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Fitness Weight Goals Jan 24 2014
17:07 (UTC)
No lifting since Monday due to a very, very painful neck. Possibly a pinched nerve. I thought it best not to strain it further by lifting. It hurts so much when I move my head in any direction. Ah well, more next week hopefully if my neck improves. If not I'll be off to the doctors. Have a great weekend :)
Health & Support Self-Hatred Jan 24 2014
09:09 (UTC)

That is a really disparaging comment- saying that women who go for big, bald guys are those who can't do better. I find that pretty rude. I am attracted to big, broad and tall, slightly tubby men. Hair/ bald I don't care about either way.

My partner (love of my life, 9yrs now) has hair right now, but it is disappearing quickly! I go for that type/ build of man because I find it attractive, not because I'm 'settling' for it. Before him, I never had a problem 'getting' any of the blokes I wanted (when I was a young uni student, played the field a bit. Not sorry!) so it certainly isn't because I 'can't do better' in the sense you mean it. But really, I couldn't find a better person if I scoured the world for one.

I think you have a really unhealthy way of seeing yourself- and you need to remember that just because you see people in such a bad light does not mean that people actually are like you think they are. Not everyone is that shallow.


Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 23 2014
15:41 (UTC)

Thanks Bierorama/ metabolicmom. The twisting thing causing a pinched nerve sounds about right. I'm sat at work in boiling office with a scarf wrapped round my neck hoping it makes it feel better. Dosed up with ibuprofen and got extra ibuprofen gel on the neck/back where it hurts. It's annoying though because I wanted to work out/ run after having a successful '3 x' week last week. So far I've only done 1 run and 1 weights :/

Anyway, hopefully be better tomorrow and it would be nice to get some sleep tonight.... have a good weekend everyone if I'm not logging activity tomorrow!


Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 23 2014
11:11 (UTC)

My neck is even worse today! No weights/ running for me! I didn't sleep much last night either due to the pain when I was laying my head on the pillow. This sucks. I'm not even sure what I've done.

Last time I had this was after my brother in laws funeral- I cried so much I strained my neck and back and couldn't move it properly for a week. It feels the same. (just without the sadness!)

Do you think this could be from Monday lifting? I found it pretty heavy on Monday so Had to leave out a few moves. But it didn't really hurt or go stiff until Wednesday morning. The only other thing was I felt a spot on the middle of my back (yuk, I know sorry!) and was twisting round to look in the bathroom mirror on Tuesday. This one seems more likely to me- thoughts?

Recipes Your favorite ways to prepare chicken! Jan 23 2014
08:23 (UTC)

We've started eating roast chickens on the weekend to stop us getting takeaways. So I roast 1 or 2 on a Friday, eat them over the weekend and use the leftovers at the start of the week.

Have you tried Chinese 5 spice? It is lovely on a roast chicken. Also, I like to mix up chilli powder, fajita spice, garlic, bbq seasoning etc. with a bit of oil and rub it all over the chicken. Makes it a lovely reddy colour when cooked and tastes great. Also, lemon and thyme. Yum!

With the cooked chicken I like to mix it into stuff- like shredded veggies (squash, carrots, onion, cabbage etc) cooked in oil and water in the sautee pan, add chicken, add a bit of crème fraiche/ light cream cheese/ sour cream and you have a creamy chicken dish like pasta but minus the pasta. (you could just use pasta of course!)

I also like to make fajita style wraps but use lettuce leaves instead of the tortillas. That way, I can eat more :)

Also, I like to sprinkle chunks of cooked chicken over a tray of roasted veg (towards the end of cooking) and sprinkle spices/ parmesan on top. It goes crispy over the veg and is delicious.

Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 22 2014
18:10 (UTC)
Yesterday I walked to and from work but didn't run. Today was a weights day but I've really hurt my neck/ top of back so I didn't do it.

I don't know what I've done but it's pretty sore when I turn my head in any direction!

Will have to see how I feel tomorrow.
Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 21 2014
16:04 (UTC)

Metabolicmom- glad it's nothing more serious! Hope it continues to get better quickly.

Kevin- hope you are still recovering nicely :)

Had a run last night with my Partner. He can't run so far right now so we did 1.7mi in 16 minutes. We did a couple of sprints and we sprinted up our hill to get home. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (been on my treadmill for months now) and I felt pretty good. When I got home I felt like I needed to do a bit more so did another 1.7mi on my treadmill at 6.8mph, 15 mins.

Today is a rest day so have walked to and from work (1.6mi/ 25mins each way) Might run tonight- not sure.

6/12 weights
6/12 runs (20.1mi)

Foods Vegetably challenged Jan 21 2014
12:42 (UTC)

Try cooking down some veg (any veg really) and blending it to make a sauce that can go over pasta, meat etc... That is a sneaky way for getting kids to eat veg- they don't notice that it is veg and not tomato sauce! You can add passata/ chopped tomatoes to make it more pasta sauce like.

Fitness Weight Goals Jan 20 2014
15:57 (UTC)

Edited, double post. sorry

Fitness Weight Goals Jan 20 2014
15:57 (UTC)

Hope everyone had a good weekend?

