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Motivation I broke 200 May 29 2012
12:20 (UTC)

Fantastic news! Way to inspire the rest of us and to tell yourself "it can be done".

Motivation I broke 200 Apr 23 2012
15:18 (UTC)

Great milestone to have achieved. I too am after that and close...keep going from 204 to 207 :( will get there soon. Then the next milestone is down to 170...


Weight Loss complete disclosure Apr 23 2012
12:50 (UTC)

Hi Kelly,

You and I have age and weight in common. Just wanted you to know I applaud your efforts with the gym, I too need to focus on that because just eating differently (most times) isn't cutting the weight back. Although I am very active being a mother of two teens, full time employee, and school part time, that doesn't seem to do anything except provide me excuses to eat poorly because of time constraints and not being able to focus on receipts etc..

I write to you because I look for inspiration and someone to walk a line with and I think you and I are in our mid-thirties and need to get control of weight now. Just wanted to say good luck to you and stay with it. This forum/tool can provide a lot I am finding and we just need to stay the course.

Weight Loss Just turned 30...time to put my life in check Apr 17 2012
12:59 (UTC)

Wow such great results and I applaud you for staying the course. Hard as it is, you seem to have figured out what it takes for your body to give in to being healthier and thinner.

I am trying very hard to move past the idea I have been over weight since my kids were born (15 years ago) and I have tried. Can't think about the past, just need to focus on today and how to get past this slump. I am 35, currently weigh 205, which is 7 lbs lighter than I was in Mar, but it has been challenging. I gained 72lbs with my first child and experienced my first ever dealings with being overweight. Needless to say it didn't come off, then my second child 14 months later, added an additional 32lbs...and didn't lose much after her. So I have been living with this weight for far too long and I am devestated daily as to how I got here.

But facts are we are here, we are alive, and in charge, so I hope to find my inspiration and motivation within this tool because it appears there have been a lot of successful people sharing their rides with us. So we now have joined the ride, arms up, and eyes wide open. Lets find our niche and write our stories of success.

Weight Loss complete disclosure Apr 17 2012
12:46 (UTC)

wow alicakes,

Way to go on your loss of weight thus far. Amazing strides. You are a breath of fresh air to know it can be done. Two years ago I had lost 50lbs but have put back 25lbs easily during holidays/winter. What a drag! So I have at least 50lbs to go and look for the support I desperately need from this tool. My family is skinny, able to eat worlds of food and keep it off, so I struggle being the one that always questions what to eat, especially when I cook for my good eaters. Any how, you are doing the right thing, getting into this CAMP, getting involved with others that empower you to stay the course will motivation, tools, and recipes to get you there. Sounds like you know how to do this because you are 1/2 way there, so keep going and we all support you!