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Health & Support the damage of two eating disoders in one year Feb 17 2012
16:07 (UTC)

I too have ocd with exercise, i exercise everyday for an hour or more. I do it when i am sick or in pain or whatever. when i do miss a workout i feel horrible and beat myself up about it. When it is nice out i put my youngest in jogger and run for at least 6 miles or more. six is minimum.

When i had no kids i ran 8 miles everyday outside even when it was -30 out now i go to GYM or elliptical downstairs when it is too cold to run outside.

When i was younger my mom put me on a diet and forced me to exercise, i hated it then but love it now. my mom was anorexic and bulimic and i too suffer from distorted eating and feel i can't eat unless i exercise. i don't eat all day until supper.

I have two boys( almost 3 and six) and i believe them watching me exercise will one day be good for them.


Health & Support could i get ED from most of my family doing it? Mar 29 2011
14:15 (UTC)
Weight Loss what do you do for fun? Feb 26 2011
21:41 (UTC)

Dancing is great exercise and fun!! Also walking and running is fun sledding, swimming. where do you live that there are no organized sports???

Weight Loss What do u like to snack on Jan 19 2011
15:52 (UTC)

Thanks everyone, great suggestions. i will give some of them a try:)

Motivation Motivation for not over eating... Jan 10 2011
00:27 (UTC)

you got it. glad to know i am not the only one:)

Weight Loss My you have gotten big, worse than being called fat?? Aug 16 2010
14:36 (UTC)

gosh, that is sio rude. mom or not. my mom says silly stuff like that and i am only 10lbs overweight. she has an ed so of course she is a stick.

Weight Loss What is happening to me. Jul 12 2010
14:25 (UTC)
Original Post by agruskin:

how many times are you going to post the same thing??!!

stop trying to lose weight!


 she already apologized for posting more than once.

Weight Loss Always comparing myself to others :( Jul 02 2010
04:11 (UTC)
Motivation Need Motivation!!! Jul 01 2010
15:21 (UTC)

Hi I need help too. i too need to lose 10lbs and i start out really welland then screw it up for myself too. i usually don't eat m,uch in the day and then tend to over eat at night.....i am 5,3 and weigh about 136-140:(

Motivation Just STARTING N THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 30 2010
16:26 (UTC)

hi, just wanted to let you know that i think you are beautiful!!!!! Good job joining this site, you can do it. losing weight is hard but if you follow the suggestions and use the tools on this site you will be just fine. Make sure you do this for you not anyone else.

Pregnancy & Parenting help, s/t want to run awway Jun 28 2010
14:43 (UTC)


Weight Loss 5' 3" and losing! May 23 2010
19:46 (UTC)

sw 129 had two kids now 139 goal weight 125 15 pounds to go!

Health & Support need help May 17 2010
02:09 (UTC)

good advice, thanks:)

Pregnancy & Parenting how to wean baby Feb 05 2010
15:50 (UTC)

my both my boys didn't take a soother either, i just was wondering how you wean baby form the boob...i only breast feed fo three months with my first and he liked the bootle better.

Pregnancy & Parenting when baby is crying hmself to!!! Dec 19 2009
16:34 (UTC)

thanks, he slept great last night with two very short naps. i will try not to worry and do what i think is right. 

you are a wonderful momma and pls dont ever doubt yourself.Smile

Cheers to that!  Cool

thanks for saying that!

Pregnancy & Parenting when baby is crying hmself to!!! Dec 18 2009
23:27 (UTC)

Wow, thanks for all the advice. i think you may be right about dropping to one nap maybe an early afternoon one say 1-2pm. i think he is teething as he just cut his upper right tooth. he was an excellent sleeper and than when he started husband won't let me do the "cry it out" method, but i try to let him fall asleep on his on in the day.

i think  i am working myself up for nothing, as you allsay, babies are al;l different and when you find something that works they change.

tjhanks again:)

p.s this is my second child my first is four, also my nine month old is super happy, thriving and easy going so i must be doing something right lol!Foot in mouth

Pregnancy & Parenting when baby is crying hmself to!!! Dec 18 2009
18:29 (UTC)

thanks he's not colic but fights sleep. he finally fell asleep.