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Motivation So I tripped a few times on the way to the wagon... May 11 2009
09:47 (UTC)

You already know what you have to do.  If you don't buy bad food, you can't eat it.

You and your partner have to work together.  If one of you tries to change and the other doesn't, the unambitious one will hold the ambitious one back.  

You both must be the change you want to see in the world.  If you don't change, your cute baby I see in the picture will take on both your excellences and your faults.

Our ancestors didn't have million dollar enterprises building food for them.  Our ancestors picked plants from the ground and ate meat when they were lucky.  Please work with your partner to be the change you want to be.  

It takes nothing but hard work driven by your insides to change your outsides.  It doesn't take genes, it doesn't take smarts, it doesn't take money.  It takes hard work and partnership to change your life.  And there is nothing more rewarding than working hard to excel together.  We all want to be better than we are.

Motivation Looking for accountability May 11 2009
09:42 (UTC)

I think psychology people know that you need more than willpower to change repeated behavior that you want to change but CANT.  We need motivations, whether positive or negative, that come from OUTSIDE our body.

This is why smokers cant stop smoking when their friends and family keep smoking.  Or why you start to feel smarter just by participating in a conversation with smart people.

This is also why it is proven that support groups help people lose weight and keep the weight off!!! So you're very smart to ask about this topic!!!  You're already on the track to success.

Life is full of hard decisions that are so hard that we don't make them.  But we only live once, and we know that sometimes the hard decision is the right one.  I want you to surround yourself with happy and healthy people as much as you can, both online and in the real world.  Happy and healthy.  Change your environment to be different from the one you came from, and the one you live in.  Change your environment and you will become a new person.

You're a beautiful girl in your picture.  I believe you're also beautiful on the inside.  Please work hard and I know the hard work will make you happy.


Motivation staying focused May 11 2009
09:33 (UTC)

Please don't hate what you see in the mirror.  You're never as bad as you think.

None of us are as unique as we think, either.  There are millions of people who look just like you, and who think just like you do.  And there are millions of other people who think you're the most beautiful person in the world.

A strong mind powers the body to work hard.  A body that works hard produces visible results.  

You are what you eat, and you are what you do.  Please keep up the hard work and one day you will FEEL as beautiful as you LOOK!

(And if you want food advice, take it from your ancestors: They at plants almost all the time, and they didn't get fat.  So when in doubt, eat more things that came from the ground.)

Fitness Decrease thigh size? Nov 18 2008
10:58 (UTC)

folks, the proportions you're talking about are genetic... you can't change how your body distributes fat... this is like a girl with small boobs asking how she can get more fat in her boobs... you cant move fat...


the best you can do is get your whole body healthy so that you look as good as you can look.  and if you wanted to take focus off your bottom, you could always put weight up TOP to distract you from the bottom (muscle is the only thing you can target like this).  so you could get strong arms and shoulders which could make your top look bigger, thus making your bottom look smaller.


but the short answer to your question is.... there is no way to change from pear to hour glass any more than there is to change from cat to dog :)

Fitness Weights question Jul 22 2008
05:34 (UTC)

> You should consult a physical therapist to have a program specifically designed for your needs though



Weight Loss Protein Shakes and Bars as Meal Substitutes? Jul 20 2008
06:32 (UTC)

the reason doctors recommend whole food over processed food is because processed food only has ingredients we understand.  We need more things than we fully understand.  So a shake isn't enough nutrition.


If you get enough nutrition from whole foods, you can use supplements to get more of some things, like protein.

Fitness How do you keep yourself consistently motivated for weight-lifting? Jul 06 2008
22:14 (UTC)

^^^good advice right there... I especially like "snacking isn't bad, just choose good snacks!!!" :)

Health & Support another summer dilemma and rant Jul 06 2008
16:52 (UTC)

you are young and your boyfriend is young and what he wants is a moving target.  if you only live for him then you may never hit that target.  you have to live for yourself, and when that happens you be happy with yourself and will find a natural fit with someone you may or may not have met yet.


trying to change who you are to fit into a relationship doesn't work in the long run.  square peg, round hole, if you know what I mean.  that goes for everyone, men and women and you and I included.  happiness is natural, it cannot be forced.


when I say "happiness is natural", I mean "happiness comes when you find out who you really are".  we know that by a certain age, most of our mind and behavior and personality is developed.  but we consciously don't understand ourselves, unconscious and otherwise.   so we all go through this journey from our teens on up where we eventually realize what we really want, what we really need, how we really need to be as people.  and with this conscious admission of who we really are comes the conscious decision to BE who we really are, and with that natural behaviour comes happiness.


I hope this strikes a chord with someone. I'm talking about more than just looking good in a bathing suit. :-)

Fitness How do you keep yourself consistently motivated for weight-lifting? Jul 06 2008
09:16 (UTC)

I don't get motivated for 45-60 minute sessions because 45-60 is too long :)  only a pro who knows exactly what and why they are doing what they are doing should be lifting longer than that. 


I don't have any citations here, so here is the summary: your body tires out a lot by the 45 minute mark, and working past then is asking for poor form and injury and wasting time.  not to mention, any lifts you need to do should already be done before you get to 45 minutes.  if you can do your lifting for 60 minutes now, you are probably doing something wrong -- like using weights that are TOO LIGHT, thus wasting your time :)

so your actual time spent lifting shouldn't pass 45 minutes.  the rest of that hour should be spent warming up at the start, and cooling down and stretching gently at the end.

also note that it is the effort you put into it that really counts, not just going through the motions.  for instance, all else being equal, 3 sets produce slightly more results than 2 sets; but a hard 2 sets with all your mind and body working for it will produce better results than a weak 3 sets that you are doing just for the sake of it.

