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Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jun 11 2008
20:35 (UTC)
true...I wasn't allowed to have dessert or a snack later if I didn't (as a child) Now I eat it all but the plate.

TPBM doesn't make their kids eat things they don't want.
Games & Challenges The Food Game Dec 30 2007
03:50 (UTC)
apple dumplings
Games & Challenges New game to try... Dec 30 2007
03:49 (UTC)
sausage - biscuits
Games & Challenges Story in six words Dec 30 2007
03:46 (UTC)
Good golly, I've missed you guys!
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Dec 30 2007
03:41 (UTC)
TRUE, TRUE, TRUE....and then some.  Too blessed but the best part was family all together for almost a week.

TPBM has already put all their Christmas stuff away (if someone has already said this, "my bad"...I've been gone )
Games & Challenges Interview the person below you Dec 30 2007
03:35 (UTC)
Haha ..obviously my best event would be "posting on top of others"....otherwise I would be totally out of luck unless there was perhaps a pie-eating contest?

I'll go away now...LOL
Games & Challenges Interview the person below you Dec 30 2007
03:33 (UTC)
Play "Hand & Foot" (card game) with my parents and husband most of the day and call my sister about getting into the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

When do you have to go back to work or school?
Games & Challenges ~~~St. Patrick's Day Challenge - Shed 15-20 Pounds!~~~ Dec 30 2007
02:53 (UTC)
I wanna play too!

CW 177 (5'3" - teapot...short-n-stout)

GW 157-160

I'm gonna be gone to Orlando for R&R 1/04-1/12...don't know where I can weigh in on Monday 1/07...what if I don't get to report that week?)
Games & Challenges Water, Water Everywhere -- January Water Challenge!!! Send in your Amounts! Updated thru #80 Dec 30 2007
02:44 (UTC)
Okey dokey - I guess I'm in for 128 oz daily ((896 week/3968 mon?) Anybody know what Charmin's stock is selling for now?
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Dec 03 2007
05:35 (UTC)

False. I much prefer shopping alone...don't have to worry about someone else's schedule or preferences. Go where I want, when I want, and if I try on something that looks wretched, there are no witnesses!  LOL

TPBM has driven when they were to sleepy to be safe on the road.

Games & Challenges Interview the person below you Dec 03 2007
05:24 (UTC)

I buy them, people! and I take them however someone else cooks them, but I would take them baked if possible.

If you could pick an age or stage in your life to relive, what would it be or would you just stick with the present?

Games & Challenges Choose one and pass it on ;) Dec 03 2007
05:11 (UTC)

oops, granny's running a little slow today...

and that's a really hard choice because I love 'em both, especially together, but I guess I'll go with tomatoes because they're good for my prostate.

(haha...that'll make you pause and think)

bar soap or liquid

Games & Challenges Choose one and pass it on ;) Dec 03 2007
05:09 (UTC)

Well, truthfully, I really prefer to pick something off a menu and tell a waitperson or shout it into a clown's mouth at a drive-thru, BUT if it is between those two choices, I guess I'll go with the one ingredient one, even though I know it is the least healthy. (TMI, TMI)

Bar soap or liquid?

Games & Challenges The Actor Game Dec 03 2007
04:50 (UTC)

Burt Reynolds - The Longest Yard (original)

Games & Challenges This and that Dec 02 2007
23:09 (UTC)
biscuits and gravy
Games & Challenges Three word story.... (new game) Dec 02 2007
23:04 (UTC)
they were weak.
Games & Challenges New game to try... Dec 02 2007
23:02 (UTC)

Meat? Could you be any vaguer (it is a word, I looked) MoMo?  lol  ok...

meatloaf - omelet


Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Dec 02 2007
22:56 (UTC)
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine - Lou Rawls
Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game Dec 02 2007
22:51 (UTC)

(Wow Jayne...I feel so much better about the party last nite now!)

WahLah!! Honey, your Thomas is madly, deeply in love with you and hopelessly devoted.  In fact, if you ever want to maybe move on and take a breather, he will go certifiabley insane and camp outside your door and write you endless love letters, further clogging up the postal service and going bankrupt buying stamps.  He won't stalk you or anything like that because he only wants the best for you, but he will always be hovering nearby to protect you.

I wish the clothes fairy would come pack my bags for me when we go to Orlando next month.

Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Dec 02 2007
22:35 (UTC)

Well, I will not diet when I go to parties and dinners but I will try to restrain myself from gorging and in between I'll eat what I should.(She said, as if trying to convince herself..teehee)

TPBM watches too much TV.