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Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - December 22nd until January 5th Jan 01 2011
23:20 (UTC)

B: Fromage frais, honey, chopped apple, latte (250)

L: Lots of buttery turkey, 2 roast potatoes, 2 stuffing balls, roast parsnips, broccoli, carrots and green beans! (750)

S: 2 dark chocolate rice crispie cakes, glass of chocolate milk (500)

D: Leftover turkey, leftover stuffing, slice of bread and butter, a lefotver parsnip, cranberry sauce, carrot sticks and peanut butter (700)

S: Fromage frais, honey, 6 squares of chocolate (300)

S: handful of pistachios (70)

Health & Support indecision Jan 01 2011
16:04 (UTC)

Firstly, well done for trying on hols with your sister being that way - that can't have been easy!  From what you have written I would advise against IP.  You are right, it is your mind set that has to change, not your location for you to overcome your issues.  I can relate a lot hun, I'm training to teach at the moment and have just done my placement which was the toughest 7 weeks of my life - seriously impossible, no car to get resources, tracking 30 children and getting assessed all the time as well as keeping a ginormous bigger than my head file and organising activities as and horribly long days due to the lack of car(ramble im sorry!) - controlling food was one thing it felt like I could have power over as ED is like a safety net of reassurance. 

Yes, you will freak out at the fact that your stomach is bloated. Your ED part of you will want you will want to swap a slice of yummy toast and butter for a small apple and you will freak out when you are dishing up a dessert for yourself after dinner but you sound like a strong girl, you can do this!  Things like increased portion sizes and more snacks are regular things for non ED people and you need them waaaay more.  Just see if you can push for 2500 calories in these next two weeks or so.  Believe in yourself (cheeeesy!) and you will manage to conquor your ED and gain weight without being forced to do so in IP.  And besides teaching is the most awesome job there is, do you really want to leave it to spend your days cooped up in hospital or do you want to live your life and fight your own mental battles!?  Good luck with everything!

Health & Support How did you challenge your ED today? Jan 01 2011
15:49 (UTC)

Yesterday at the cinema I had a double scoop of ben and jerrys in a cone nom!  Ususally I would have a single or a double of frozen yogurt at a push but I though NO I dont WANT the frozen yogurt flavours I want baked alaska and fairly nuts haha.  Well done everyone :)

Health & Support So confused - advice and support needed! Jan 01 2011
15:44 (UTC)

Until recently, I was in EXACTLY the same position - wow its scary how alike we are is this respect!  I'm 5'4 and 3 weeks ago weighed I am 89 but still have a long way to go.  Every thing you have written I can relate to, even down to the slight aneamia.  Has anyone mentioned your weight or made much of a deal about it?  I'm gonna guess NO because you are still eating right?!  But you need to be eating 2500 calories to gain weight...i know scary thought right?  It is managable but its tough to start.  As today is January the 1st, I reckon you could aim for 2500 today.  You should be doing this for yourself.  Unless you register that you are dangerously underweight (despite no complications yet) and WANT to do this for YOU, there is no point.  I think it is because we are so used to being in our own skin and seeing our bodies everyday that we become familier with it and perception of ourselves becomes 'the norm'.

It took me ages to accept the words 'eating disorder' were connected to what I was doing (restricting and measuring everything/ panicing about food) but the sooner you do, the sooner you will realise that you are not well (even though you feel fine right!?).  Hope this was helpful, you can message me anytime, I really do understand completely! :)

Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - December 22nd until January 5th Dec 30 2010
22:54 (UTC)

onesunnyday, I love exercise and developed a love for it before I became involved with ED (when i was just 'dieting').  However I became dependent on it for the last 2 years and am trying to ease it now.  I do walk for maybe an hour in total a day but its to keep me sane from the addiction.  I'm trying hard to cut even that and just be 'normal' but it is so so hard i find :/

