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I'm a 19 old senior from the capital of a small European country called Estonia. At the time of writing this bio I'm already at the last stage of my weightloss journey, but as I know that this may as well be the hardest part, I'm going to stick with this wonderful page.

My major weightloss started in spring after my 18th birthday. I had been overweight basically my whole life and it started to catch up with my self-esteem. I don't think I had a breaking point as such, I had tried losing weight with minor success in the past as well, but somehow it worked for me this time. I believe it was because of a lucky coincident of finding a diet plan that suited me like a glove - the Italian diet by Gino d'Acampo. With my love for good food, cooking and Italy, it was a great starting point for me. It was only later that I discovered Calorie Count through googling for calorie contents in different foods and it became a vital part of my journey. 

Today, I have lost almost 20 kg, which is a lot on my 165 cm frame, having come down from almost 80 kg to 60 kg. I plan on losing another 3 kg by my graduation in June and getting in more exercise (as soon as the damn snow melts...), to look fabulous on my special day. 

I hope to maintain a healthier lifestyle and I believe CC has played a vital role in my road to becoming better physically as well as mentally. 

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