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Fitness Deadlifts Jun 12 2012
22:33 (UTC)

I always go back to rest. I start from the floor and I end with the floor, and I start with the floor again. I don't keep the same motion going. I'm sure body builders do that. Keeping the reps going, but I choose to go back to start with every rep I do, and I'm doing 3 reps x 4 and as I get stronger then I might go into the resting at my knees and doing a 1,2,3 =(1) motion, but until then. I will keep it at the floor until I build my strength up. And I'm dead lifting "low" no more than 50 pounds as of now.
Have you heard of the rules of weight lifting for women? Great book. I believe you should check it out.  

Motivation Hula Hooping my waist away. Jun 12 2012
22:24 (UTC)
Original Post by brightmoments:

Well, I went out today , to Zellers and bought a hula hoop for 4.99.

I attempted it several times, laughing the whole time.

I can't get the hoop to stay up! My husband watched from the front room window and had a good chuckle.

I watch more videos and try again, maybe tomorrow.

At this rate, I won't be applying for cirque du soleil just yet.Laughing

Okay, hun, you might have gotten a child hoop. If so, open it up and add some sand. I'm sure it has water in it. It might have water inside. I've gotten the child hoops at wal-mart for that price, and added some sand in them for extra weight for my teen girls, but you can goodle how to make a hula hoop. I made mines, and it cost me around 8 bucks. If it's not weighed you will keep on dropping it. So, give it a try. I have my home made hoop in my gallery of photos with me standing by it, and it's pretty big and wide, but I think the sand will help, but I do hula hoop a child hoop with water in it and no added sand or nothing, and yes it's a challenge to keep going, but I can keep it up. Works my abs really good.

Weight Loss what is the recommended calorie intake? Jun 11 2012
19:32 (UTC)
Original Post by kayotie:

I eat 1600-2000 cals to lose weight, and I'm 27, 5'6, female.

That's a good amount of calories, I had been thinking about upping myself to 1800 since I'm going into a high calorie burn fitness class this week. Right now, it's going to be hard for me, because I plan on doing a juice feast for 3 days, but I will get my calories in with these juices I will be drinking. I'm a juicer.

Motivation Hula Hooping my waist away. Jun 11 2012
19:29 (UTC)
Original Post by alanovna:

This is so inspiring, maybe I'll try making my own!  So far I've figured out how to move the hoop up and down from my hips to my waist.  If it's heavy enough I can do my chest too.  I can walk with it and change directions, but I really want to learn how to do tricks :D  Any advice on good videos to watch?  I used some beginner ones on youtube but I'd like to get better.  Right now, I only have a very light metal hoop and a heavy metal hoop (the heavy one hurts sometimes still).  I'd love to try to make my own and learn some awesome tricks...

I'm working on a smaller hula hoop right now, because I would love to learn how to do those hula hoop tricks. I went on youtube and watched these ladies doing the legs and skipping, and my baby girl who is now 13 taught me how to do that well with a little hula hoop, and then my husband got the idea to make me a ball on a rope, so I can do the skipping action like that instead of a hula hoop, because I was making too much noise. I can dance with my hula hoop, and it's all fun, the next time you hula hoop... put on some upbeat music, and dance. Mines has always been rap, and it gets the blood a pumping when I do that.

Motivation How long does it take to break through a plateau? Jun 10 2012
06:48 (UTC)

You asked us a question, but you didn't fill us in with enough info.
Like... How many calories you eat per day, and how often do you workout?
Those will help the poster reply out, and I'm not sure what's wrong with you at all, because I'm no MD, but what's going on with you isn't a plateau.

If I was to guess here. I would say you aren't eating enough, and your body is in starvation mode, but then again I really can't say that -because I don't have enough info to go on to help.

I'm not a person who likes to over step my bounds, but what I would suggest is make a doctor appointment, and get your thyroid check. If you are eating right, exercising 3 to 4 days a week for more than 30 minutes, and counting your calories.

I know your body is at a stand still, but something has to be causing that stand still. My body has been at a stand still, and I've been holding on to 188 for a while, and I broke it this week. I went from 1200 calories to 1600 calories.

