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The Lounge birthday blues Jun 22 2010
08:23 (UTC)
Health & Support Hair loss help Oct 30 2009
01:57 (UTC)
Fitness For people who want a killer butt (This is Perfection) Apr 07 2008
21:09 (UTC)

Thanks! I'm trying to minimize rather than maximize my butt. How often are you doing all these exercises?

And what's the second half of your workout?


Weight Loss the perfect butt? Feb 08 2008
16:12 (UTC)
nenewa - which one is the butt machine? i need to get some of that!
Fitness Yoga as exercise? Feb 06 2008
21:00 (UTC)
also would you count yoga as strength training?
Health & Support smoking relapse Feb 03 2008
05:15 (UTC)

i also quit smoking in september and i'll just tell you what i imagine you already know.  throw away whatever cigarettes you currently have right now! if you buy another pack, you know exactly where it's going to lead. you've been there before and you clearly didn't like it as you quit already. you can go right back to being a non-smoker! plus smoking does not relieve stress at all and haven't you felt better since quitting?

just tell one your friends that you helped quit and they'll force you to stick with it. 

Fitness HI everyone, does anyone do power yoga? Feb 01 2008
04:13 (UTC)
I've been in Boston for a little while and I've been going to the Baptiste yoga studio here.  The room is heated and so you end up sweating enormous amounts. But I feel like I can't tell if I'm actually working or if I'm just hot. do you feel like you get a real workout when you do it in a normal temperature?
Weight Loss the perfect butt? Feb 01 2008
03:49 (UTC)
also, do you check out other girl's butts? i find myself doing it all the time, but i think it's because i'm self-conscious about my own!
Weight Loss the perfect butt? Feb 01 2008
03:42 (UTC)

jeez - i totally wish i had gabrielle reece's butt!! i never seen her before -  she so amazonian.  my problem is that my butt is pretty muscley already, so exercising won't make it any smaller, right?

or am i mistaken?

Weight Loss the perfect butt? Jan 31 2008
21:14 (UTC)
ha! i've always wanted a non-existent sort of boyish butt. the grass is always greener on the other side...
Weight Loss the perfect butt? Jan 31 2008
18:43 (UTC)
thanks tanyec! i really have one heck of a bubble butt. and it seems that any exercise i do only seems to make it more so. people are always commenting on it (like even strangers on the street!). even though though i guess it's supposed to be a compliment, it makes me totally mortified and want to wear a garbage bag instead of clothes.
Weight Loss Beautiful face or beautiful body ... the difficult question?? Jan 29 2008
02:32 (UTC)
I definitely think a beautiful face is way more important than a having a perfect body. but why do you say your face was ugly? 
Motivation Fun Girls in their 20's for Motivation!!! Jan 23 2008
15:20 (UTC)
Hello. I'm 26 from nyc. I want to lose about 10 pounds, but i keep procrastinating.
Motivation The best thing I have done for my health is... Jan 16 2008
16:03 (UTC)
I would say the best thing I've done is to start taking yoga. I literally feel like a different person from before I started.
Foods Juicer? Nov 11 2007
16:37 (UTC)
I have an omega juicer. it's a little pricey, but it's extremely easy to clean. All of the parts unscrew and you can buy filters to make it even easier. I'd recommend it highly!
Health & Support How dangerous is occasional smoking? Oct 27 2007
22:00 (UTC)
Yeah, it's bad for you to smoke even occasionally. I've read stories of people getting lung cancer who only smoked a couple a week. But also every heavy smoker started out as an occasional smoker.  You should quit now before you get hooked - if you keep it up, it'll only get harder to stop.
Fitness Rope jumping to compensate? Oct 19 2007
22:00 (UTC)
Jumping rope is about as good and convenient a work-out as I know of, but I'm not sure if it should be the only exercise you do. An hour is a really long time to jump for - I don't even think pro boxers do it that long! Maybe you could buy some weights and do half an hour jumping half an hour strength training?
Health & Support Vitamins Oct 19 2007
04:03 (UTC)
While there's no substitute for vegetables, they make organic food-based vitamins. You absorb a lot more of the vitamins than in other kinds of supplements. I take one by New Chapter that I like very much.
Weight Loss Exercises Oct 18 2007
04:30 (UTC)
what about calisthenics - situps, pushups, squats.
Weight Loss Exercises Oct 17 2007
18:14 (UTC)
jumping rope! it's easy to do at home and you burn an amazing amount of calories doing it.