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Weight Loss Frustrated- please help May 06 2007
04:54 (UTC)
kbattr, if you aren't counting calories, you may be taking in more than you think.  Most people overestimate their calorie consumption.

If you are counting calories, your body just may take awhile to get started.  If you are eating a balanced diet, getting all of your vitamins and minerals and enough fiber -- just be patient, the weight will come off. 

Or, you may want to take a look at Dr. Furhman's "Eat to Live" book.  He argues that people who have a really hard time losing weight (which may include you) should totally do without food from animal sources and grains for 6 weeks, then go to a life program of 90% of calories from plant sources (whole foods) and only 10% from animal sources.  He cites a lot of research and studies to back up his theories.  His life program is what I'm on now -- but I had to make very little modification to my own diet as I was already eating a lot of whole foods from plant sources and very little meat.  I did have to cut back on dairy some to fit it into the 10% range, but I also needed to increase my consumption of raw vegetables, so I replaced some of the dairy with more salads. 
Weight Loss I ate 2500+cal and lots of water today, but not bloated at all,,, May 06 2007
04:42 (UTC)
lollipopdrops, are you intentionally limiting your calories to 1200 a day? 
Weight Loss Hyrdration level fluctuations Related to weight loss May 06 2007
04:40 (UTC)
anxious, do you follow Dr. Furhman's Eat to Live life program?  He uses the 90% from whole foods from plant sources.
Weight Loss Can you make up your calories? May 06 2007
02:51 (UTC)
ajtimes, I don't think the body is on a weekly cycle -- more like a 2-3 day cycle.  some experts say it takes 3 days for the food we eat in excess to actually be deposited as fat. 
Weight Loss apple cider Vinegar and weight loss May 06 2007
02:46 (UTC)
I don't think it would hurt, but I don't think it's necessary.  I think the best formula for permanent weight loss is good nutriton + the proper amount of calories + good exercise.
Weight Loss exercise? May 06 2007
02:43 (UTC)
dancer, you will know in a few days if you gained any weight over it.  Was there a particular reason you ate 3000 calories today?  a binge? a special event? 
Weight Loss aah?! too quick weight loss? May 06 2007
02:13 (UTC)
hockeyreading, the quick weight loss is not a bad thing if you are getting a good, nutritious diet.  As each of the previous posters said, initially you can have a quick weight loss and then it slows down.  You may also experience a more rapid weight loss at various stages along the way -- sometimes the body just gets a mind to start burning fat.  Just count your blessings . . .
Weight Loss Gross but true (bathroom #2) May 06 2007
02:10 (UTC)
agavioli, the ideal is to have a bm for each meal you eat, so if you eat 6 times a day, then you could ideally have 6 bm's a day.  so even 6 a day is not extreme.

and your system may be cleaning itself out -- getting rid of stuff that's just been sitting around.  that is definitely good. 
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 06 2007
02:03 (UTC)
pandajenn, apology accepted.  I sincerely have no intention of ever encouraging anyone to go on a starvation diet or to promote EDs. 
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 06 2007
00:40 (UTC)
hkellick, with all due respect, I checked to see if pandajenn's name was listed as a moderator for the weight loss forum, and she is not.  There is no way I could know that she was a moderator.  If you want members to respect other members as moderators, then you have to make it publicly known that he or she is a moderator.

I certainly will give pandajenn the respect she deserves as a moderator, but I also expect respect back from her.  I take it personally simply because my posts have been so misrepresented by pandajenn.  I expect pandajenn to acknowledge that she misrepresented what I posted.  When you mischaracterize in public, you should apologize in public.
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 05 2007
23:13 (UTC)
you know what, pandajenn, you have so misrepresented what I have said, that it simply isn't worth the time to try and straighten you out, because you will simply misread and misrepresent it again.

I trust I will hear from the management if any of them believes I am promoting starvation diets or othewise violating their posting policies.
Weight Loss drink warm water May 05 2007
22:07 (UTC)
I've read that the difference in metabolism from drinking ice cold water is very minimal. 

I had a teacher about 4th grade that made it a daily requirement (graded) to drink a glass of warm water every night.  She said it helped with regularity.

I prefer room temp water
Weight Loss help- what can i eat May 05 2007
21:57 (UTC)
by carbs do you mean processed foods? 

Carbs include a huge variety of foods -- all very good for you.  Go to and look at their world's healthiest foods list, and I think you will see that your choices are numerous.
Weight Loss BMI is sooo confusing!!! May 05 2007
21:53 (UTC)
celtic, you can lose more weight and still be healthy.  And there is a way to lose the weight healthfully.

You may want to look into Dr. Furhman's Eat to Live book.  He promotes a very healthy approach to losing weight, and specifically addresses what it takes to lose that little bit of extra when you are already theoretically at normal weight. 

His basic program is to have 90% of your calories from whole food plant sources, and only 10% from animal sources.

