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Foods Cool Whip verses Redi Whip Jun 12 2010
01:42 (UTC)

I agree with whoever said real whip cream.  It may be higher in calories than cool whip or reddi whip, but at least you know what's in it.  Not having HFCS or coming out of an aerosol can makes it healthier, to me.  I only ever use real cream, real sugar, and real vanilla extract if I want whip cream.  And it tastes infinitely better than anything you can get in a can or container.  If I'm going to treat myself to something that has whipped cream on or in it, I'm going to use the real thing.

Weight Loss Sugar versus no sugar Jun 11 2010
16:30 (UTC)

I think the types of food people eat and exercises people do that are effective for weight loss vary widely from person to person.  For example, there is a lot of debate about whether people have to eat their BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) in calories per day.  For a woman at about 250 pounds (which is where I was at when I started losing) that's about 2000 calories a day.  I was eating that much and having a little trouble taking weight off consistently.  If I eat a little less, around 1800 calories a day, I seem to do much better.  I do think it's very important to not under-eat during the day or you could go into starvation mode.

Anyway, what I was trying to get at, is that it is probably impossible to give you a really accurate answer.  For some people, that much sugar is probably fine.  For others, they may have to cut it out to consistently lose weight.  You will just have to experiment.  I agree you should not deprive yourself.  If you start having trouble losing weight, maybe try gradually weening yourself down even further.  Only drink half of that 7oz of soda, or drink the full 7oz but skip the sweet tea for the night.

Foods Snacks and food to bring to a weekend-long convention? May 31 2010
18:38 (UTC)

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. :) It's A-kon (an anime convention) in Dallas, TX, for those who are interested.

I do have lots of granola/fiber/power bars so we will definitely bring some of those.  I'm in the process of making fruit leather (basically homemade fruit roll-ups without all the sugar) and I'm also going to make homemade jerky this week too.  We went ahead and got a small insulated cooler-type lunch box, so we can bring a few perishable things with us, like hard boiled eggs and string cheese and yogurt.  Also got some honey and grape jelly and I'll make cashew butter to have cashew butter and jelly/honey sandwiches.  And I'll probably make some kind of muffin (those pumpkin muffins sound good) and some trail mix made out of stuff that I'm not allergic to.

I also keep reminding myself that I am going to be burning TONS of calories this weekend and to try not and obsess too much about what I eat since I'll probably burn most of it off anyway!

Foods Replacement for eggs May 26 2010
16:54 (UTC)

Maybe a veggie patty made with lots of beans and other go along with or replace meat.  Nuts or nut butter spreads are good for protein too, in moderation, you could buy (or make your own!) natural spreads and eat them on whole grain toast.

Weight Loss Going to BF's mother's house to celebrate her birthday. May 26 2010
16:49 (UTC)

Well, I would probably eat at least a little of whatever they're offering, so no one thinks you are "rude."  I put rude in quotes because personally I don't think it's rude if someone goes to a party and doesn't eat the food offered.  There are a number of reasons why someone may not want or be able to eat what is being offered.  But, some people would view it as rude.  If you are comfortable enough are your boyfriend's mother, you could also explain to her that you have dietary restrictions and can't eat too much of what is being offered.

Personally when I know my friends are ordering pizza, I will order a big salad and eat that first, then have one or two slices of pizza with everyone else.  You could make your own salad (or whatever your normal dinner would be) before you go, or wait till after the party and eat then.

Health & Support Gall Stones May 26 2010
12:44 (UTC)

I knew a woman who lost a lot of weight over the course of about a year and she, too, ended up with gall stones and had to have her gall bladder removed.  She explained (as told by her doctor) that in her case, it was because the liver was still producing an excess amount of bile, which is stored in the gall bladder, but since her body did not need as much as it used to, it concentrated inside the gall bladder and hardened into stones.

I was 25 when I had mine removed.  I had it taken out laproscopically.  It was much better than it would have been if they had to use the scalpel, but it was far from a painless surgery.  I was in agonizing pain for about 3 days after the surgery, could not stand or walk without assistance and could not lay down to sleep (had to sit in a recliner instead.)  Vicodin did not touch the pain, although it did help me sleep.  The surgeon told me I could return to work after a week.  I did, and after only 4 hours on my first day I had to go home due to pain/fatigue, and I did not return at all the day after that.  I had an office job, a lot of sitting and some walking around a call center.  I could barely walk across the room to the printer, let alone get around the call center.  It took another week before I was really ready to go back to work.  Now (about a year and a half after the surgery) I have adhesions, so sometimes when I twist or turn (mostly at night when I roll over in my sleep) I get very sharp pain around my incision.

