet... Jun 10 2008
10:35 (UTC)

I got mine out at sixteen. It hurt a bit, but it was interesting to get to try vicoden without breaking any laws. They healed fast, and everything was fine.