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Vegetarian Morning Star Farms Vs. Bocca Nov 25 2008
14:08 (UTC)

I recently bought a box of Amy's Texas Veggie Burgers and OMG, they are SO GOOD.  They're more plump and less hockey-puck-esque that regular soy burgers, and they are SO good (and vegan).  I highly recommend them, especially with some bbq sauce. 

Vegetarian Vegetarian thanksgiving! Nov 25 2008
14:05 (UTC)

This casserole is always a show-stopper:


Sweet Potato Casserole


However, if you're worried about breaking the calorie bank, that dish is NOT for you.  The only way I'd bother to reduce the calories in it is use 2% milk.  Other than that, it's PERFECT the way it is.  Mmmm.

Vegetarian Vegan mashed potatoes Nov 20 2008
19:14 (UTC)

You use a non-dairy milk and vegan butter.  Doesn't seem like a brain-stumper to me.

Foods Kids Menu? Nov 19 2008
14:29 (UTC)

The only time I order from the kids menu is when I want silver dollar pancakes. :-[  I've never had the nerve to do it otherwise, but then again, most places I see only have grilled cheese or chicken fingers on their kids menus.

Foods health fats... Nov 18 2008
21:28 (UTC)

You're supposed to have healthy fats every day, so good for you.  As long as you're within your calorie goals, you're fine.

Foods can you heat cottage cheese? Nov 18 2008
21:13 (UTC)

Don't you think the recipe wouldn't have it if it wasn't doable? :)  Yes, you can use cottage cheese in hot recipes.

Motivation Family Size Box of Honey Bunches of Oats... Nov 03 2008
21:41 (UTC)

Yeah, maybe it's just stress.  I knew buying that box was going to be bad news!!  Of course, bringing it to work with me was not a smooth move since it was calling my name from my drawer...


Also, I mentioned I was working out this summer, and I still do work out 5 days a week (usually 6) but I haven't been pushing myself as hard as I should be and I've missed more days than I'd like to because of work, moving (which I did this past weekend), social obligations, etc. 


Of course, the more I eat/binge the more upset I get at myself, and then I wind up eating more.  Brilliant. :-\  I just moved back into my own place after living with my dad in a not-so-great (emotionally) place so hopefully that will help me get back on track, since I won't get yelled at for making a mess when cooking and stuff.


Ugh, I feel sick to my stomach now.  Probably all that sugar!!  I hate this. :(

Foods Halloween Candy - abstain or treat yourself? Oct 31 2008
17:11 (UTC)
Original Post by emilyd22222:

Now that I understand how much I can eat for the amount of calories in candy, they're not even appealing to me anymore.

Wow, I admire that a lot.  I WISH I could think like that!  Sometimes I do, but more often than not, my insane sweet tooth wins out.

Foods Halloween Candy - abstain or treat yourself? Oct 31 2008
16:21 (UTC)

One roll of them is 25 calories


You do realize you can look up calorie information on this site right?  Tongue out

Foods Halloween Candy - abstain or treat yourself? Oct 31 2008
13:44 (UTC)

Just because something doesn't have chocolate in it doesn't mean it's that much better for you!  The only true low cal halloween candy I can think of are smarties (the US version).

Foods Halloween Candy Storage Question Oct 31 2008
12:51 (UTC)

When you take your candy out of the fridge/freezer to defrost it, chances are it will be white, because some of the sugar in the chocolate will rise to the surface, which is called "bloom".  It's not really the best to do that.  However, I think that frozen chocolate is actually yum w/o defrosting...especially frozen mini snickers or milky ways! 

Health & Support Binge on...Celery? Oct 31 2008
02:37 (UTC)

Next time, binge on celery and peanut butter.  Much more caloric...and tasty. :-P

Foods Cottage Cheese Oct 30 2008
17:27 (UTC)

I hope you saved the insides of the apple for another time.  That's kind of a waste.

Vegetarian wanting to try veganism (again) Oct 30 2008
14:18 (UTC)

Yeah, just stop eating them. :)  I mean, you were vegan before, what did you do then?

If you feel like you're going to miss them, maybe try making seitan or buying mock-meats (although they are highly processed) in order to replace them.

Vegetarian Nutritional Yeast Oct 30 2008
12:52 (UTC)

I've been slacking on cooking at home because I've been living with my dad for the past few months and he's anal about his kitchen, but I'm moving to my own place again and I can't wait to get my hands on some nutritional yeast and see what it's like.  I read so many good recipes on vegan blogs that call for it.

I'd try a natural foods place like Whole Foods.  That's where I plan to pick mine up.


When you do get it, this is one of the most popular recipes on (a great resource for vegan cooking!): - Mac n Cheez



Vegetarian Looking for: Vegetable Pot Pie Oct 30 2008
12:43 (UTC)
Original Post by littleshellys:

Use reduced fat and sodium cream of chicken soup


Um, no.  This is the VEGETARIAN forum.  :)


Cream of Mushroom soup could work, though?

Foods Cottage Cheese Oct 30 2008
12:42 (UTC)

I just wanted to give a big ol' THANK YOU!! to this thread. 


I had tried fat free cottage cheese with pineapple in the past and I thought it was absolutely disgusting, and I couldn't get through eating it.  Last night, after reading this thread and seeing everyone say they liked low fat cottage cheese more than fat free, I decided to give it another shot and got the Breakstone's Cottage Cheese Doubles w/ peach.  It was SO GOOD and the nutritionals were excellent as well!  Yeah, a little bit high in sugar, but otherwise, totally awesome, and the measley amount of fat in it makes it worthwhile to eat vs. fat free. 


So yeah, THANKS!!  I now have another awesome, protein-packed snack to enjoy.  Nom nom nom. :)

Foods Favorite "Fake" or diet food Oct 29 2008
20:36 (UTC)

Mmmm I love to get the Apple Pie a la Cold Stone w/ Sinless Sweet Cream instead of whatever ice cream it's supposed to come with.  It's one of the less horrible Cold Stone creations you can get. :)  I wish they'd make more sinless flavors!!!

Fitness tips for tummy pudge? Oct 29 2008
13:52 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by redetbabyblue:

I would completely recommend crunches and other forms of sit ups.  I do 200 ish a night with variations. It totally worked for me. My waist last week was 29 inches and now it is 28!

Working the muscles in a particular area will not target fat loss to that area. 

Instead of just pointing out that someone's wrong, why not suggest what WILL work as well?

Vegetarian How long have you been a vegetarian? WHY? Oct 29 2008
13:38 (UTC)

Daisy -- maybe you THINK you're eating healthy, but in reality, you're not.  That's why this site is so helpful.  Use the calculators to determine how many calories you should be eating in order to acheive your goal weight.  Log what you eat (and don't half-ass it) and what you burn for a few weeks, and see if you notice a difference. :)