So, I'm not trying to scare you.  I am very glad I had the surgery done.  My gall bladder was completely messed up, full of stones (12 the size of large marbles) and infected bile.  It needed to come out, and I feel ten times better today than I did before I had my gall bladder out.  I have no dietary restrictions due to having it removed; the only thing I have to be careful about is eating really greasy or fatty foods, like sausage or fried foods, since it sends me running to the bathroom almost immediately after I eat.  But, I wanted to let you know that a surgery is a surgery and while some people recover very quickly and easily, others do not.

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery afterword!

Foods Top Ten things you eat the most often... May 23 2010
16:22 (UTC)

Lettuce/Tomato (I always eat these together, either in salad, sandwiches, or wraps)


Fiber One



Wheat bread

Chips and salsa (again, always eaten together)


Some kind of potato, including sweet potatoes


It was kind of hard for me to get to 10, actually, because I eat a pretty good variety of stuff each week.  I am trying (and succeeding!) to lose weight but I try not to eat the same thing more than once or twice a week, except for a few of the things listed above.  Even the stuff like chips & salsa, grapes, potatoes, and pumpkin I don't eat more than 2-3 times a week, because I have a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables that I eat.

Foods Rounding my meals out May 23 2010
16:10 (UTC)

I tend not to worry about having well-rounded meals; rather, I try to have well-rounded days.  For instance, for dinner tonight I am making a beef barley vegetable stew.  It will have protein, vegetables, whole grain, and a little fat from olive oil in it, but no dairy or fruit.  I will get that after dinner when I have my before-bedtime snack of yogurt and fruit.  I usually eat around 5-6 times a day, I do eat breakfast lunch and dinner but I usually have 2-3 snacks in between times too and that's where I try to round out my vitamins/minerals/food groups.

Motivation Fell off the wagon............... May 23 2010
14:28 (UTC)

I had pizza yesterday, too.  My husband and I were hanging out with a bunch of our friends for the afternoon, and they decided to order pizza.  I ordered a salad, but ended up having 3 slices of pepperoni pizza anyway (I'm really glad they got the pepperoni because everyone else was eating a meat lover's pizza which was just LOADED with meat and would have been a lot worse than the pepperoni only...)  I also baked (semi-healthy) cookies to share and ended up eating like 7 or 8 of them myself.  Only 75 cals a pop but times 8 that's like 600 calories.  Plus the pizza and the salad I think I had like 1500 calories total there alone.

But I didn't get discouraged.  Before we went over there, I had cheerios and fiber one for breakfast and when we got home, I had a bowl of oatmeal and pumpkin for dinner.  I went over my daily intake by about 200 calories, but you know what, that's okay.  I know I will work it off this coming week, and I have a good day food-wise set up today, lots of veggies and whatnot, so I'm right back on track.

I don't feel bad about splurging a little once in a while and nobody else should either.  The pizza and the cookies were delicious and now I don't crave that kind of food anymore, at least for the moment.

It sounds like you are doing good and remember that there are lots of people here to give you encouragement if this kind of thing happens, because it happens to everyone!  So take a deep breath, think about how much you enjoyed that pizza and everything else you ate, and now think about how great you're going to feel when you get back into your routine, and tell yourself you'll be fine and you can do it. :)

Foods How do you overcome your sweet tooth? May 21 2010
12:30 (UTC)

I just tried mixing yogurt (not Greek) with canned organic pumpkin last night...added a small drizzle (maybe a tsp) of maple syrup and topped it with Fiber One.  So good!  Really creamy and smooth and the Fiber One adds a nice crunch and texture.  I'm going to try it with Greek yogurt tonight.  I might try freezing the mixture for a while before eating it sometime, too.

Weight Loss Working out, eating right but gaining weight May 20 2010
14:22 (UTC)

I agree with antibinge, it sounds like you are eating too little.  If you don't eat enough, your body can go into starvation mode and will horde fat and calories.  Also, are you getting enough calcium, fiber, vitamins, etc?  You can use the tools on this website to enter the food you eat and it will calculate not only how many calories it is worth, but also how much of all the essential vitamins and minerals you are getting.  With how little you are eating, I would be surprised if you are actually getting enough of all the essentials.

