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Fitness Ran First Mile Without Stopping . Sep 29 2011
19:57 (UTC)


The Lounge "You Die" Aug 22 2011
17:32 (UTC)

I would be more concerned with what they find in my sock draw.  But then again, I'm dead.  I won't care.

Motivation i'm so sick of it Jun 14 2011
20:41 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by 5k_10k_15k:

c i can't just stop b/c im signed up w/a group - i can't quit. i just don't get it like everyone is all "omg i love it love it so much i could run 30 miles a day" on the internet

oh an i think part of me keeps runnin b/c i love to eat? that sounds stupid i dunno, those 1200 cal diets arent for me i guess

Perhaps stop reading about running on the internet.

And there are plenty of other activities that allow you to eat. I never run, and I never resorted to eating as few as 1200 calories to lose weight.

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Weight Loss Need to vent... Apr 21 2011
04:22 (UTC)

Somebody at work moved their large chocolate candy glass (you can see all the little chocolate bars) container thing from her own office to right in front of my office.  I'm like no, this has got to go and it was moved back to her own office. 

The Lounge Movies that aren't what they're advertised to be Apr 18 2011
16:16 (UTC)

Hereafter - I thought it was an end of the world/I see dead people kind of thing.  Instead it was an introspective on how people cope with death.  Not that its a bad thing, just don't recall it being billed as such.  Plus, I waited two hours (literally) for the three stories to connect.  Not worth it. 

I loved Black Swan - the slow unraveling of an emotionally, mentally fragile human being.  I think the sex scenes illustrated her disconnects with the real world, but to each his own. 

Weight Loss Is it bad if I eat 1200 to 1500 calories? Mar 10 2011
16:39 (UTC)

Kind of bad.  I would advise to up your calories.  For two reasons:  1) If I eat under 1500 calories I feel like I am starving and I am much more likely to give up or binge, etc. - not sure about you, but if I'm starving it feels too much like I'm punishing myself or something, and 2) 1200 calories a day may slow down your metabolism and make weight loss more difficult.  

As others stated, 1200 is the absolute minimum for a small sedentary woman.  I started at 235 lbs and ate 1600-1800 calories per day.  I am under 200lb and now shoot for 1500 - 1600 per day.  If I exercise hard, I might have an extra 100 - 200 calories.  

The weight loss is steady as long as I count my calories.  I was off the wagon for a bit, so my weight loss stalled.  I did maintain, so that was good.  My point is, don't think of it as a diet where you have to restrict yourself to the level of starving yourself.  If you take it as a lifestyle change and slowly adjust your calories as you lose weight, it will pay off in the long run and you will be happier.

JMO and best of luck.


The Lounge men wearing a string bikini Mar 10 2011
03:10 (UTC)

Is it an actual string bikini?  Or is it a Speedo type of thing?  I do not like string bikinis on anyone - I just don't need to see that much of anyone's ****, especially if I'm not going home with them.  But a man that can rock a Speedo is a different story.  It shows confidence and security in their sexuality.  Hawt!

Hairy backs are another story...even tho I feel shallow about back hair because I know some men folk can't help it....

Weight Loss About to give in....need advice! Mar 01 2011
00:49 (UTC)

Various circumstances in life have made me realize I have so little control of anything, really.  Most control is just an illusion.  Since this left me feeling blah, I reminded myself I do have control over some things. 

One thing I do have total control over is what I put in my body.  Sometimes it may not feel like I have control, mentally, but at the end of the day only I can decide what I eat. 

The power is yours grasshopper.  Don't eat the stupid cookie.  It's just a cookie.

The Lounge Clap-Off Bra Feb 24 2011
18:08 (UTC)

I am just picturing a lot of random clapping in public to see who is wearing one and who is not. 

Pregnancy & Parenting 5 year old suddenly crying every morning, taken to school Feb 23 2011
22:16 (UTC)

I have two children, 3 and 7.  The 7 year old is a sensitive soul and cries all the time, sometimes for no apparent reason - even when she is laughing she will often cry.  I digress - this doesn't help, just to let you know some children are very sensitive.

Have you talked to the teacher/daycare provider about your daughter's behavior after you leave?  I found out that my oldest daughter would stop crying as soon as I was out the door.  She was much younger at the time - 2/3 years old, but I felt like crap every morning for two years, even after finding out she was fine when I left. 

I agree with the other poster.  Maybe discuss with your daughter anything going on at school.  I cannot ask my daughter these questions outright because she always replies everything is fine.  So I ask her specific questions about the names of her friends, who does she like to play with the most, what games does she play at school/daycare, what's her favorite activity, etc.  I get a lot of information about her day asking non-confrontational questions if that makes sense.  Otherwise I get a lot of I don't knows, yesses, and nos with no substance. 

If you have investigated as much as possible and can't find anything wrong, just know it's probably temporary and you and another hundred thousand parents have to deal with the same thing.  It sucks at the time, but she will be okay.

Motivation Regret is a terrible feeling Jan 24 2011
06:35 (UTC)

I really like your imaginary isaveddinosaurs!  I'm going to use that for myself.

For poster - don't beat yourself up.  It is too easy to give in to those voices in your head.  Forget the past - even the past 25 days.  It is cheezy as h*ll, but one day at a time can really help.  I didn't not eat healthy this weekend.  But I have healthy breakfast/lunch items ready for the work week and have my gym bag packed for a workout tomorrow.  Dinner time is always a struggle, but tomorrow I will be reminding myself of portion control.  I do not like feeling this full - it sucks!