I eat more raw foods, and I have a cheat day on the weekends twice a month.
I juice my own juice, and I drink lots of water, and take fish oil.

I've had an low active thyroid in the past, and that came with 250+ pounds, and getting my thyroid checked helped me a lot. I would not suggest it if I haven't been through this myself. I was put on a very healthy diet, and meds. to get it to function properly, but it's all about what we bring into our bodies in order for our bodies to shed the weight.

Motivation Hula Hooping my waist away. Jun 10 2012
03:24 (UTC)
Original Post by alanovna:

I LOVE hulahooping too!  It's seriously my favorite form of exercise... I can go forever, especially if I'm just listening to my favorite music.  Do you know what is more effective for your muscles, a heavy hoop or a light one?  Light ones are harder to use, but heavy ones... are heavy.  ;)  Anyway, I'm happy to find a hulahooper too!  So great.  And having one when friends visit is always good for entertainment.  :D

Aha, A great way to tone those abs is keeping them tight and solid while hooping. I have a heavy and a light (kids) hula hoop, and it's a challenge to hoop a childs hoop, you work more muscles working with a child hoop, because you are fighting to keep it going around you and for it to stay up. I love hula hooping with a childs hoop and different sizes for the arms and the legs. The more the merry I say, and I'm happy as all get out when I hula hoop. I act up when I do it. I go back to the age of 7 and I have fun. I have a 4lb hoop. I made my own hula hoop, and I went for 4lbs. My husband said we should make one and add some fishing weights to it. IDK, but my girlfriend and I made on last week and we added fish tank rocks to it, and that sucker is pretty heavy, and my abs are still sore from using it to show her how easy it is. I used beads& sand in mines. I love the noise. If you can't afford a hula hoop....  Ladies! Go a head and make one, you can google how to make a hula hoops and make them the weight to your liking. Are you doing tricks?

Weight Loss what is the recommended calorie intake? Jun 09 2012
05:03 (UTC)

It really depends on how much you weight, and how active you are.
1000 has been known to send you in starvation mode, and it's not good to under eat. Eating less than 1200 calories.

I've tried to eat 1200 calories once, and I didn't lose a drop.
I started to eat 1400 and the pounds started to roll, but I ate a lot of raw fruits and veggies, and stayed with the 80/10/10 rule. My own verson of 80/10/10 and no one else version...


80% of my calories come from fruits and veggies.
10% came from whole grains and fibers
10% fat came into play to help balance myself and I ate fish or baked chicken every night. I'm not a big "meat" eater and I can control my fat pretty good on a good day, and can do a poor job of it the next. This week has been pretty rough on me, but I do stay mindful of the amount of calories I do need. I take in 1600+ sometimes less, but it depends on how active I'm going to be, and there are days when I zig zag.


If you wish to lose weight, you need to learn your numbers, and this sight has a great way of doing so. You can figure out what you need in order to lose the weight base on how active you are.

Motivation Hula Hooping my waist away. Jun 09 2012
04:47 (UTC)

I have enough room to hula hoop in my home. I've been doing this for a while, and I made my own hula hoop after I learned they were pricey, so that was the best thing for me. You can also google how to make a hula hoop, and find the tools you need. You don't want a child hula hoop. Trust me. I've tried it was too light, but I can hoop a child hula hoop as of now.

And I can see people peaking at you...LOL
Makes me think about Bewitched.. LOL! That woman was always peaking out of her window and passing out. LOL!


I'm going to have to so another thing. I have so many new photos of me, and I haven't updated much of the new-ness in my life since coming back.
WOW! Thanks for that reminder... I have to update my gallery.

Weight Loss 27 yrs old Mommy needs friends !! Jun 09 2012
03:30 (UTC)

You have my support.
Lynn, 34 and I'm soon to be 35 and looking for friends too!