I also don't think it's a good idea to eat the exact same thing every single day.  For one thing, I can't imagine that you're not bored/sick of it yet.  If you're not, you will be eventually.  For another, I have heard from doctors that it is not healthy to eat the same thing multiple days in a row.  It could potentially lead to allergies, for one thing. I may not be getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs.

Our bodies will eventually get used to what we do to them.  If you are doing the exact same workout and eating the exact same thing every week, your body will very quickly get used to that and you will hit a plateau.  Change things up a bit, take a rest day during the week instead of on the weekends, have a day where you eat a few more calories than what you normally would.  I aim for 1800-2000 calories a day, exercise 5-6 days a week (light to moderate, like walking or dancing), and allow myself one "cheat day" a week where I eat a little more a different foods than I normally do.  I have lost 7 pounds in 2.5 weeks.  Last week, I had a huge ice cream cone with oreos for dinner one night.  I went over my calorie intake a little (I think it was around 2100-2200 for that day) and I have still lost 2 pounds since then.

Also remember, if you are doing strength training, you will be gaining weight in muscles.  I know some people get concerned when they drop a good amount of weight, then start to gain it back, but if they are doing strength training, it ends up being muscle weight instead of fat.

Weight Loss Net Calories May 18 2010
14:47 (UTC)

You should calculate your BMR - Base Metabolic Rate.  It is based on your height, weight, and age.  If you do a google search for BMR you will find a number of websites that will calculate it for you.  The one I checked (they will all be slightly different but should be in the same range) it says that your BMR is about 1650.  This is the number of calories your body would burn in 24 hours if all you did was sleep for 24 hours.  It is the number of calories you NEED to survive, to breath, to keep your heart beating, etc.  You should not eat any less than your BMR worth of calories a day, or you risk going into starvation mode, in which your body will horde fat and calories and you risk gaining weight rather than losing it.  So, at your current weight, you should be eating at least 1650 calories a day.  If you eat that many calories, and don't do any actual exercising at all, you will still end up with negative net calories for the day -- because, as stated, the 1650 is the number of calories you would need just to sleep.  Since you don't sleep 24 hours a day, you will burn more than 1650 calories even without active exercise.  If you do exercise a lot you should eat even more than 1650 calories/day to make up for some of what you burn.

A healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.  1 pound = 3500 calories.  That means having a net loss of anywhere from 500-1000 calories per day to lose 1-2 pounds/week.  It is not advisable to have a loss of more than 1000 calories per day as that really puts a strain on your body. 

I also think it's good to vary how much you eat/work out day to day so your calorie loss varies.  This will help prevent plateaus since your body won't have a chance to adjust as much to a routine.  Give yourself at least one day of rest a week from working out, and I also think it's a good idea to have one "cheat meal" a week in which you eat more or different food than you normally eat.  For example, I cook all homemade meals during the week and eat very healthy.  We eat leftovers one day on the weekend and the other day we go out for lunch or dinner.  I will splurge a little on those days and either eat a bigger meal than I normally do, or indulge in a dessert that I normally wouldn't.  I think it's good both mentally and physically; mentally, so you don't break down and binge like crazy if you restrain yourself too much, and physically, it keeps the body guessing.  I had a huge ice cream cone with oreos for dinner Saturday night, not healthy at all, and I have still lost a pound since then, so I do believe that treating yourself once a week is not going to do much if any damage as long as its within moderation.

Fitness Stubborn calves and Charlie Horses.... May 18 2010
14:28 (UTC)

I have no other advice on how to prevent cramps; however, whenever I do get a cramp in my calves, I can usually make it go away very quickly by stretching my foot/toes of that leg up toward my chest as much as possible.  Sometimes I will actually take my hand and pull my foot/toes back toward my body (while keeping my leg stretched out straight.)  This seems to stretch out the leg muscles enough to make the cramp go away.  I know my explanation isn't the best, it's hard to describe how I do it in text.  I also don't know if this works for anyone else or if I'm just fortunate, so I hope this helps!

Weight Loss Good Snack Ideas anyone! May 17 2010
03:45 (UTC)

1/2 cup yogurt or greek yogurt or fat free cottage cheese with fresh fruit and Fiber One

1 serving Baked Tostitoes Scoops with salsa...the salsa I get is all organic and LOADED with vitamin C.