B: 2 slices of toast with laughing cow extra light (blame the family!) and blackcurrent jam, an apple and a tbs of peanut butter

S: 20g of green and blacks almond chocolate

L: 2 pieces of toast with a whole avocado smushed on top and tomato slices

S: Coffee frappucino

D: Sweet potato and salmon burger in a granary roll, side of spinach and ketcup

S: Large bowl of vanilla ice cream

S: A big handful of pistachio nuts

Health & Support Should I go IP? Dec 29 2010
21:13 (UTC)

  I doubt that IP would really be much help to you psycologically if you have been there 3 times already :/

When you gained to 7st 12 before, how did you feel then?  If you felt a lot less attached to your eating disorder and got to the weight by letting go of exercise compulsions and eating whatever you wanted, you know that you can get there again.  However, if you got to that weight but still had lots of insecurities and were still focussing a lot on food and eating at certain times etc then councilling really does sound like the best idea. 

Have you got any friends you could go out with?(sorry if that came accross as patronising, cant think how else to put it though!)  I find that when im with my friends, im not thinking at all with my horrible ED and irrational mind but just being me. 

Can relate to 'like being thin but i dont' very much so.  We just have to try and let go of what we've been like for so long, from what you've described, being at your weight and 'having' to exercise every day has meant you have nearly run out of your youth days being unhappy and struggling - you are 22, I'm sorry to be harsh but do you really want to spend the next 6 years struggling with this!!??  Seriously, see a specialist psycologist or counciller hun, you deserve a decent life!  Message me any time!

Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - December 22nd until January 5th Dec 29 2010
20:58 (UTC)

Aww shmalex, (is your real name alex by any chance?) im sorry to hear about your grandpa, I know exactly how you feel :(  but you have done so well to keep your food intake up, well done!  hotel food sounds yummy.

fillmeup, could you tell me what a candied sweet potato is?  Its sounds awesome, is it like sweet potato with brown sugar or something?

Todays eats:

B: Salmon fillet, scrambled egg, spinach and mayo in a WW wrap.  Side of cantaloupe

L: Chicken tikka salad and a plate of chips with ketchup(challenge!  I wanted chippies, ED wanted WW bread or jacket potato, I gave him a slap)

S: Bar of dairy milk choccy :)

D: 2 cod fillets in 2 small seeded WW rolls, side of broccoli with butter

Dessert: Bowl of vanilla ice cream

Later: Will be buttered toast and milk or fromage frais, dry oats, dates and honey combo 

Health & Support End of my tether Dec 29 2010
10:26 (UTC)

I can relate hun, I've been 'recovering' for over a year now but my weight just tends to go down when I go to uni as I am less 'sure' of what might happen calorie wise so I restrict more.  It's bloody ridiculous.  I think knowing about calories is both a blessing and a curse when you have had an ED for so long so it might be best to stick to not counting.  I've finally just realised I'm sick of this life and these boring old 'food and choices and calories and oooh is it healthy enough' thoughts and am talking to my mum about how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking, irreguardless of whether she wants to know!  Try just talking through your thoughts at specific times with your folks or even out loud when you feel the ED taking over. 

Somethimes, I think it is difficult to distinguish between what you want and what ED wants.  Like ED would always make me get a low fat chicken sandwich when I'm out for lunch (under 300 cals usually) which I've eventually learnt to crave even though I know its not good for recovery purposes!  Could you give us an example of what you might eat in a day?  Say yesterday for example so we can be more help to you:)

Weight Gain . Dec 28 2010
21:43 (UTC)

No not enough at all!  Sounds less than 1200 :/

I had to look at your pics after the comment above (haha yes im nosy) and girl you are very very thin, like scarily.  Please look at some of the meal plans on the weight gainers thread to help you, new day tomorow, all the best x

Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - December 22nd until January 5th Dec 27 2010
21:33 (UTC)

Can't say I have had a similar experience with grocery items but I know the feeling of panic when something is different - stupid irrational EDface!!