Lifted this morning- felt very weak so had to cut it short :/

Today: 6475.5 kg

Running total: 37, 616.5 / 575,000 kg

Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 20 2014
15:20 (UTC)

Good afternoon :)

Hope everyone had great weekends? I didn't get a run in but did puppy sit Friday night through to Saturday evening which involved two walks and an endless amount of playing Laughing

On Sunday we went fishing (carp fishing at a lake). It was so cold! We've just had non stop, torrential rain for weeks so it was a bit of a shock to the system being at zero! (I know, not a patch on what you guys in USA have been having, but still, pretty cold for me!) I made sure I didn't stay seated the whole time and moved about as much as possible. I caught one big carp (nearly 15lbs- my weight loss goal!) on my first cast and then nothing at all afterwards.

Just finished my weights for today and I felt particularly weak, so I had to stop early. Just did the following:

RDL: 10/12/10/10 x 53kg
Chest press: 10/10/10/11 x 37kg
Glute bridge: 3 x 15 x 37kg
Planks: 60s/40s/45s
Squats: 10/12/13 x 30.5kg

6/12 weights
5/12 runs (16.7mi)


Health & Support I love food, how could my eating possibly be disordered? Jan 20 2014
09:15 (UTC)
Original Post by mrswilsonscat:

Ok, so you love food - so do many of us with anorexia, obsessing about every bite we won't allow ourselves to eat... Here's the bit from another of your threads that says you have an ED:

"so when I reach 1000 cals, I freak, and turn into a complete exercise fiend, or take laxatives/purge. I'm so nervous about eating in the morning (I decided on 1/2 a bagel and fruit, tiny bit of PB on the bagel). But there's so much more sugar in it, so I'm scared of the effect it it'll have, ugh."

You restrict your intake, induce vomiting, and exercise madly because you feasr eating and weight gain. Loving food is nothing to do with it...

Please seek medical advice.

Um, yeah. This!! ^^

The Lounge Dexter, I miss you! Jan 20 2014
09:12 (UTC)

What about filling the gap with some Hannibal? (at least part filling the gap anyway)

I loved Dexter, until about mid way through the last series. But I love Hannibal even more! The first series is done and the second series airs Feb 28th. Just watched the new trailer for it on YouTube and it looks awesome!

Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 19 2014
18:56 (UTC)
Original Post by oldguysrule:

Original Post by lucykemp21:

Had a run tonight, didn't really feel like it though. I started thinking I'd do 15 minutes but pushed for 30. Did intervals again, 9mph then recover at 6.2mph. I felt good afterwards :)

4/12 weights 5/12 runs (16.7mi)

If you don't mind, I'm curious about the length of your 9 mph intervals, and how long you go easy in between. Thanks.


No problems! I run as long as I can at 9mph... That rarely goes over a minute. Sometimes I can push to about a minute plus 10. And I recover for a good few minutes. I'm not that fit you see. Also, I don't know whether I trust my treadmill. When I'm running at 6.5mph I believe it because that is pretty much my pace when I'm outside (go by my nike watch) but when it is fast, I'm not sure if it's as fast as it says it is! Or I just am better than I used to be at the fast bits. I don't know. I just know I do fast until my lungs feel like popping (~1min) then slow for 3 or 4. Also, sometimes I walk for a few minutes to start with as a little warm up.
Fitness Weight Goals Jan 17 2014
12:25 (UTC)

Just did my session at work.

Lifted today: 6919 kg

Running total: 31,141 / 575,000 kg

Feeling great! Happy weekend guys Laughing


Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 17 2014
12:22 (UTC)

Happy Friday afternoon! I finish work early on Fridays (in 40 mins) so I'm happy! Laughing

Just did my weights workout. Very pleased I managed to do a full 3 sessions this week and also 3 interval runs on my treadmill (so far) too. I did:

Floor chest press: 4 x 10 x37kg
Glute bridge: 3 x 15 x37kg
Planks: 45s/40s/40s
Squats: 12 x29.5kg, 2 x 12 x30.5kg
Upright Rows: 3 x 10 x26kg
RDL: 9/8/10/9 x53kg

I feel good!

5/12 weights

5/12 runs (16.7mi)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am babysitting my (sort of) step daughters dog. I love him way too much. Laughing


Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 16 2014
20:33 (UTC)
Had a run tonight, didn't really feel like it though. I started thinking I'd do 15 minutes but pushed for 30. Did intervals again, 9mph then recover at 6.2mph. I felt good afterwards :)

4/12 weights 5/12 runs (16.7mi)
Fitness JANUARY 2014 Fitness Thread, Everyone Welcome! Jan 16 2014
15:27 (UTC)

Hope the surgery goes ok and you recover nice and easily :)

The Lounge How do I attach photos to my Calorie Camp food log? Jan 16 2014
14:26 (UTC)

I just found out after seeing this post :) You just need to change to the new logger if you are on the computer. (I am not using the app so don't know about that)

On the new logger, above each meal section is the little camera icon for uploading a picture. I do the food photos constantly too, so this is handy- thanks for posting the question Laughing