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What can I say about myself, I am 29 years old, a former model and police officer. I am now a CIO in the field of healthcare. I currently attend three universities, two online and one where I go at night. 4.0 in all Laughing I play baseball, yes baseball with men not softball. I did play softball one year in college, but, it is not my "thing". Right now with all that I have going on I am only a youth coach as I do not have the time to play myself. I am really into all sports, it just seems that my lack of cardiovascular strength has hindered me immensely. I have high blood pressure and I will get control of that. To get back in my best shape as an athlete I need to be down 45 lbs. For the first time in my life a diet is not about looks as it is about health. I am really looking forward to this life change. Normally I can over look my weight as I hold extra pounds well, but, I cannot deny myself the opportunity to change for the better. 


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