I can't remember yesterday...but I know it was def 2500+


B: 1 piece of thick granary toast, buttered with 2 poached eggs, a bowl of greek yogurt, honey and fruit salad, a small slice of xmas cake crumbled on top <3

L:Leftover turkey and cranberry sauce, big blob of bubble and squeek with ketchup (gotta love those xmas leftovers :p), carrot sticks and grapes and a glass of milk (its skim i just cannot stand the others) with nesquik

S: Greek yogurt and a crumbled chocolate trek bar warmed up (omg holy yum this tasted just like a brownie)

S:Dates stuffed with PB (yes inspired by gaining eats on here haha)

D: 2 buttered granary rolls with chicken breast slices and avocado, dessert was the rest of my lindt chocolate santa.

S: will be hot chocolate with toast or cookies

I love just relaxing at the end of the year

Health & Support How to get past 'this' point... Dec 27 2010
10:51 (UTC)

You get past this point by looking at those around you - observe those who are happy and free from worries about weight and body image.  Do they have a stomach?  Yes!  This is what I've been doing and its helping.  I've only gained 3lbs so far and already I'm feeling the creeping paranoia about the midsection gain coming on but this is really helping me just chill out.  Like you, I've over 10lbs to go, maybe even up to 20!

I also have a very short midsection which before ED, was the place I stored fat, my legs have always been long and slender so I understand how difficult it can be with an ED mindset to accept that the place that I 'worked so hard' on getting 'right' is going to change.  You need to try and embrace this change though - it it what is going to make you healthy to lead the rest of your life to your full potential.  Try getting out of the house and having some fresh air to clear your thoughts if you feel yourself getting too worked up.  I like shopping and visiting friends to ease anxiety for example :) Hope this was sort of helpful anyway!

Health & Support To get through this Dec 26 2010
16:05 (UTC)

Hellooo!  Yes going for that 'walk' because you feel guilty or compelled is NOT NORMAL, you are doing the right thing listening to YOUR voice and thoughts.  I can relate 1billion percent though, like it is scary to just do what you want because you are so used to feeling compelled to do some sort of exercise.  Luckily for me, my family is sitting around scoffing all the Christmas food and flicking through the tv channels and i bet most of the uk is doing exactly the same.  Doing nothing is a step in the right direction =)

Health & Support Why exactly do joints crack? Dec 25 2010
10:43 (UTC)

Oh!  Sorry no help here but I have exactly the same problem, like I will squat to pick something up and my leg gets stuck then makes a clunky noise and everyone asks what the noise it!  So embarrassing to tell them.  I've had it ever since I've been underweight with an ED though so not sure if it could be to do with over exercising at some point maybe..

Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - December 22nd until January 5th Dec 24 2010
21:35 (UTC)

muchlinski: Please please carry on feeding yourself with 3000, the worst thing to do now is to drop calories, if your friend wants to be quite frankly rude then its up to her; maybe she just has issues with cals or something :s.   Most of my friends probably eat between 2000 to 3000 calories sedentary and NOT underweight.  Your body NEEDs 3000 to repair and eventually, from what ive gathered you willl begin to maintain on this amount - why would you want to prevent that?

Today I have tried very hard but tomorow I'm just gonna not count calories and try my best to eat whatever I want when I want like the rest of the world!  Anyways I'll post today:

B: Slice of WW toast with butter and a poached egg, mango yogurt and raisins

S: 60g of dairy milk choccy, 3 dates and glass of apple juice

L: Can of tuna with lots of lite mayo in a WW wrap, tomato, spinach, 1/2 an avocado and cantoloupe, handful of pistachios

D: Birds eye chicken chargrill sandwich with other 1/2 of the avocado, salsa and cucumber

Dessert: Large christmas cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mulled wine later too yay!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas :)


Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - November 26th until December 20th Dec 21 2010
22:11 (UTC)

