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Health & Support Curious about poop ;D Sep 21 2009
21:34 (UTC)

Drink more water - a lot more! You are dehydrated. Also, taking Miralax (at the pharmacy, mixes with water) might help, it draws water to your bowels.

Health & Support abortion and weight gain? Aug 21 2009
19:51 (UTC)

I've had one and did not experience weight gain, if you're just looking for various experiences. I had experienced a rapid weight gain the pregnancy - 7 weeks in I gained close to 10 pounds (I was a very underweight 15 year old - I think my body was trying to bulk me up to normal weight to carry the baby.) I carried the weight for about 4-5 weeks post-procedure, and then it sort of fell away on it's own.

I would guess that it can take several weekes to a month post-proceedure for your preggo hormones to dissipate, and maybe yours are just still a bit out of whack? I'd go to the OB/GYN and get your hormone levels tested, you might need a little adjustment one way or the other :)

Health & Support Esophogeal Spasms Jul 29 2009
18:42 (UTC)

I just take the nitro - I'm fortunate in that it does not cause me headaches. I wonder if your other meds, when combined with nitro, cause a too-dramatic drop in blood pressure, causing the headaches?

I've heard of the calcium channel blockers, but have not tried them. I guess give it a whirl? Can't hurt.

Health & Support Gallbladder's gone and I'm still sick Jul 15 2009
18:36 (UTC)

I, also, have had my GB removed and an ERCP /sphincterotomy (January 08 and May 08 respectively.) I have continued to experience the same stabbing pains in my upper right side the whole time. I understand this is more common then most people think.

What you need is a motility expert, a neuro-gastroenternologist. There are about 20 of them in the US, and I have the whole list if you want me to email it to you (or I can just send you the link to the .pdf.) They will continue to give you tests, gastric emptying and a test of the nerve pathways in your stomach and bowel, to see where the problem is happening.

What we've discovered for me is that my pain is related to the nerves where my stomach empties into my colon. There are many, many medications they can try to relieve your pain, including mild anti-anxiety medications (helps calm the nerves in your stomach.) There are also things like amyltriptaline (sp?) and Octriotide.There's a list of about 15 different medications that are used for motility issues and gastroparesis, the specialist will do extensive testing to see which ones are appropriate for you.

The only thing that has really worked for me long-term is opiate pain medications - morphine sulphate and vicodin - but we are having a lot of sucess recently with Lyrica, a non-opiate medication for nerve pain.

Anyway, I'm so sorry you're going through this, but know that you're not alone! Please feel free to message me any time.

Weight Loss Is it possible Jul 15 2009
18:25 (UTC)

Miralax may cause temporary water gain - it works by drawing water to the bowel, so you can "go". That is why it is safer then most laxatives, it doesn't irritate the bowel walls, it just adds water to it.

What does cc say you are burning in a day? And are you adding in a bit of exercise? You could have additional temporary water gain if you are lifting weights (your muscules puff up a bit temporarily while they are repairing and rebuilding.)

Health & Support Still malnourished? :p Jul 13 2009
20:52 (UTC)

Have you spoken to you parents, and / or seen a doctor while gaining?

You should see your pediatrician and an OB/GYN. They can help measure your weight and body fat, and talk about ways to help you. They might want to give your hormones a bit of a boost with estrogen, if they feel you have enough body fat. Or they may tel you to gain a bit more (I would expect this one - you're still underweight.) Bottom line, you'll need to be eating lots of healthy fats in order to menstrate - avacadoes, olive oil, eggs, natural, yummy, good-for-you fats. The bonus to eating these things is that they'll also give you shiny hair, strong nails, and clear, healthy skin!

Health & Support Going off of Zoloft cold turkey Jul 11 2009
18:52 (UTC)

I did it; that stuff made me crazy. I got big headaches at night for about a week.

Health & Support Sick and dont know what to do Jul 11 2009
18:51 (UTC)

You should get tested for swine flu. The sore throat is the way it starts (my boss's son is just getting over it; he thought he had strep bcuz his throat hurt so much at the beginning. Then came the fever, a high one.)

I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to be practical. Please don't spread the sick around by going out!

Health & Support Anxiety Jul 11 2009
18:47 (UTC)

Erm, this mama has had long-term issues, reaching back more then a decade (eating disorder, now anxiety disorder.)

