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The Lounge 37 BELOW? I can't even imagine! Jan 14 2009
06:03 (UTC)

hehe... it hit 90F here today

nice, sunny and warm.  Granted it is the middle of summer, so everything is as it should be in my world

I feel your pain, really I do, thats why I left the midwest and never looked back, these days even the Sydney winters get to me and it hardly even hits the 40's here in the winter

The Lounge Let's Name the States! Oct 31 2008
00:29 (UTC)

yep, the capital of kiwiland is Wellington and the capital of Oz is Canberra.

Apparently, as I have been told by numerous Aussies, the reason Canberra is the Capital of Oz is because they couldn't decide whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital, so they built Canberra about halfway between the two and made it the capital.  Not sure if that is really true, but I have heard it from quite a few people here.


Just a hint to help you out... there are 8 states and territories in Oz, you got the 4 easy ones!

The Lounge Let's Name the States! Oct 29 2008
04:35 (UTC)

Here is one for y'all from an American transplant in Oz - actually I have three questions for you to answer WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE INTERNET

Name the states and territories of Australia

What is the Capital of Australia?

What is the Capital of New Zealand?

(This one is one for the Kiwi's who like to take the piss out of Aussies for not knowing just like many Americans don't know the Capital of Canada)

Pregnancy & Parenting newborn procedures Oct 21 2008
23:26 (UTC)

 Please do a bit of research on this - the vaccinations do not 'cause' autism. But this debate is a whole different issue...

 Irishmum, I don't even think it is worth it to start this debate, I just bite my tongue every time I hear the claim that vaccines cause autism. 

Considering the most up to date research clearly shows that autism is present from birth and is caused by incorrect wiring in the brain (autistic individuals lack the proper wiring that allows them to immitate behaviour they see), AND the claim was that thimerisol in the vaccines (which has been removed for a number of years from all vaccines on the childhood immunization schedule) was the cause of autism, it's unfortunate this idea is still floating around.  Just another example of a faulty scientific study ended up in the mainstream and causing panic.   

Pregnancy & Parenting newborn procedures Oct 21 2008
23:18 (UTC)
 hour period to observe the baby after delivery. The parents would be unable to hold or see the baby in this time. She was having a perfectly healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. When she questioned this procedure; they stated it was hospital policy and occured after ALL c-sections. That's nuts. Not only does she not see her baby for 4 hours, but she is unable to establish that initial bond or even breastfeed. Another woman who had twins via c-section had two beautiful babies in her arms in less than 2 hours @ 36 week delivery. Most other women also stated there was no set time frame to observe the baby. Kinda weird I thought. Undecided

 My daughter was placed right on my stomach pretty much immediately after I squeezed her out (the cord was even still attached).  Again, something really promoted here in Oz because the majority of women here see midwives for their pregnancies (which I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend unless you have a high risk pregnancy!).  However, my best friend who gave birth in the states (LA) ended up with an emergency c-section (after a ton of what i think was uneccessary intevention despite the fact that she wanted a natural birth, but thats a whole long story).  However, despite her repeated requests to see the baby after they took her out, the doctors and nurses wouldn't let her and she had to wait some ridiculous amount of time before getting to see and hold her baby.... absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. 

Pregnancy & Parenting newborn procedures Oct 21 2008
04:18 (UTC)

wow, its amazing the difference between having a child here in Australia is verses having one in the states.

I am not going to even TOUCH on the debate part of this issue, but I will say that after reading through the posts here, I am even happier that I ended up having my daughter here in Australia.  They don't give eye drops here, and with the VitK and Hep B, I had to actually sign a paper saying whether or not I wanted them at one of my prenatal appointments. I also had the choice to start the course of vaccinations at her 2 month appointment.   As for the bath thing.... I wouldn't have even realized that was an issue.  My daughter actually didn't end up having a bath in the hospital because I left less than 24 hrs after having her (and she came out about as clean as a newborn can amazingly enough... i really expected more blood, etc., could have been because she was 2 weeks late). 

My suggestion, find a birth center or think about a home birth (I had my daughter in a birth center in a hospital here in Oz).  Good luck with your choices.

I just wanted to add a small bit of expert advice on the vitamin K issue for you to consider (I have a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, and extensively studied blood clotting and the coagulation cascade when I was in Graduate School and am now involved in cancer research).  Please note that I am not trying to convince you one way or another and it is ultimately YOUR choice, but I thought I would give you my take on the issue so maybe you could be even more informed. 

Vitamin K is integral to proper activation of the coagulation cascade leading to proper clotting of your blood.  We all need it, but some infants are born with a deficiency, so they are in danger on bleeding... especially intercranial bleeding (i.e. bleeding in the brain) which can lead to death.