All your hard work does count.  Don't give up on yourself.  Reset, find motivation were you can, if you are really dragging, just make yourself go for a walk, even if it's a slow walk.  Try to get rid of the "I'll start fresh tomorrow." - I've used that one many times.  Tomorrow will never come.  Start today, start right now.  If you are eating something and you are not hungry, throw it away, or put it in the fridge/pantry.   Changing your habits and mind set is very difficult - there will be struggles - but don't give up.  You are worth the struggle. 

Motivation Jack LaLanne dead at 96 Jan 24 2011
06:21 (UTC)

Yes, I was sad to read Mr. LaLanne passed.  I remember my dad looking up him when I was a kid (the 1970's).  He treated his body like a temple.  I thought he just might be the one to cheat death - it was a good fight!  He was true to himself and an inspiration to all.  Rest in peace.

Weight Loss daily treadmill walks with no weigh loss Jan 24 2011
06:11 (UTC)

You said your job was semi-physical.  Were you lifting boxes?  Or doing other heavy lifting, part of the day?  Or standing on your feet for eight to ten hours?  My thought is if you were lifting through the day, you were burning more calories then walking on the treadmill. 

Also, beside burning more calories, the weight bearing work would build more muscle.  More muscle would burn more calories throughout the day then walking on the treadmill.  It would probably also affect the way your clothes are feeling because muscle takes up less room then fat (I think?). 

When I went from lugging boxes ten hours a day to a desk job, I didn't immediately gain a ton of weight, but I started getting flab in spots were I was never flabby before - specifically my torso - sides, front and back.  When I lifted boxes (I literally did it ten hours a day, with weights of 50 lbs or more for part of my day), I was turning and twisting, so I had good muscle tone throughout my torso and of course, my arms. 

I guess my point is to maybe considering adding some weights to your walking regime.  It might help.  Good luck!

Weight Loss "Fat people crowding the Gym" Jan 06 2011
20:30 (UTC)

F*** 'em and don't let them own the gym.  They can't make you feel a certain way - that's on you.  The more time you spend there, the more comfortable you will be.  Hang in there!

I agree with heatherparks - the unfriend option is also good.


Motivation What is going on with this fake PHYSICAL hunger? Jan 01 2011
22:53 (UTC)

Do you drink a lot of caffeine?  If I drink more than my two cups of coffee in the  morning, I get a hungry, jittery feeling around 10/11am.  Like I MUST eat something.  Maybe cut back if that's the problem.

If not, maybe try upping your protein like the previous poster stated.  If you don't like meat in the morning, maybe egg, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, etc., to go with the whole grains, fruits and veggies.  Or could be your body just requires more fuel in the morning and maybe plan to have a mid-morning snack instead of fighting it. 

I also find that if I have over-indulged, it will take a couple of days (almost like a withdrawal) for my body to get back to a healthy eating plan, where I experience less cravings. 

Good luck.

Motivation i'm on my period and i am STARVING. Dec 09 2010
23:04 (UTC)

I experienced this just last week.  I felt like a human garbage disposal with all the crap I was eating and I still wanted MORE!  During my starving period last week, I just counted calories and was basically on maintain mode. 

Not that you were necessarily asking for advice, but what seemed to help was eating more protein.  Three or four ounces of steak or chicken with lunch AND dinner helped me.  (It could be all mental for me - I dunno.)  I am going to plan ahead next time so I don't eat everything in sight.  If you are a vegetarian, then maybe do whatever vegetarians do for protein increases. 

Weight Loss Should we exercise during that time of the month? Dec 07 2010
21:47 (UTC)

I do.  I feel better when I'm done.  Seems to rid me of the bloats, the cramps and general uncomfortableness.  Maybe because I'm focusing on the burning in my thighs and lungs (when I run).  I am also less irritable.

I have never heard not to exercise while menstruating.  I am thinking back to high school gym - almost every girl would have tried to use that excuse to avoid gym.  And what about female athletes (not the extreme no period ones)?  They don't stop training/competing because of their periods. 

Sounds like the olden times - women getting the "vapors" or faint or hysterical simply because they are women.  Crapola!!

Fitness October Fitness Group - Closed. Oct 11 2010
22:07 (UTC)
Original Post by shane_paladin:

My report card for the last week in September averaged out to a D, with A's in spinning and walking; but F's in weights, abs, and heavy bag. Thus far for October 3-9, I have done all 5, albeit the last 3 lightly, daily.   Woot Woot and a Booyah!

Best of luck to the rest of you.  Have a great Fall and keep exercising!

Oh, and, I sure hope I can do a better job of not going off my nut when it comes to the long holiday season soon to be upon us. For me, it seems that Halloween to the Superbowl is just one long period of tempation -- both to exercise less and to eat more.

Are all of you stronger in will and able to control such urgings? 

No, and no, but that's why I keep coming back to CC.  I've fallen off the wagon a bit and hope CC will be my crutch until I can hop back on.  Got to keep exercising.  The weather is just beautiful in my part of the world, so I have NO excuses for not getting outside and running. 

Fitness October Fitness Group - Closed. Oct 11 2010
22:02 (UTC)

Got in my four times of jog/walking for week 1 (nine days), but I should have went for more.  So week 2 will be five times (in seven days). 

Fitness October Fitness Group - Closed. Oct 01 2010
16:07 (UTC)

May I join?

Jog/walk 3 miles 4X this week


Thank you!