I'll compare it to exercise: with dance or yoga, you can prat ice and practice, but not get all the moves, because you need to do outside strength training in order to gain the proper muscle to achieve those moves. So with severe anxiety disorder - she can't just talk herself out of it unless she gets some outside help to calm down long enough to face the problems at hand. She needs more strength. The medicine - and we are talking about mild medicines - will help her to reason more easily in counseling and in every day situations.

bsh0611 - I think you should also talk to your councilor about ongoing weight / food issues. I read in another thread of yours about your concern for your babies, seeing you with food issues. As someone with a mom who had ED and exercise addictions when I was a child, your kids will notice, probably by the time they're 4 or 5 (that's when my mom's anxiety became clear to me.) It didn't affect me in that I never suffered from body issues, but it always made me worried for my mom; I felt like it was my responsibility to take care of her, she was so fragile, emotionally and physically. Always on the breaking point.

Anyway, I'd keep up the counciling along with the medication. It will help you get to the bottom of your nerves.

The Lounge Getting married 2009/2010? Jul 10 2009
23:06 (UTC)

Hi slimfit, my fiance and I are having our sisters marry us (they got ordained in the Universal Church of Life.) We have told them they can say whatever they want, provided it lasts under 5 minutes.

Long wedding ceremonies (generally, there have been some exceptions) bring out the eye-roll in me, and they keep everyone away form the best part - having a big party with dancing, family and food to celebrate your happiness!

This may not work for everyone. We are having the ceremony and reception in one place, so it works for us :)


Health & Support Anxiety Jul 09 2009
22:17 (UTC)

Well, maybe you just have jumpy nerves, who knows? Did the councilor want to continue to follow up? And did they have any suggestions?

Some anti-anxiety medications: xanex, ativan, buspar. They are short-acting, so no over-arching effects like an anti-depressant.

Since you weren't always tense / jumpy, what do think caused the change after you had your babies? Were you anxious to lose the baby weight, or fearful of gaining again? Or overwhelmed with caring for the little ones? Are you very tidy by nature? Does the mess of the babies make get you antsy? And does the anxiety keep you awake at night?

I'm asking a bunch of questions to try to understand the connection between becoming a mom and becoming anxious. But I'm glad you're talking to someone; sometimes it can take several visits before making a breakthough.

Health & Support Anxiety Jul 09 2009
21:05 (UTC)

There are many anti-anxiety medications available - but they are generally given through psychiatrists alone. So make an appointment with one to talk a bit about why you are so anxious, and they'll be able to sort out what you might need - honestly, you may just need to cry it out once a week. It can be very cathartic :)

Oh, and a PS - my mother exercised obsessively when we were children. We thought she was totally nuts, but hey, we turned out super mellow, either by rebellion or by trying to calm her down through osmosis. Just know that watching mom be very nervous is affecting your little ones - but, again, talking to a doctor about his will help. Do you include your children in your exercise? Have a jogging stroller, or have them bike alongside you?

Health & Support Absence of Periods for a whole year! Jul 09 2009
19:45 (UTC)

Yeah, you should go to the OBGYN and get your hormone levels checked out (blood test.) It doesn't sound like you're underweight or over-exercising, so hormone issues may be the culprit. They might need to jump start your system with some medication. As you've been amehnorheic for over six months, they'll probably want you to take calcium, estrogen and vitamin D supplements to protect your bones (when you don't produce your own hormone, you are suseptable to bone dammage.)

Weight Loss How many calories is reasonable for me to reach my goal of about 105 pounds at 5'5"? (as a young teenage girl) Jul 09 2009
03:56 (UTC)

NO, Tadina. Eating 1500 calories while you are working out does NOT sound reasonable. Everyone has told you that 1500 is the minimum intake for a sedentary (not moving at all) teen girl who is around five feet tall. You are very active, and 5'5".

What does cc say you burn in a day? I'm guessing around 2,000 calories (at a minimum.) So you need to eat at least that.

I understand that you think you want to lose weight. What you need to understand is that if you build muscle, you will get the lean look you desire, but will not weigh any less. The reason weight loss should not be your aim is that you are already at the very low end of the BMI range for your height. If you lose any more weight, your health - and looks, if that matters - will suffer. No period, hair loss, nails breaking, bad skin... do these things sound attractive to you?

Please, please talk to your parents about your weight-loss plan. I'm glad you are motivated to exercise, but 13 is really too young to be cutting calories. You are still growing and doing so will harm your health for the rest of your life.