Now, the issue started in the early 90's when two research papers from the UK came out suggesting a link between Vit K injections and increased occurence of childhood leukemia.  I went to our research database and read through these two papers, and I can say from a scientific standpoint, they are both a bit flawed in the conclusions.  Later studies from the US, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, among others have since shown that there is no link between the shot and Leukemia in children.  However, the actual shot preparation from the different countries was slightly different for all of these studies.  So, while as a scientist, from reading these research articles, I can say that I am 99% sure there is no link... I am afterall a scientist and will never say the injection is 100% safe (nor would I say ANYTHING is 100% safe, we may one day discover some random little chemical in bananas causes cancer or something ridiculous like that, you just NEVER know for sure, like I said, I am a scientist!) 

To go into this issue a bit further, there are a number of published studies on oral vs. injection, as oral administration has never been shown in any studies to increase leukemia, but oral administration is not as effective and although a series of oral adminstrations is more effective than one, it is STILL not as effective as the injection. 

In the end, the choice for your baby is yours (given of course your wishes are followed in the hospital), but I would stress the importance of being scientifically informed (i.e. from the actual research papers) rather than google informed for everyone here. 

It never fails to amaze me how a flawed research paper given to the mainstream media can create such panic and confusion for people who would probably not fully understand the original report.  I think it is totally irresponsible and unfair to the general population to be provided with such skewed results honestly, whether they be positive or negative. 

Having said that, ultimately, it is the responsibility of EVERY person to make their own choices (for themselves and their children), and I am not going to be the person to tell them how to make those decisions, I just wish there was some way to provide better more accurate information from which people could base these decisions.

Good luck with your choices, decisions, etc. I hope you are able to get through it mostly unscathed

Fitness Early Morning Runners -Support Group ( : Oct 02 2008
02:55 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:


so i'll get to the question: what do you eat before you go?  i know i need at least one cup of coffee.  obviously i don't want to run on a full stomach, but i'll want something to fuel my run.  maybe a protein shake?  maybe i'll have to learn to like yoghurt?

 Hey pgeorgian,  I don't eat before I go running.  I have found that it just causes digestive problem with me on the run if I do.  If I am doing a long run (over 8 miles), I will take something small along with me like a granola bar or banana and eat it about halfway through the run.  I always drink a glass of water before I go out running.  Granted, I am basically rolling out of bed about 5-5:30 am and trying to be out the door in 10-15 mins, so eating just doesn't work for me.  I have read a number of posts on this because I often wondered and what I have found is that everyone is different with what they can and will eat before  morning run.  For me, if I have like 30mins to an hour that I can wait before a run, then I will have a bowl of oatmeal, but anything less, I won't eat. Oh and coffee... forget it, I can't have a coffee before I run or I will end up with awful indigestion!  I always have my morning vice right when I get to work. 

The best thing to do is find what works for you.  Most people who do eat shortly before  run, make sure it is somehting that is easily digestable like a banana, a piece of toast w/ peanut butter, etc.


momof2kd, keep things very slow, I tend to look at the ground a few feet in front of me and just look around from time to time to enjoy the scenery.  Like mkculs said, totally normal.  I have even tripped before while running and went sprawling forward onto sand and rocks... not pleasant.  I think the more you run, the more comfortable you will get with the whole process, take it all very slow.  I also think that because you are overweight atm, you are probably even more fearful of falling as you can do that much more damage to yourself with the extra weight you are carrying aorund, again something that will improve with your improved fitness and weight loss.  (so after reading the rest of mkculs post, I basically said the same thing, sorry for the repeating things!)

Anyway, try to stick with it, run on softer ground if thats an option, a track, grass, etc, that way you won't do as much damage if you fall, otherwise, try not to look at your feet, but at the ground ahead of you, practice looking around briefly from time to time, and soon enough you may find things have improved significantly.  Good luck


Bobev, you are an inspiration!  WTG, and as for the pants falling down... been there more times than I can count where I spent the majority of my run pulling my pants up, fortunately, I am now at my goal weight so I hopefully won't ahve to deal with that anymore!


Fitness Has anyone here finished Couch-to-5k? Oct 01 2008
06:56 (UTC)

I completed the Couch to 5K at the end of January '08 and have continued and become fully addicted to running. 

I just ran my first half marathon a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVED every minute of it.  I have also run a 5K and a 14K run since completing the program and am already planning what I will be training for next year. And I am even thinking of training for a triathlon for sometime next year.

I have also lost almost 40 lbs in the process!