Fitness High intensity cardio workout vs. interval workout? Jul 06 2008
09:05 (UTC)

you get good at what you do.

and doing a variety of things helps protect you from yourself, lest you choose to do the wrong thing.

you can do research on what is best or what and this and that, but if what you do works for you, and you're curious about doing something else, just switch it up and try both :)  as long as you are practicing safe exercise with proper form, of course.

Fitness Necessity of whey and/or glutamine? Jul 06 2008
09:03 (UTC)

you do not need to supplement your diet with free glutamine.


if you don't get enough protein from your diet, you can easily supplement with whey protein.


the reason bodybuilders and other athletes take whey supplements and other supplements is because it is impractical to get everything you need from a normal diet.  eating 6 chicken breasts a day is just not practical.  a casual female exerciser however may not have a problem meeting her protein requirement just by eating a regular diet.


if you want a plain whey that you can use before you muscle train, look up NOW foods whey protein unflavored.  it is the highest quality whey direct from the manufacturer.  you can add it to cooking, or make a shake with oatmeal and chocolate sauce for flavor :) %22+whey+unflavored&btnG=Search+Products& amp;show=dd&scoring=p I have ordered from before and they were good.


if you want to read more about modern weight training nutrition, see this or click the link at the top for a short summary of how an athlete should eat. t=272067 ; This will tell you where when and why you might use whey protein.


diet is very important to good health, and a good diet is probably as many plants as you can eat + some quality dairy or meat protein.  enough fat will come incidentally, but you should still supplement with omega 3 dha and epa.

Vegetarian Stevia- an acceptable and healthy sweetner? Jul 06 2008
08:53 (UTC)

stevia is not well tested in the amounts that would produce the sweetness americans expect. 


stevia orally (in what amount I do not know) is suspected to cause problems with a males sperm.


the safest sweetener is sucrose.  sugar.

Foods just bought some sugar snap peas...... May 18 2008
22:25 (UTC)

lol I like to eat them raw because they are awesome tasting and chewing raw


nanananananananana hey hey hey good bye

Weight Loss My waist is naturally broad May 15 2008
01:10 (UTC)

this is like asking for natural male enhancement :)  we are stuck with some of the things we have.

Foods confused on 'clean' eating. is this close? May 14 2008
00:13 (UTC)
Original Post by peacelovehominy:


  • 1/3 cup oatmeal (120)
  • 1/3 cup fiber one (50)
  • 1/2 cup canned pumkin (50)
  • 1 tbs. flaxseeds (30)
  • 1 cup strawberries (50)
  • 3 egg whites (100)
  • 1/2 cup skim milk (50)



  • apple (100)
  • 1/4 cup kashi go lean crunch cereal (50)



  • 8 cups spring mix lettuce (60)
  • 2 cups tomatoes (80)
  • 1/2 cup soybeans (edamame) (120)
  • 1 carrot (40)



  • western alternative bagel-sweet wheat (110)
  • with mushroom spagetti sauce (30)



  • 1/3 cup oatmeal (120)
  • 2 cups spinach (60)
  • 1 cup okra (40)
  • 1 cup chicken (230)


so is this even close to clean eating? what should i get rid of?

that is ridiculously perfect eating.  I don't know if you are serious or joking or just looking for confirmation or what, but if it is the latter, then yes, that is very good.  anything along the lines that you've drawn is good.  whole grains, whole animal protein, whole fruits and vegetables.  boom, beautiful, baby.

Weight Loss 5'5 and 99 lbs.??? May 05 2008
10:20 (UTC)

Eat lots of good whole grains like oatmeal, pacific salmon and skinless chicken breast, yum yum.

For meal supplementation, protein powder with oats and water in a shaker, shake and drink.  If it works for professional athletes, it will work for us!

Weight Loss Juice Fasting May 03 2008
17:18 (UTC)

You don't need a novelty diet to lose weight and keep it off, you just need to eat less than you did to get that weight :-)

Fitness abdominals May 03 2008
04:34 (UTC)

When you explicitly exercise a muscle you should work hard.  And a hard worked muscle needs days to recover.

Overworking not only doesn't help you, it can hurt you, and it will make you less able to work hard outside of your exercise routines.  If you're overworking yourself during exercise, what happens when you have to do something in real life, like lift a box or something?  Be unable to do it, or worse injure yourself?

Less is more sometimes.

Fitness Help me make the argument against one giant meal Apr 30 2008
07:48 (UTC)

> one large meal a day causes a spike in blood sugar, but shortly after that, sugar levels will flatten out, and you will enter a fasting state in which your body will start "lipid metabolism". If you keep eating every couple of hours, you will not enter this lipid metabolism phase


lipid is fat, he is talking about fasting so your body consumes fat and you lose weight, which is a fad diet like atkins or cleansing potions.

normal people take the easy route and just eat normal small portions

you can either eat like an athlete (work hard, eat frequently), or you can eat like a freakshow

Foods Malitol; what is it? Apr 28 2008
22:21 (UTC)

Sugar alcohols are things to skip.  They are a lame way to reduce calories without reducing the sweetness and portion size as much.  They are lame because when you eat too much they give you diarrhea.  Think olestra :) 

There was a thing in the BBC news the other week about a doctor with patients who were losing weight and he couldn't figure out why.  Turns out they all chewed a lot of gum containing sugar alcohols, and it gave them diarrhea that made them lose weight.

Personally I don't knowingly buy things with sugar alcohols.  I'll stick to real sugar!