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Health & Support Reached a healthy weight for the first time in 9 years... Jul 22 2016
01:57 (UTC)

Congratulations on working hard towards your recovery! You are worth it!! I have struggled with an ED as well and know how hard it can be to go through the process of gaining weight and then deal with all the feelings after the fact. I am so happy for you! Stay strong! 

Also, I was wondering if anyone else who has been in recovery from an ED and has gotten their period back after having amenorrhea for a long time? For the majority of about 10 years I went without a regular period (I might have one month's cycle here and there), but I have been regular for close to a year now. I've had horrible acne, I sweat like a man, my breasts get sore and just uncomfortable, I have been more emotional, etc. I am just curious if I am going through a second puberty? I am 31 now and my ED didn't really start until after I had already been through puberty (I was 18-19 when it started). Has anyone else had this experience? Most of it doesn't bother me, but the acne is driving me crazy!! I have a prescription for Differin gel, but it isn't helping much. I am basically just hoping that all this will sort of get better with time, but would appreciate any advice. Thanks! 

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Feb 04 2016
02:01 (UTC)

Yuck! They taste like nothing to me.

Carrot cake oatmeal? 

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Feb 03 2016
01:53 (UTC)

Yum, but better with cheese (I'd use fat free or reduced fat though). 

Healthier Baked Nachos (black beans, reduced fat cheese, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, green onions, and sour cream on baked tortilla chips)?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 29 2016
01:51 (UTC)

Yum, especially roasted cauliflower! :-)

Date caramel sauce (pureed dates with a little water and vanilla extract)?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 28 2016
02:17 (UTC)

DEFINITELY YUMM!!!! Crab is one of my favorite foods! :-)

Tamagoyaki (it's a Japanese rolled omelet thing that has sugar, soy sauce, and mirin in it)? 

I've never had this, but saw someone make it in a youtube video and now I am intrigued and want to try it. If anyone has had this before, what are your thoughts? 

Foods The food letter game! Jan 27 2016
02:10 (UTC)


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 27 2016
01:55 (UTC)

I've never tried them before, but I've heard they don't really taste like anything, so I'll say yum!

Sweetened grits? (I'm from the Southern part of the USA and grits are a staple breakfast food, but they are always savory.)

Foods The food letter game! Jan 26 2016
03:48 (UTC)

Raisin cinnamon bread

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 26 2016
03:44 (UTC)

Yum, minus the alcohol. 

PB, Jelly and Banana overnight oats? lly-and-banana-overnight-oats.html

Foods The food letter game! Jan 25 2016
03:19 (UTC)


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 25 2016
03:11 (UTC)

Yum-ish? LOL! It's just okay.

Spinach stuffing balls? -spinach-balls-62452.aspx

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jan 25 2016
03:02 (UTC)

That's a tough one. Probably either tortilla chips/crackers or veggies and hummus.

What's your favorite snack/appetizer to have at a party?

Foods The food letter game! Jan 24 2016
02:05 (UTC)

banana pancakes

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jan 24 2016
02:02 (UTC)

Favorite way to eat PB got skipped, so I'll do it too- other than just with a spoon, with chocolate! ;-)

Favorite lunch spot- Atlanta Bread Company 

Foods The food letter game! Jan 23 2016
01:50 (UTC)

Eggplant parmesan

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jan 23 2016
01:47 (UTC)

Imperical: Haha! You didn't copy me! I get ideas from people too!

Scupper: Some of my family members put ketchup on collard greens. They think it makes them better. I don't like it though! 

I love cottage cheese with fruit, like pineapple, strawberry/blueberry preserves, or cinnamon apples. :-)

Favorite ingredients for a breakfast parfait?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 23 2016
01:39 (UTC)

Yuck! I don't like the taste of alcohol. 

Asian Sesame Salad Dressing? 

Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jan 22 2016
01:38 (UTC)

Does American count? It seems the most diverse because it kind of includes foods from a lot of different cultures. :-)

What is your favorite food to put BBQ sauce on? 

Foods The food letter game! Jan 21 2016
01:57 (UTC)

mashed potato casserole

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 21 2016
01:43 (UTC)

Yuck! I tried to eat them once and they were flavorless and so crunchy I couldn't eat them. 

Microwave baked apples?