Right, serving sizes it is then!  Thanks guys for the suggestions, I would use real mayo only i have to think about the other members of my family too! 

fillmeup, all your meals sound amazing, especially the yogurt and shredded coconut nomnom

B: 1/2 a cup of oatmeal, a tbs of peanut butter, a handful of raisins, fromage frais with a few tsp of honey and 2 clementines

L: Baked beans on 2 slices of 110kcal toast with butter, a chicken leg and some broccoli

S: Activia with honey, a mince pie and a cup of sugary tea ;)

D: Can of pilchards in tomato sauce mixed with a salad of corn, spinach, beetroot and lots of crushed pistachio nuts and raisins and a slice of buttered toast

S: Small serving of all bran and about 1.5 cups of milk and raisins(so stuffed)


Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - November 26th until December 20th Dec 20 2010
23:14 (UTC)

Breakfast: 3 slices of WW toast and butter with 2 poached eggs, full fat activia with honey and lots of chopped apple

Lunch: Turkey, spinach and cranberry sandwich on WW bread, cherry yogurt with blueberries

Snack: Bowl of alpen and added raisins

Dinner: Spagetti, sprouts and tuna with lite mayo and tomato pasta sauce

Snack: Activia yogurt, 2 tbs of PB mixed in

Does this sound alright for gaining?  This is my first post here so feel free to pass judgement and so on!


Health & Support osteoporosis & anorexia Dec 19 2010
17:14 (UTC)

I'm so sorry you have such a horrible condition and can relate quite well.  I'm 20 and have borderline osteoporosis due to restricting my calories, being underweight and over exercising for over a year.  I was told by the hospital that it is reversable before we get to about 21/22 but requires lots and lots of calciaum intake, I mean like 6 portions a day as well as at least 2000 calories intake until the damage is reversed as best it can be.

I was also told to take calcium tablets in the future to make sure I am getting the right minerals and vitamins.  D/W too much, you are only 18 so there is still time, just focus on eating enough to get to a bmi of 20 at least and hopefully you will be able to dance again soon :)

Weight Gain 2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - November 26th until December 20th Dec 19 2010
17:04 (UTC)

Hey people!  Lurker here with a question.  How much exercise are you guys doing?  Also do you count walking as exercise?

I'm currently trying to eat at least 2500 calories a day (not sure exactly as to how much i get) but it feels like i'm just constantly stuffing and hardly doing any exercise :/.  I walk maybe an hour a day in total and do a bit of yoga/stretches throughout the day but other than that I'm just sitting on me bum all day!  Are you guys eating 2500 doing exercise too or being sedentary?  And how much should I be doing for a 20 year old who is 5'4 and 87lbs do you think?  Thanks!  Sorry if this is sort of a misplaced post, I just wanna start posting after I find out about this and join this awesome minded group :D

Health & Support Heart strain thing and underweight help Dec 18 2010
17:45 (UTC)

Thanks guys for the advice.  I've not seen a doctor as I've been away at uni on an intense course (literally impossible to get to doctors in the opening hours) and only came back yesterday night. 

 I'll try and lay off the exercise although it doesn't even feel like exercise what I do and i'm recovering form an ED so there's the whole anxiety issue linked in there too. 

shiningmer, what you said about the heart being a muscle really makes a lot of sense as it does feel like I've pulled a muscle.  Will be heading to the docs anyway for a check up.

Weight Gain REALLY doing this... is this ok??? Dec 18 2010
10:30 (UTC)

Hia it sounds like we are in the same situations! I'm just starting out really eating more and stopping exercise i didn't enjoy.  You're meals sound great although there may be not enough treaty things in there, especially around xmas time ;)

I suggest you don't plan though as it tends to lead to anxiety when other situations arise.  Thats what ive found from 'attempted' e.g. (fake) recovery anyway. Lets hope we can really do this and start feeling strong again woohoo!