Hard boiled egg (with or without yolk) with toasted whole grain bread

Health & Support laser or intense pulsed light hair removal May 16 2010
18:46 (UTC)

I had laser hair removal done on my neck/chin/cheeks about 5 or 6 years ago.  I don't remember all the details exactly since it's been a while but I will try to give as much info as I can remember.  Also, I'm from the U.S.

I have pale skin and very, very dark hair (second darkest to black) so supposedly it would work wonders for me.  It did work to an extent, but not as well as I had hoped.  I did probably 6-7 treatments over the course of about a year and a half (had to wait about 2-3 months between treatments for re-growth).  The first treatment went really well, I saw a drastic reduction of hair growth in the areas they zapped, probably about 30-40% less hair.  After that, though, the results were much less impressive.  I'd say total after all the treatments I've seen about a 50% reduction...over half of that being just from the first treatment.  It was also very expensive, I think the first treatment was around $400-500 USD and each treatment after that was $300-$350.  All told it was over $2000.  And no insurance would cover any it because it's considered cosmetic.  It was also very painful for me, largely because my hair is so dark compared to my skin.  The first treatment was the most painful, I did cry a little due to the pain (but I also have a relatively low pain tolerance.)  Another friend of mine who has very similar complexion/hair color as me had the laser treatment on her legs and has said the same's very painful.  She could only have parts of her leg done at a time due to the pain.  She would schedule an entire day to have her's done and spend 30-45 minutes at the clinic at a time, then take a break for a couple of hours and leave, and then come back.  Maybe they have improved the technology since then.

I also found out years after having the laser treatment done that I do have PCOS (something that my gynecologist said the dr who did the laser treatment should have picked up on based on all the symptoms, so I could have been properly advised about it, but she was known to not tell patients stuff like that so she could milk them for as much money as they would be willing to burn.)  Likely that had something to do with the lack of results I saw after the first treatment, although the nurses who did the laser treatment did say that almost everyone they knew saw great results after the first treatment and much less after that.

All told I think it was not worth it after the first treatment.  I would have the first treatment done again but probably would not have as many, or even any, of the other treatments done after the first.

Recipes Can I cook with low-fat yoghurt? May 16 2010
15:35 (UTC)

Greek yogurt, which is yogurt that has had the whey (liquid) strained out of it, is thicker than regular yogurt and can be used as a substitute for sour cream in most recipes.

Weight Loss 1200 cal a day May 16 2010
15:34 (UTC)

I would not drop down to 1200 calories if I were you.  You could easily put your body into starvation mode, in which your body will horde calories and fat and you will gain more weight than you will lose.  Depending on how old you are, at your current height and weight you should probably be eating around 1400-1500 calories a day, or more if you work out a lot.  You should calculate your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate), just do a google search for BMR and you will find a number of website where you can put in your height, weight, and age, and it will calculate your BMR.  BMR is the number of calories your body would need to function if you just stayed in bed all day.  You need AT LEAST this many calories to keep your heart beating, to breath, etc.  If you don't eat this many calories, you risk going into starvation mode.

BTW 141lbs is not fat, perhaps a little overweight for your height but I would not consider that obese or fat.  Just don't go crazy with anything (cutting calories drastically or burning 1000s of calories a day) or your body will rebel and you will not be happy!  Take it slow and easy and you will make it to your goal.  I've lost 5lbs in about 2.5 weeks by eating 1800-2000 calories a day and doing light work outs (mostly walking, some dancing) about 5 days a week for 45mins to an hour.

Foods How do you overcome your sweet tooth? May 16 2010
03:19 (UTC)

I have found that yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit has taken care of my after-dinner craving for munchies and sweets.  I buy a large package of pre-sliced mixed fruits at the store (apples, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes) and use one or two pieces of each on top of yogurt or cottage cheese.  A lot of times I top the whole thing with 1/4cup Original Fiber One to add some crunch and fiber.  If I want it extra sweet (especially if I use cottage cheese, since it's not quite as sweet as yogurt) I'll drizzle the whole thing with about a tablespoon of honey.  It's delicious!  I used to always get the munchies at night and go for ice cream or cookies or whatever dessert I have handy (I bake a lot, so usually have cookies or something in the house.)  This "fruit salad" has taken care of that nicely.

Once in a while I'll go with a 100 calorie snack pack if I don't feel like fruit.  I especially like the oreo and Lorna Doone Shortbread ones, they taste just like the original kinds but they seem to go a lot longer since the individual cookies are smaller and already pre-portioned.