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Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Benefit From :) Feb 21 2012
17:05 (UTC)
It might sound weird, but my little "secret" is to wear spanx every day because I feel like it holds my stomach in and I won't feel compelled to over eat. (overeating while wearing them is highly uncomfortable.) I feel like it's my own little cheat trick, but it works for me. :-)
Weight Loss exercise- calories burned Feb 21 2012
17:02 (UTC)
Thanks for the info! I always try to underestimate calories burned and overestimate calories consumed. Not by much, but just enough to be safe.
Weight Loss exercise- calories burned Feb 21 2012
16:37 (UTC)
Ok, that's what I thought. I was worried that my app was just having issues, so I was under counting calories burned, to be on the safe side. Instead of logging 30 minutes of activity, I've been logging 20. At least now I know I can log it exact. Thanks! :-)
Weight Loss What do you guys say when... Feb 21 2012
14:53 (UTC)
I have to admit I was the same way. I wanted to hear about the inexpensive miracle diet that would cause me to drop 100 pounds in 6 months or less. Then I realized that I didn't get fat overnight, so there was no way I could lose the weight overnight. And now, I'm the one saying,"i'm eating right and exercising. And I feel great!" somehow, no one likes that story. Lol
Motivation What article of clothing motivates you?? Feb 10 2012
15:02 (UTC)
I've always been overweight, even as a teenager. And just after I graduated high school, I lost 20 pounds and could get into this cute pair of size 16 jeans. I've kept them all these years with the hopes of fitting back into them. I'm still not there yet, but I'm sure I'll wear them around once I make it back to that size. I have absolutely no intentions of stopping at that size, but it will be nice to put on the jeans that remind me of a great time in my life. I called them my lucky jeans because I got asked out every time I wore them.
Weight Loss Do cheat days work for you? Feb 03 2012
00:47 (UTC)
I changed my eating habits a month ago. This past Saturday, we had friends over and ordered pizza. I had it all planned out exactly what I was going to eat. I ordered a personal pizza for myself with the lowest calorie toppings I could get. I ate my pizza and made the mistake of staying at the table after I was done. Over the next couple of hours, we talked, laughed, and just had fun. During that time I managed to eat half a bag of chips with dip, and three more slices of pizza. I felt so bad afterward, and even spent half of Sunday moping around feeling like a loser. That was the first time I've swayed, and it definitely wasn't good for me. When I weighed myself Tuesday, I was still shocked to see I'd lost 1.5 pounds, even with my pizza binge.

I think cheat days are ok, as long as you control your intake at maintenance. I learned my lesson Saturday, and definitely won't be repeating my mistake.
Weight Loss Nooooo!! Feb 02 2012
00:14 (UTC)
I've been sick for two full days now, and no end in sight. I'm staying on track and sticking to my calories, but no exercise for this girl. I'm resting every chance I get and catching up on my reading. I was worried that I would fall back into old habits when I started feeling yucky, but so far, I'm doing fine. Hope you start feeling better soon.
Motivation Living with an Adult Picky Eater Jan 27 2012
02:58 (UTC)
My boyfriend is so picky. He only eats meat (any meat of any kind) mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, canned green beans (he has to be in the mood), and the only condiment he'll use is frank's red hot sauce (only on wings) and fries.

Most of the time, I don't care. We cook our own meals, so it doesn't matter to me what he eats. But I can't believe he has no desire to try anything new. Ugh! Men!
Weight Loss POLL: A Year From Today... Jan 24 2012
15:18 (UTC)
A year from now, I want to be healthy. I want to be able to run up the stairs at my house without feeling like I'm going to pass out. This new year's resolution was to lose weight. And next year's new years resolution is to quit smoking. So, by this time next year, I want to be a smoke-free, healthy, happy person. And, pound -wise, I want to have dropped 75 pounds. That's halfway to my goal weight.
Motivation Today I did it! Jan 24 2012
13:09 (UTC)
Awesome!! Way to go!
Motivation What are your rewards/benchmarks? Jan 20 2012
03:30 (UTC)
For Christmas, I got a gift card for my favorite clothing store. I will use it when I drop a size. At 50 pounds lost, I will get a tattoo touched up. I haven't decided what I want to do for my 100 pound mark.
Motivation down time Jan 20 2012
03:25 (UTC)
I know what you mean. I always say that work is like a vacation for me. Only because I don't stop when I'm home. There's always something that needs done. I definitely enjoy my little "time out" today.
Weight Loss 100 pounds or more to lose Jan 17 2012
02:34 (UTC)
Hi there! I have a total of 150 pounds to lose. It seems like such a huge number, and if I let myself stress about it, it can be discouraging. Instead, I focus on five pounds at a time. It seems to be working for me so far. :-)
Weight Loss 5 pounds! Jan 15 2012
18:08 (UTC)
SW- 312 CW- 307 GW- 160 5 feet 7 inches Daily consumption of 1600- 2000 calories (depends on my work out for each day.) I've been working out at least 30 minutes every day. I'm sure some of the weight lost is water weight. But that's ok. :-)
Weight Loss 5 pounds! Jan 15 2012
15:13 (UTC)
Thanks everyone! It is definitely motivating to see the numbers on the scales dropping! :-)
Weight Loss Cabbage Soup Diet Jan 13 2012
14:24 (UTC)
I actually did the same thing. I used the cabbage soup to kickstart my diet. I only made it through day three though. I immediately started counting calories and was amazed at how easy it was to go from starving myself for three days to eating pretty much whatever I wanted. (within my calorie range) lol.

The cabbage soup diet was way too expensive for me, though. So I doubt I'll be trying it again. Why starve yourself when you can get all the nutrition you need from counting calories?
Weight Loss Have you been asked when you're due? Jan 11 2012
00:50 (UTC)
It happened to me once. A little girl around 4- 5 asked me if I was pregnant. Her mom was so embarrassed. I thought it was funny, but explained to her that I was not pregnant. I found out 3 days later that I was indeed pregnant.
Motivation One Week Celebration! Jan 10 2012
15:05 (UTC)
Congrats! I'm at one week and a day now. It's been hard, but I feel so much better. I feel more confident in myself, and am excited for another week! Good luck on week number 2! :-)
Weight Loss how often should you weigh yourself? Jan 10 2012
14:57 (UTC)
I'm a little over a week into calorie counting, and I've learned from past failures that weighing myself every day is bad for me. I get discouraged and give up. Because of that, I've decided this time that I'm going to weigh myself every other week. And concentrate more on losing inches.

Find what works best for you.
Weight Loss zombie apocalypse weight loss training and preparation. Jan 10 2012
01:35 (UTC)
Haha! Love this!

My tip: never be the one sleeping next to the door/ window. Make your significant other sleep on that side. This way, if a zombie gets in, they'll go for them and you have enough time to get away.