I'm a mother of 3 teens, and a active woman myself.
I love going, going, going.
I wish I lived close to you, we could go walking.
I love to walk, and my kids walk with me often.
I call them my walking crew, and love it.
I also have a gym in my home.
I need to upload a photo of that in my gallery.
I love working out, and I haven't trained anyone in a few months since saying good bye to helping my friends get fit. My mother is the one I train, but in my book she doesn't count, and my girls and I hula hoop...
We love doing it, and we keep it 100, and love what we do.
I wish you well, and you keep on pushing forward to your goals.
I'm 4'11 and I do not like being over weight, but hey. WE all put up a good fight, and that's what it's all about. A good fight.

The Lounge Is it okay to skip the reception? Jun 08 2012
17:38 (UTC)

Well, I would show my face and then duck out. Go to the bride & groom and hug them and thank them for the invite, and tell them they make a beautiful couple. Explain to them that I have something to do in the morning. That's how I would handle it.

Foods 2 Questions. Jun 08 2012
06:38 (UTC)

Well, I'm thinking right at  200, not 270. There are not that many calories in salad these days -if you are doing with out all the other stuff.


And a sweet potato "baked with skin...180Wink

You can do Grill Chicken no skin- average size 140-150 calories
a baked potato 180 and only eat half of it if you wish to cut calories.
and a small salad on the side for less than 70 calories..

That would be a great lunch or dinner out with friends.
If you can't find your calories info here on CC, go and google in other places,
I find great info online when I'm tracking cals, and a calorieking calorie book a good tool to have as well; just so you can look up the calories you need infor on.

Motivation What's your inspirational quote, image, mantra, etc ? Jun 05 2010
04:27 (UTC)

My motivation is my family..

My saying is.. Once on the lips a life time these hips, and 15 years of those moments on these lips has seen a life time on these hips.. I fixed that saying just for me. I love that one too... Catsy22...

I also have a picture of me at 241 pounds in 2 places in my house. In my mini gym, and one on the in my car.. TO keep me from ordering wrong or too much when I am in the drive thur..

I also have a image of.. Mary J Blige.. Not because of her size.. Just because she has been thur so much in her her life, and I think she is like 7 years older than me.. If not less. She's a work in progress, and I am too..

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Mar 15 2010
19:30 (UTC)

Hey group. I haven't been around much. And I am so sorry for that. My current weight is 157, and with running from the gym and working. It's hard to get over here to check in. I'm a busy bee.. I need to get it together. I see everyone is doing well.. Keep up the good work. Now! I must take a nap.. I'm tried and I've been running wide open sine 5am this morning...

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Mar 02 2010
05:46 (UTC)

Current weight... 163.2 I am working hard here.. How is everyone doing?

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Feb 23 2010
02:38 (UTC)

Current weight now. 166.8

How's everyone doing?

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Feb 19 2010
00:01 (UTC)

Well, My weight is 167.4 and I'm stressing a little. My weight has been droppin. I'm just stressing for no reason.. Just stressing! How are you all doing?

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Feb 11 2010
05:06 (UTC)

Hello overone, I've been carb loading this week. I've been working out a lot more, and been loading up on the right balance of carbs and protein to support my muscle growth. It' feels pretty good. I have no change in my weight, and have been carb loading with the right balance of protein for the past 3 days. I wanted to check in on everyone to see how things been going. I hope I hear something back soon. Trying to check in a lot more often than I use too, and now that I'm here.. I hear no chatting. How's everyone today?

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Feb 09 2010
04:58 (UTC)

I have to comment on these diets..

People! A diet is what you put in. A diet does not control what you put out. I workout a ton, and i just notice. I can eat all the freaking crap in the world. I'm still going to burn. I am very active now, and more now than ever. I use to cook dinner and just let the dinner dishes lay around until the morning. I had to get that lazy factor out of my Ass and go for what I know.. Meaning. Getting up off my A and doing those dishes. NO matter how bad I feel. I must do it.

