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Journal Leaving Today
Entry on Jun 16 2008 18:22
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Journal Waiting to go away.
Entry on Jun 13 2008 22:41
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Journal I'm being sent away.
Entry on Jun 08 2008 09:15
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Journal I don't know what to do.
Entry on Jun 06 2008 13:08
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Journal Binge :(
Entry on Jun 03 2008 12:00
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I'm a piano playin' sailboat racin' grape eating ex-bulimic anime nerd, here to maintain weight, pick up cooking tips, and improve my health. Simple as that! ^_^

Interests 40: america's next top model, anime, art, ats, baking, buffy, clamp, cooking, cosplay, d&d, fencing, firefly, full metal alchemist, gardening, goldfish, joss whedon, lost, macs, manga, movies, nutrition, painting, painting my nails, piano, psychology, radiohead, sailing, sawyer, sewing, spanish, sphynx cats, spirited away, squash, tea, the biggest loser, the sims, travel, violin, wii, writing
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