Fitness Early Morning Runners -Support Group ( : Sep 30 2008
02:57 (UTC)

Hey goddes,

I don't necessarily FEEL like I am moving faster (although sometimes I do in a way, its more a feeling of just having a nice stride going), but I DO notice I am working hard (HR is up, breathing is a bit harder than normal).  However, it is still a comfortable pace, just not what i would call and EASY, comfortable pace in that it takes a bit more out of me. In general though, I feel like I am moving at the pace of a turtle!

As for shoes, I noticed mine were going when I started getting knee pain, I then went out and bought another pair and immediately noticed the difference.  60 miles is quite low mileage even if you are hard on your shoes.  usually, you should be able to get minimum a couple hundred miles on them.  I wonder if you are wearing them quicker because you are not necessarily in the right shoe (I know you have had struggles with this).  Keep and eye on them and if you start getting aches and pains that you didn't have before, I would start to get suspiscious.


Fantastic job getting under the 10 min/mile mark, thats quite an accomplishment! 

The Lounge Sizes: US/UK/AUS ?? What size am I in your world? Sep 29 2008
03:54 (UTC)

Hi Madame,

I am an american living in Australia, so I will try to help you with my experiences with sizing differences.  It becomes quite difficult as the US sizes are all over the place and I have found that over the years vanity sizing there has become a bit ridiculous in some cases.  I also have found that while the conversion charts you get online are close, they are not always correct

Anyway, prior to the weight loss, I was ~ an AU size 16.  When I went shopping in the states, I found that I fit into US size 14 and 16. 

When i went to the states this past march, I purchased mostly US size 10, which I found equated to about an AU size 12.

All of my US size 10's are too big on me now and I am wearing a US size 6-8 (pre pregnancy clothes).  When I buy clothes here in Oz, I pretty much buy size 10 exclusively. 

So, basically it is ABOUT 1-2 sizes different.  I would say that as an Aussie size 12, you SHOULD fit into a US size 10, and MAYBE an 8 (see if the site has measurements for their sizes, that would be your best bet).

Now, for bras.  A 12E bra would be a 36E.  I wear a 10B, and that is equivalent to a 34B.  If you want to be sure, measure your chest UNDER your boobs, the measurement in INCHES should be ~ 36 for you.

Ok, shoes.... I have found NO DIFFERENCE between Australian and US shoes sizes.  I wear an 8 US and and 8 AU. 

I hope this helps somewhat!

Fitness Early Morning Runners -Support Group ( : Sep 26 2008
06:48 (UTC)

wtg goddess!!!  You will be catching up to me soon enough (and maybe even pass me up).

Did some easy runs this week to allow myself recovery time from the half.  I feel like a total addict now (as if I wasn't before), but I think the addiction has changed slightly.  Whereas before I was just addicted to running, now I am addicted to RACING and improving my time.  Geez... just when you think you have beat the running addiction, something new comes up to spur you on. 

Anyway, had my first regular run this morning since the half and I did 5 miles at a 9min/mile pace (well is was like 9:04 min/mile, but still!). 

Been trying to work out what to plan on running next.  If I had the time it would definitely be a marathon, but since I don't I am thinking of a PB in either the 5K or 10K.  Hmmmm....

Pregnancy & Parenting Really not sure what to think Sep 26 2008
00:00 (UTC)

it is possible to get pregnant after having your tubes tied, as you have discovered.  I have a very good friend who got pregnant about 8 years after having her tubes tied.  Unfortunately, she had her tubes tied because she had lupus and pregnancy and lupus do not mix very well, and because of her beliefs would not have an abortion so she ended up with a metally disabled child due to a bad lupus attack during her pregnancy. 

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Sep 24 2008
06:08 (UTC)

more addicting than running alone skinny_kitty

I have been thinking I may train for one next year, I already have a bike adn there is plenty of water in Sydney, so there is nothing really holding me back.  I am actually supposed to be doing a cycling event with my hubby and 2.5 year old this month, 42km over the Harbour bridge and out to Sydney Olympic Park.  We have a trailer for my daughter, so my hubby will pull her along as he is the avid cyclist in the family.

The Lounge Stupid rant, I know...LOOSE vs. LOSE Sep 24 2008
05:53 (UTC)

Oh, and I second the thing about "weight" and "weighed."  And one more thing to add: "weighted" is not a word!  I've seen a lot of things like this: "I weighted in at 120 this morning."  Haha, it doesn't bug me THAT much--but still. :)

 Actually, weighted IS a word... it's just not being used properly by many people here. 

You can have the weighted average of something, which is a statistical term.

Also, it can mean to make something heavy or load with weights.  There are a few other definitions for it as well, but you get the point.