Fitness What would influence you to get a Personal trainer? Jul 08 2009
20:31 (UTC)

They money is a big issue - it costs as much to train as it does to get a fancy haircut (upwards of $100 in the States.) I might buy a fancy haircut every six weeks, but I couldn't afford to do it bi-weekly (or more - I like to weight train 3 days a week.)

So, money is an issue, as is the fact that when I have gotten a trainer, they're either terrible - like some twee anorexic 20-year ols who leads me through the weakest routine known to womankind - or wonderful trainers who are told by their gym to try and sell me packages of 8 sessions, at a discounted price of only $800! Dude, that is rent money. I cannot afford two rents, nor can I afford to both rent an appartment and have a trainer.

Health & Support Nasonex causes weight gain? or Corticosteroids? Jul 07 2009
22:21 (UTC)

Steroids of any kind tend to cause weight gain, or at least puffiness. I stopped taking a double-acting inhalor because it made me gain close to ten pounds (my asthma isn't life threatening / serious, otherwise I wouldn't stop medication for that reason.)

You can lose weight while taking it, but it takes extra work beyond the usual for weight loss. If you can take a non-steriod version of that medication, your weight will drop back down.

Health & Support Just a screwed up life Jul 07 2009
17:04 (UTC)

Court, you are on the low end of the BMI range, if that is what you are asking. You probably look skinnier then you are because your body had been eating it's own muscles when you don't feed it food.

Throwing up your food is a whole other problem on top of drugs.

The nose bleeding, well, I woke up with one every day for a year and thought nothing of it at the time (this all happened after my BF broke up with me, too.) Unfortunately, it means the cartilage in your nose is disintegrating.

It sounds like you are at a breaking point where you may not be able to do this on your own. So - how do you get help? Your folks don't have any money for you to borrow right now. Are you working? If so, ask your parents to open a bank account for you in their names- one that only they can withdraw from. Put 1/3 of your paycheck in that account each time you cash your check. That way, you can't spend all of your money. Have them disperse that money to you only when you can produce receipts for things like school books (my dad did this for me when I moved away.)

Treatment - if you have insurence at your job that covers counciling, look into that. If not, when you get to school in the Fall, you'll have access to counciling hen. You need someone to talk to who isn't online - about depression, about addiction, about purging your food.

The Lounge Getting married 2009/2010? Jul 07 2009
05:40 (UTC)


I'm on a new medication for my stomach problems - and one of the side effects is weight gain. My wedding dress barely fits and my wedding is in less then three weeks.

Do you think I sould stop taking the medication for the next few weeks, or just try to tough it out? Seriously, I can't wear the crinoline anymore, it won't zip. I've gained 4 pounds this week, and six since my last fitting Yell

The Lounge I can't sleep with my husband!! (RANT) Jul 07 2009
00:33 (UTC)

Sleep in the guest room until he does the study. Tell him you cannot go on without sleep - which you can't.

I cannot deal with people messing with my sleep. I'm a heavy sleeper, so it takes a lot to wake me, and even with that, my fiance's snoring sometimes wakes me. I, too, go to the guest room - but as my fiance is a super-light sleeper and often suffers from insomnia, he has no problem with this. In fact, when I have allergies and "breathe very deeply" in my sleep, he goes to the other room to get some shut eye. It's no biggie - we see each other when we get up to go to work, it's not like we're on another planet.

I think you two could do with some counciling on top of a sleep study. He needs to understand that he is making you suffer, on top of having his own health problems.

Health & Support Just a screwed up life Jul 06 2009
22:54 (UTC)

Hi Court. I've been there. I won't tell you how to live you life, but I'll tell you little about mine. It might help. Treatment works if you're ready for it. School will help a lot if you can focus on it.

In high school I had a VERY large drug habit. I never slept (because, well, coke) and i never ate (because, well, coke.) I completely and utterly lost my mind for a few years.

After HS, I moved away to a place where I knew no one, and i had to start all over again. Sure, I found some shady people who could get me back into my old life, but i realized that it wasn't what I wanted - crying when I was alone, wondering how things had gotten so effed up, being afraid of the places i found myself in.

I backed off of the drugs, because I didn't know anyone, and would be homeless if I spent my rent money on drugs (there's no safety net of friends and family when you're new in town.) I made the choice to be responsible enough to have a job, pay rent, go to class, buy food, etc. School helped, too - it gave me something to concentrate on. Getting better started with small decisions. Staying in by yourself a few nights a week, learning to enjoy the peace that comes with stability.

You can do this. Please feel free to message me anytime.