DIET! I try not to use that word often. Not only that. I try not to think of diets at all. I try to eat and burn. That's how I live now. I eat and I burn. I went to the doctor today to get my weight. My weight was 170 sunday morning, and I'm sticking with sundays weight. Today's weight was 169.4 and I want use that weight. Only sunday's weight because that's what I recorded in my logs. ANYWAY!  I did eat 1800 calories all this week. Reason why! The doctor is right. I do too much to be eating low, and my body holds on to everything. EVERYTHING! Even water, because at times.. I don't drink enough he said.. I do 128 oz.. WHAT the hell does he know about me right. He knows a whole lot. He said.. Your urine is too dark. That means! You aren't drinking enough water. OKAY! I have protein water. I drink bottle water. I drink diet mix drinks. Need I say more.. He said.. You don't drink enough clear water.. CLEAR! I understand what he is saying. SO today.. I went into the kitchen and I made me two liter and a half today. I dranked 1 liter, and was sick of it because I down it all within 2 hours.. The other liter.. I am working on it now.. I am also on this flush. My BP was off today, and I have to drink water and flush my body for a test I'm taking in the morning.. I have to make sure my body is right. You all keep on pushing... You are doing great. DIET! This is a life style change, and until that is locked into your head. It's always going to be a diet. DIET sounds so ugly and unsexy. I want to look like a sexy pear on the beach this summer.. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Feb 09 2010
04:43 (UTC)

My current weight 2/8/09 is 170

I have to get a starting run of all my weights like you all have going. I guess I am not into keeping up with it like that like I use too. But in time I will get on board with it. I keep up with it in my weight logs.

Hello everyone..

I have to post a quick note to you all. I am so sorry for not being on as much as I should. I know I started this group, and I don't want you all to think that I am letting each and everyone of you down. I would like for all of your to pat yourself on the back for starting this group. Not only that. I want you all to hug yourself tight and give yourself some much needed love. I was slipping into some depressing areas last week, and I had to slap myself in the face. REALLY I did.. I had to wake myself up and tell myself.. HEY! YOU LOVE YOU! that's why you are working so hard to your goal.
I can't keep up with all the excuses I want allow another excuse keep me from being my 10 in 10. That's my motto.. 10 in 10.. Girls and guys.. Find something in your life that sparks you.

My spark right now.. Is living for my children and my husband to be. He's a very sick man and he knows it. BUT he finds it in himself to tell me everyday that I can do this, and I will be what ever it is I sat out to be. I want to be a fit mom... That's all I'm driving for right now is to be a fit mom. It's not about the clothes, and how they fit. It's all about me and my inside. I have to push forward and do me.

Imadoit.. Girl! you are going to do it.. Just don't  give up that easy. I'm not saying you are. But one week of weight training isn't going to give you 5 pounds or 2 pounds of weight loss. You have to keep at it. I always say. Try something for 4 to 6 weeks before you give up on it.

since we are in a new month. I have to say.. EVERYONE! I am doing a 9 week boot camp with this group.. Fitness mins range from 30-300 per week. It's what ever your level of fitness in. We need to work together as a group and keep pushing each other to the fitness line..

Let's do this!

Games & Challenges 1 day at a time.. Weight loss challenge.. Small group! Jan 31 2010
20:17 (UTC)
Original Post by imadoit34:

Great thanks alot!!!  I am trying to work out 3 times a week and eat at least one serving of fruit and vegetables  a day...ill have to work my way now i think ill eat about 1400 calories day  and alternate with 1600 on my cheat day.....

my stats are

SW= 221.2

GW= 170

 Okay, trying for 1400-1600 sounds pretty good for me. My doctor told me to start eating around 1900 calories.. CAN YOU ALL BELIEVE THAT! Just a 100 less from 2000. I don't know what he's thinking, but he said I am way to active for low calories, because I am in the gym 2 times a day 2 days a week, and there once a day 3 days out of the week as well. He said I am way to active for low calories, and that's why I am now maintaining and yo yoing in weights. I'm sure he is right. I will just deal with it, and see what happens. I start my new 1900 calories this month, and a part of me wants to just go under that a little more. SO I am going to push just push for 1770 per day. I can swing that whats 170 more calories. ALMONDS! We can get it up, it's just what we choose to use to get them up.. That's the question.. Girl friend, I know you can do it.. You can do anything you set your mind too.. WE ALL CAN!