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The Lounge 2016 Gardening Thread Jul 06 2016
06:17 (UTC)
That sucks minn! Wind will do it though, we have that problem here.

I harvested some brassicas this week including a gigantic red cabbage. There's another one I'm going to let sit until my tomatoes and peppers start to come on for pico de gallo. Which won't be long; we're leaving for two weeks and I have a feeling we're going to come home to a lot of tomatoes to deal with. I also harvested my fava beans to his weekend. They're so much work but after I finish grumbling and sit down with the plate I'm just so happy to live in a world where some farmer bred the most delicious fertilizer.

Otherwise the garden is in the midsummer holding pattern until we get fruit and tomatoes. I'd like to get another round of lettuce and brassicas in but here it is another year, another failed effort at starting a seed cycle. Maybe before we go I'll direct seed some and see what happens.
Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 06 2016
02:17 (UTC)

Boxing 1 hour. I got in the ring with the 125 lb girl and we just practiced defense and counters. It was really awesome practice with just the two of us because it was very realistic ... well, other than the part where we knew what punch was coming. But training the reflexes is huge and it's good to have the chance to do that. Also still picking at my technique, I realized I'm not getting good internal rotation on my left hip so I'm working on that.

Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 04 2016
17:45 (UTC)
Yesterday: Heavy bag workout, 7 rounds. My double end bag deflated and won't reinflate so I had to order another one. I hope it gets here soon because I can't keep doing high frequency on the heavy bag, it's starting to bother my wrists.

Today: 5 mile run plus 3 200m hill repeats.
Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 02 2016
19:03 (UTC)
Heavy bag workout. I spent some time last night watching videos of boxers with really good movement to try to emulate. My movement is getting better but I still have a long ways to go. Anyway I decided Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez has this awesome move where he slips to the outside, steps out and around the opponent with his right foot, throws a right hook to the body and a left hook to the body, and then as the opponent is turning around to face him, he walks right into the cross. So I'm practicing that move, and body shots in general. 5 rounds on the bag, a lot more power shots than when I'm just throwing jabs and 1-2s, so it wiped me out pretty good.
Fitness JULY Fitness Challenge - all are welcome Join anytime Jul 01 2016
16:46 (UTC)

I successfully met June's goal of not getting injured.  I did not meet June's goal of doing more sprint work or complexes.  Life happened, I'm over it.

July means I'm six weeks out from the first match.  I've got a two week break in the middle when I'm on vacation.  I want to continue working on technique, especially defense, and really focus on anaerobic endurance before starting to taper in August.

So, I will aim for 3 anaerobic workouts per week.  Some of those may be in boxing class, if boxing class is technique or strength focused then I will do the workouts on my own bag.  During vacation I will not set a strict workout goal but will try to spend some time daily shadowboxing, working on muscular endurance, or jumping rope.  When I get back the last week in July, I'll hit the anaerobic target again.

Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jul 01 2016
06:04 (UTC)
Boxing tonight, 1 hour, power work. Exhausting! But my body hooks were on point.
Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 30 2016
05:16 (UTC)
Nothing yesterday.

Today, a.m. bag workout and p.m. weight workout. Starting to try to incorporate some defense on the bag. It's slow going because I still have to think too much. I did some big OH squats tonight, well at least for me - 75 pounds for reps of 3. Push presses up to doubles @ 85, front squats at 85x5, and some pull up practice because that has definitely been a while.
Weight Loss Any Tall women currently working on weight loss? Jun 29 2016
16:39 (UTC)

I'm 5'10" and 160.  Over the last 10 years I've been as high as 175 and as low as 145.  I like where I'm sitting right now; I've been doing a lot of weightlifting and boxing, and so my physique is pretty muscular and my body fat is probably somewhere in the low twenties.  It's a weight I can maintain without any effort by just eating how I normally eat and doing the activities I like to do.

One thing that participating in a weight class sport has taught me is that the same weight sits very differently on lots of different builds.  I tend to be very tall for my weight class, which kind of surprised me because I thought my build was pretty average, but most girls boxing at 160 (granted, there aren't a ton) are closer to the 5'6" to 5'8" range and built like fire hydrants.

