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Fitness Feet cramps Jan 10 2008
11:27 (UTC)

Oh, I feel your pain!  Both of my feet have a mind of their own and will wake me at night. They will involuntarily pull down and in - major cramp and oh so painful!  My toes are little demons that way too.

Trial and error has taught me a couple of things.  First, good shoes!  No matter how good they might look, a pair of running shoes are only good for about 300 miles.  The support inside and under the insole that you can't see compresses and can't do the job any longer.  Don't ever wear them for anything else but running and once you retire them to everyday shoes don't ever wear them to run again.

Secondly, make sure you're hydrated!  I do the little skin pull test to the top of my hand every afternoon so I have a chance to drink more water before bed to get good and hydrated.  Even if I think I've been drinking enough there are certain environmental issues that can prove otherwise, especially this time of year with low indoor humidity.

Rosamor is correct in suggesting bananas for the potassium.  Tomatoes are another excellent source with a fraction of the calories and loads of lycopene. 

Games & Challenges Roll- Call November 2007 Exercise Challenge Nov 28 2007
11:22 (UTC)
Games & Challenges ***ROLL CALL*** DECEMBER Weight Loss Challenge - ***SIGN UP HERE!!*** Nov 28 2007
10:57 (UTC)
  • Current Weight: 138.8
  • Weight loss Goal (pounds) for month of December: 4
Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Nov 21 2007
10:36 (UTC)
Do You Believe in Love - Huey Lewis & the News
Games & Challenges song title game Nov 21 2007
10:33 (UTC)
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
New Members 25 years and the worst shape of my life! Nov 20 2007
16:12 (UTC)

Hi Nicole!  Welcome to CC.  You have definitely found a great place to be for support in your journey.

Your post touched me - I've been where you were.  I still joke that I lost 200 pounds in one day - the day my divorce was final to my ex that weighed 200 pounds! 

Seriously though, the emotional abuse, feeling inadequate, longing for happiness, all those feelings associated with a disfunctional relationship are a primary reason for obesity, depression, and other health issues.  The absolute best thing you could have done for yourself was to get out of that marriage.  Good for you!  You found the strength to do that for yourself - losing weight is never easy but you've got what it takes to get it done!

Good luck! 

Games & Challenges song title game Nov 20 2007
16:03 (UTC)

Ooh, good one dbackerfan!

Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC 

Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Nov 20 2007
15:59 (UTC)
When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman - Dr. Hook
Games & Challenges ***Holiday Trimmings Challenge Updates*** Nov 20 2007
15:55 (UTC)

Hi People!  I'm holding my own.  I've stressed over the holiday menu for a couple of weeks now but since it's finalized and the shopping is done I'm much more relaxed.  There's only going to be 8 of us, you'd think I was feeding the queen or something!  Argh!  I hate being so obsessive from having some obscure ideal of what the holidays are suppose to be like.  I have to tell myself to just "breathe" sometimes.

Hey nanamoss!  I can sense you're getting pretty antsy waiting for that little boy of yours!  How wonderful!  BTW - I live "out in the sticks" myself.  This time of year when the fields are harvested the wind cuts like a knife so I stop my usual running/walking routines.

On the subject of exercise - I'm a big fan of workout videos.  I'm not coordinated enough for anything extremely choreographed, like dancing workouts, but love the ones that use dumbbells and stretch tubing.  Heck, I've even got a couple of walking videos.  I've got a treadmill but just hate using it since I'm so used to running outdoors.  I personally am going to work on simple things like push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, squats, and lunges every other day or so.  I'll use one of my videos for cardio a couple of times a week too if I feel I need to.

Fitness Callanetics? Nov 20 2007
11:40 (UTC)

I used to do Callanetics all the time!  Excellent, effective workout. 

Since all the moves are slow and deliberate and very focused I would probably log your time as yoga or tai chi even though you put more stress on your muscles with Callanetics than either of those.  You are not increasing your heart rate any more than you would doing yoga so I think that would be a fair substitute. 

Weight Loss "The Thanksgiving Ten" - losing those last annoying pounds challenge & support group Nov 17 2007
20:13 (UTC)

Tracy and Stephany  - Great Job!

I'm hoping to join your ranks by the end of the challenge but these last couple of pounds have been like trying to melt ice when it's 33 degrees!  (Drip-Drip) Only .8 left to go before turkey day! 

The Lounge Oh my Lord...Oprah today...CLUTTER!! Nov 17 2007
19:58 (UTC)

I watched part of Oprah yesterday.  Amazing!  I couldn't believe how beautiful the house was "after" the clean up.

I'm a little bit of a pack-rat myself only I keep it contained in our attic.  I've got stuff up there that's still in boxes from when we bought this house 8 years ago!  Sentimental value is what I use for rationalization.  The rest of the house is neat and tidy, not cluttered at all.  I never leave stuff out, always put things away, etc., but the attic is my secret...sshhh! 

The Lounge My Crime Fighting Pooch! Nov 17 2007
19:53 (UTC)

So Cute!  I love doggy stories.

My two house dogs are 6 year old black chow mixes, about 40 pounds each.  They appear to be the most ferocious critters you'd ever not want to meet but they are so chicken!  They'll raise the roof with their barking, growling and snarling when someone pulls into the driveway but as soon as they hear the knock on the door they scat and hide under my bed! 

Got to love them! 

Games & Challenges song title game Nov 17 2007
19:36 (UTC)
We're an American Band - Grand Funk
Games & Challenges Remember When? Nov 17 2007
19:33 (UTC)

HIPPIE ?! - Yep!  I still have tie-dyed tee shirts and gauze peasant tops.  I don't know why.  I wouldn't wear them out of the house now for love or money.  My favorite high school attire was guys levi's, all faded and so worn that the knees were ripped across and the bottoms were all frayed out.  And I wore suede indian moccasins without hard soles that were fringed and had leather strings to tie them with.  Ah, those were the days!  Total comfort.

I was in the 7th grade before girls were allowed to wear pants to school except in the winter time under our dresses to keep our legs warm! 

Kindergarten paste!  I loved that stuff - and it did taste pretty darn good! ;-) 

Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Nov 17 2007
19:25 (UTC)
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zepplin
Games & Challenges Holiday Trimmings Challenge: Register Now! Nov 17 2007
18:55 (UTC)

You're the greatest Genius!  Thanks again for doing this!

BTW - I just sent you a PM.   

Weight Loss Gallbaldder Nov 17 2007
11:29 (UTC)
Don't panic.  It's not true.  I had mine removed years ago and it didn't cause me to gain weight.  It did make me more sensitive to grease though, which hasn't been a bad thing.  Personally, I have a difficult time with pork.  I seem to have a harder time digesting it for some odd reason so I can only eat small portions.  Built in portion control I like to think.
The Lounge Who's your mama? Nov 16 2007
18:15 (UTC)
Mama to Candi and Kelly!
Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Nov 16 2007
18:13 (UTC)
I'll Always Love You - Babyface