Just my two cents to another thread about people's lack of understanding of the English language!

Pregnancy & Parenting Scared I might be pregnant! And I don't want to be! What to do? Sep 23 2008
05:09 (UTC)

As Vanessa said... take a deep breath.  Now take another one, and another... and another.  Ok, if you haven't passed out yet from all those deep breaths, I would also suggest you don't even THINK about the wedding atm.  It will take awhile for all of this to really hit home and even then, it hard to say how you will react in the coming days. 

As for the wedding, you can SO have a wedding while you are pregnant if you want to.  Being that the dates are close though, I would think about moving the date either ahead or down the road a little.  My hubby and I were married here in Australia, but had a big wedding on our one year anniversary back in the states.  My daughter was just about 3 months at the time, and it was great!  I have some beautiful pictures of the three of us from the wedding. 

Feel free to PM me if you need support, or just a shoulder to cry on.  I have been there and believe me, you are in for the most wonderful and scary roller coaster of your life. 

try to relax, go do something really nice for yourself, eat some chocolate if thats your thing (trust me, I ate enough chocolate for every pregnant woman in history during my pregnancy... its therapuetic, at least thats what i tell myself, my arse didn't really agree with that interpretation though!). 

I waited until I was 12 weeks before I told anyone but family and my best friend, but only because I think I just wasn't ready for it to be true until then. 

And Congrats! (I remember hearing that a lot when I was pregnant and always thinking, "yeah great!"  congrats on screwing up the birth control!)  But seriously,  it will all be ok in the end!


Pregnancy & Parenting Scared I might be pregnant! And I don't want to be! What to do? Sep 23 2008
00:43 (UTC)

haha luvmyboy,  you had the same response to the birth control thing that I did!  Maybe next time around you and I can get the best of both worlds... great pregnancy, great post natal period! 

Seriously though, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with the depression.  My prenatal depression was so bad that I barely even remember my first three months of pregnancy.  All I recall from those first few months was having awful all day sickness (morning sickness my arse!) and severe food aversions, lots of crying, and just a total feeling of despair.  While it did get better as the pregnancy progressed, I didn't fully come out of it until probably my last month of pregnancy.  The hardest part about it was that its just not discussed or nearly as well known about as post natal depression so there was little to no help for me.  Plus, taking depression meds was not really much of an option, although more and more they are discovering that the benefit of them may outweigh the risk during pregnancy.  No one but my close friends and family really knew about it.  Also, in my mind pregnancy is supposed to be this beautiful, happy time, where a women just glows, and mine was anything but.  I just had all these preconceived notions of pregnancy that was anything BUT what mine was like.  Apparently, prenatal depression has a big genetic component, and when I asked, I found out my paternal grandmother had it through all four of her pregnancies.  If and when I decide to have another, I will definitely be more open to other options if I find myself heading down that road again.  As you said luvmyboy, I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE!


have you done the test yet dog lady??

Pregnancy & Parenting Scared I might be pregnant! And I don't want to be! What to do? Sep 22 2008
21:48 (UTC)

but you know what... I wouldn't change it for the world.  My little girl is sitting on my lap right now giving me kisses as I type and I can't imagine my life without her.  She is 2.5 years old and just the coolest and most adorable little person (of course, I am biased)

take a deep breath and pee on the stick, and know that you can deal with whatever the outcome. 

Also, don't worry, there is no rules about what or how you are supposed to feel about the result, whatever you feel is the right feeling for you!

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Sep 22 2008
21:36 (UTC)

25 miles for the past week


thanks all for the congrats, and thanks skinny_kitty, good luck with your half, you may surprise yourself, I did.  My official time was 2:05:37, I am pretty damn happy with that considering less than a year ago, I couldn't even run a mile without stopping!

well done kscout! You totally inspire me, and when I have the time, I will definitely be training for my first marathon.... either that or it is time to get a jogging stroller and train with that.  I plan on a few more half's first, I just loved my last one so much, then I will see where I am at.

I was quite sore all day yesterday, feeling much better today.  Time to start looking for my next event!  Might try to improve my 5K or 10K time next.

Pregnancy & Parenting Scared I might be pregnant! And I don't want to be! What to do? Sep 22 2008
03:26 (UTC)
Original Post by cricketro05:

I'm on BCP so I don't get scared lol seriously, in 6 yrs never had any "scary" moments b/c they work perfect. didn't gain weight on them either. I'm 27 and married but a baby would ruin both of our carriers thank u!

so if you REALLY don't want a child, use birth-control; otherwise you can always get pregnant.

 I hate to break it to you, but even birth control is 100% effective... believe me, I know!  And I took it religiously, at the same time every day, blah blah blah. 