Also totally get you on the California perspective.  Things are just different there.  I am here to tell you, though, that the number on the scale has far less to do with your appearance than the composition of your weight.  From my experience, at any body fat level of about 25% or less (in other words, average and not extremely lean), more muscle makes the biggest difference in appearance.  Muscle is more dense and compact, so more muscle can actually make you smaller overall if you're also losing fat, plus developed muscle looks more defined and so you look leaner even if you really aren't.  I'd very much encourage you to look at a recomp to build muscle rather than losing more weight - I realize the fear that you will look hyooge but that's really unlikely.  Then again, a lot of these things are subjective.  Here's what I looked like a couple of months ago, go ahead and judge for yourself - I personally feel pretty comfortable on a SoCal beach.

Calorie Count spam Jun 29 2016
15:12 (UTC)
Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 28 2016
15:05 (UTC)

Been a while.

Saturday: Lifting, OH press and push press up to 75, back squat and front squat up to 125, rows at 95.  Then a ton of yard work.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 2 hrs boxing, some ab work but nearly all technique, lots of shadowboxing.  I keep thinking I'm getting somewhere and then realize again how much I still have to learn.

Fitness why are there times when I'm working out I feel like I'm gonna pass out? Jun 26 2016
15:54 (UTC)

During a heavy lift, your blood pressure can spike very high.  The rapid increase and decrease during your lift may be the cause of your dizziness, especially if you have low blood pressure to begin with.

Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 24 2016
19:28 (UTC)

I had a hard time finding this thread in all the spam today.

Catching up:

Tuesday:  AM bag workout, mostly Precision Striking callouts

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday:  Boxing class, sparring with friendly gym.  I only sparred 2 rounds, one with a girl from our gym and one with a girl from the other gym.  I did fine but it wasn't my best outing - I got a little wound up because of all the adrenaline in the gym, so I was a little too tight to move well and quickly and ended up jumping around a lot.  But that's just a matter of more practice.  Even on a mediocre night I didn't take any shots to the face.  I probably lost the round to the girl from my gym and won the round against the girl from the other gym - who, incidentally, is probably who I'll end up fighting in August as she's the only other girl in this area in my weight class.

Weight Loss Eating less than 900 calories and not losing weight Jun 24 2016
16:38 (UTC)

This doctor explains it. olic-derangement-extreme-calorie-restriction- edition/

Fitness How important are ab exercises? Jun 23 2016
21:08 (UTC)

Crunches are totally fine if you need to train that range of motion.  We do tons of crunches (and Russian twists, and bicycles, and ab rollouts, and a ton of other ab exercises) in boxing because we are trying to develop endurance in ab flexion.  There is little science and less consensus that spinal flexion, especially unweighted, is bad for you.  That said, they certainly aren't anything anybody has to do, and for general strength purposes, the compound lifts are going to be more effective.

Weight Loss How do I loose weight FAST! Jun 21 2016
05:41 (UTC)
You don't, you revise your expectations to be more realistic.
Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 21 2016
05:38 (UTC)
Heavy bag and double end bag workout this morning, 1 hr class this evening. Court ran late so I missed the first hour and sparring, but we did some great conditioning and technique work in the ring. I had a huge breakthrough on my footwork that is really a game changer; suddenly I see how to get inside, how to create angles, how to pivot in and out and keep my balance through all of it. Stoked to practice it some more.
Weight Loss Running but no weight loss Jun 20 2016
04:03 (UTC)
Metabolic adaptation. What are your stats? I'd be willing to bet you've been starving yourself for years and don't actually have weight to lose.
Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 19 2016
19:40 (UTC)

Heavy bag workout this morning. I am mostly still focusing on jabs and 1-2s, but I downloaded a striking app that calls out punches and I started using that this morning as well. So I'm starting to form check myself a little more and videoed my 1-2 round this morning. It was supposed to be 3 minutes but I didn't hit the timer right and it ended up closer to 6. D'oh! But on the other hand, **** yeah, that endurance! Please feel free to critique away, I am still very humble about my skillz.

Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 18 2016
20:50 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thanks smash.

Back in the weight room today after a pretty long hiatus.  My squats suffered but I PR'd my deadlift by ten pounds.  Craziness.  

  • Back squat 95x5 105x5 115x3 115x2
  • Front squat 95x3 105x3
  • OH press 65x3 65x3
  • Push press 65x5 75x5 85x3
  • DL 135x5 145x3 155x3 165x2 175x1 175x1
Fitness JUNE Fitness Challenge- ALL are welcome!!! Jun 17 2016
02:32 (UTC)
Boxing tonight, sparring drills for an hour. We had two girls from the University of Washington boxing team come spar with us tonight. They were second (I think) in the national championships this year and both of them were crazy talented, so that was a super cool experience. I think I held my own but that's still mostly because of my height advantage. I'll still take it.