However, for those with stubborn weight to lose, or who just can't seem to lose weight at all, he recommends a 6-week stricter program which eliminates all foods from animal sources, as well as all grains.  Then, when the 6 weeks is over, switch back to his 90/10 life program.

I was slowly losing at the weight of 1 lb per week, which was satisfactory.  Since starting the 90/10 program on Wednesday, I've lost 2.2 lbs.  Could be a coincidence, and could be very short-term -- time will tell. 

You may be able to pick up his book from a library.  He not only gives details about his life program and 6-weeks program, but the scientific evidence that supports them. 
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 05 2007
20:47 (UTC)
pandajenn, for you to say that I restrict myself to 900 calories a day is to display absolute ignorance about my program.  I post fairly frequently, so either you haven't read many of the threads, or you are intentionally ignoring what I am saying.

If the managers of this bb wish me to remove myself as a member on the asinine accusation that I promote EDs, I will gladly do so.  Every bb has the right to maintain its own standard. 

But as long as I am a member, I stand by my opinions -- the number 1200 is recommended by the medical establishment because diets under that are generally not nutritious enough to support good health.  HOWEVER, that is because the American public relies so much on processed foods and is absolutely clueless how nutritional whole foods are, and how much easier it is to reduce your calories when you depend primarily on whole foods from plant sources.  And the medical profession is almost as clueless as the American public. 
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 05 2007
20:07 (UTC)
yak said:

manewell, you do emphasize nutrition.  but pulling a number like 900 out to illustrate your point is not a good one, because it is below minimum calorie recommendations for the majority of people.  People who are trying to find justification in eating too low will see the 900 and think "See, 900 is ok" when clearly it is not for most people.  That is my point.

Yak, that is precisely my objection to allowing ED teens on a public weight loss bb.  They are so prone to take justification for their eating disorder when no such justification exists.  They will not see the emphasis on nutritional quality -- they will only see the 900 number. 
Weight Loss Low calorie, low fat but high carbs! What do I eat? May 05 2007
19:54 (UTC)
Carbs are anything from the plant kingdom -- which includes literally thousands of different food choices, so no one should ever be eating food they do not enjoy.

You will do much better at achieving low calorie if your diet is predominantly plant source, simply because plant source foods are much lower in calories than animal source foods. 

plant foods are carbs, but not 100% carbs.  Even fruits have some protein and fats.  some vegetables are as high as 50% protein.  beans are a good source of protein and fats -- the good fats.
Weight Loss how many calories is safe May 05 2007
19:49 (UTC)
smurf, whether your choice of 1200 calories is a wise one depends on how you answer these questions:

1.  Are you getting good nutrition for your calories?  Is your nutrition from whole foods, or from processed foods?  You need to be sure you are getting balanced nutrition -- all of the vitamins and minerals -- from your diet.   

2.  Can you eat this way for the rest of your life?  You have to ask yourself that because over the months, your metabolism will adjust to the 1200 calories, and then when you reach goal weight, you may find yourself doing some rebound gaining when you try to eat more calories.  That will be okay, just be prepared for it and don't psyche out and start overeating again. 

If the answer to either of these questions is NO, then you would be better off to up your calories and take a slower approach to losing weight.
Weight Loss Really now.... about teenagers undereating. not good. May 05 2007
17:52 (UTC)
ladyofthehighway -- I respectfully disagree.  The nutritional impact from a food based at least 90% on whole foods from plant sources is the best kept secret in America. 

kole, I wouldn't ever go vegan, but I have for several months been very low on meat -- probably not more than 6 oz total a week.  My 1350-1550 calories was primarily plant foods, with some low-fat dairy.  After reading Dr. Furhman's Eat to Live book, I decided on Wednesday to take his advice and restrict all foods from animal sources to 10% of my calorie consumption.  I have totally eliminated "meat" and have reduced my dairy consumption to fit into the 10% rule.  It may be sheer coincidence, but my weight loss has accelerated. 

It is very easy to live the 90/10 rule here in CA, as so many fruits are now coming into season, and we have a very good, reasonably priced fruit/vegetable market that we buy from. I certainly don't have any trouble eating the 4-5 fresh fruits per day that he recommends at any season here in CA. 

His other "rule" is to have 1 lb of raw vegetables per day and l lb of cooked.  I can do the cooked quite easy, but the raw is still a challenge.  But I will work up to it.   
Weight Loss Biggest loser show May 05 2007
17:38 (UTC)
justsee, as already noted, these people on the show are morbidly obese and super obese, and have serious health risks from their obesity.  The threats posed by losing weight quickly are offset by the much greater risks of staying the same weight.

And even if they do put some weight back on, they still have seriously reduced their health risks.

I prefer to be more optimistic -- and hope that they all keep all of the weight loss off for the rest of their lives.

And, how they did it was not the 'easy way' -- it is perhaps the hardest way of all to lose.