So, if you REALLY don't want a baby and it would "totally ruin your career," then I suggest not having sex, because thats the only 100% guaranteed method of preventing pregnancy.


So, back to the topic at hand, I found out I was pregnant shortly after moving overseas for my first real job post grad school.  My hubby and I had just gotten married, he was heading back to the states for a few months before making the permanent move, and SURPRISE!  There are a few things I can tell you.... first, it is NEVER a good time to have a kid.  Second, there are options if you REALLY don't want to have a child and find yourself pregnant, and only YOU can make the difficult decision about what to do IF.  Third, like me, you are in a much better situation that a lot of people who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant since you are both educated and in a stable, commited relationship. Finally, although I wasn't ready for my daughter to come along, she is probably the best thing I have done and I wouldn't change what happened for the world!  I did eventually want to have kids, just not at the time she came along, but now I can't imagine it being any different.

It hasn't been easy as a full time working mom with no family support since we live in Australia, but I think you someone work it out and deal and then thrive.  I love ALMOST every minute I spend with my daughter (she is going through her terrible two's right now, so thats why right now it is ALMOST every minute instead of every minute). 

Now, to answer your second question about excitement.... thats a bit tougher, I had horrible prenatal depression (quite similar to post natal, but obviosuly it occurs DURING your pregnancy and not as widely diagnosed or talked about).  I literally cried my way through the first 3-4 months of my pregnancy as I was living in Australia all alone, no family, no hubby, few to no friends on top of the pregnancy hormones causing the depression.  My hubby moved out at 5 months and it got a little better, but I had a tough time emotionally through the pregnancy.  I never got that whole motherly excitement about being pregnant, mostly I was worried or depressed because of the big black box of the unknown that was to come.  However, I did have a few glimmers throughout when I would get a little excited about it, but I think I was just mostly scared of the unknown really and my hubby was even more scared of what was to come which didn't help the situation either.  I also worried about post natal depression, BUT the day my daughter arrived... everything changed.  I can't even begin to describe how surreal and wonderful that day was, and how my instincts just kicked in immediately and I just knew that everything would be ok.  Pregnancy, birth, and the time that follows are diffierent for everyone.  Hormones are raging, you can become a bit of an emotional, irrational mess at times.  So, with that said, if you do find yourself pregnant, and decide to go with it, just try to go with the flow and don't feel like you need to feel or act a certain way just because you are pregnant.

As for the drinking and partying, I had a couple of heavy drinking nights before I found out I was pregnant, I was even put under general anesthesia for minor surgery.  A lot of women have done the same thing as you before finding out with no ill effects to the baby.  The best thing for you to do is take care of yourself from now on until you find out if you are actually pregnant.

Good luck with whatever the outcome!

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Sep 21 2008
21:59 (UTC)

Thanks for thinking of me Jenka!

So, I DID IT!!!  I ran the Sydney half marathon yesterday, and it couldn't have been a more perfect dy to run it... Not too cold, not too hot (well, maybe a little warm for some, but not for me!).  It was an absolutely fantastic experience and I can't wait to do it again next year.  I enjoyed running this MUCH better than the city to surf run I did back in August, probably because I didn't have to contend with walkers so it was just so much easier to set my track and run it, only having to go around some slower runners (although I felt like mostly people were going around me!).  My official time will be around 2:04 (finihsed in 2:09 on the clock, but need to wait for my timining chip time to be posted because I know it took me about 5 or so minutes to cross the start line. 

It was an absolutely beautiful run too, started over the harbour bridge, then past darling harbour ( a really pretty harbour in downtown Sydney), and then out towards the western suburbs and back through the rocks (a Historical area with lots of pubs in downtown Sydney), and finally to Circular Quay ending at the Opera house.  Let me tell you, the sight of the Opera house as I finished was a spectaular was to finish a race.  I felt quite strong through most of the race, started out slow and then started picking up the pace after abuot 6k in.  I almost pushed myself too much at the end though because I thought I could run the last 5 K faster than I really had left in me, so with about 2K's left I was struggling a bit because I tried to push too early.  But, I think I did them on pure adrenaline because I knew I was SO CLOSE! 

Anyway, a friend on mine from Melbourne called me last night to see how it went and wants to try to do the half marathon down the great ocean road next year in Melbourne, so I am thinking I might actually fly down there to do it with her.  Funny, now I am actually thinking of FLYING to places to race.... what has happened to me? 

I also know now that in a few more years when my daughter is a little older I will definitely do a marathon, just can't get the training runs in right now with working full time and being a full time mom.

Cheers all, and happy running!