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Fitness Eating too little? Need advice. Jan 11 2006
00:26 (UTC)
What did you actually eat? If your excercising on a regular basis 890 is a pretty low number of calories. If your not careful you'll start lacking in energy and depriving your body of the nutrients it needs.
Foods List of Negative Calorie Foods Jan 10 2006
23:44 (UTC)
Tea is a great option. Lots of EGCG which are very effective antioxidants. I drink green, black or oolong only. All three come from the true tea plant. All other teas are brewed from herbs or roots. I like to drink it 30 minutes before I exercise. This gives the flavonoids an opportunity to appear in my blood stream which provide an antioxidant boost. This in turn helps my body handle any free radicals that are induced by exercise. Combating those free radicals increase long term health and help improve our basic metabolic functions.
Foods School Lunches please help Jan 10 2006
23:15 (UTC)
FYI: hummus is made from chickpeas, which are round, cream-colored legumes. They have a very nutty flavor. Legumes or beans are one of our superfoods we need to include in our diet. They're very high in fiber and nutrients. They can help lower your cholestrol, combat heart disease, stablize blood sugar, etc...
I keep chick peas in my pantry along with the other 13 super foods. This way I can whip up my own hummus or throw some chick peas on my salad. Did I mention chick peas are an excellent source for low-fat protein?
Hummus is an excellent quick, fast easy alternative to school lunches. (I teach second grade. Knowing that I am going to loose 30 + lbs. I've removed the school "cafe" option from my lifestyle.)