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Maintaining In search of the perfect jeans Mar 13 2008
13:54 (UTC)

Try "Not Your Daughter's Jeans". We found them at Nordstrom's. About $70 but did great things for the butt and belly. Holds them in nicely without being horribly stiff.

Mom got a pair for Xmas, she looks fabulous!!!

 Oh, and your pics in the new jeans are wonderful! I am jelous. I want to get sexy new jeans now! But, alas, I must wait. Just got a new job and had to get a whole new wardrobe of nice clothes. Jeans will have to wait till summer. Frown

Maintaining 5'2-5'3ers, what are your measurements? Mar 13 2008
13:49 (UTC)

Looks like there are a few gals here around my size, but gosh, most of you have amazing numbers!!!

I am 26 yrs

5'1 (on a good day)

bust: 33

waist: 28

hips: 37   =(

normally around a size 4.

weight: 108ish

I have been watching what I eat and have finaly been able to get back into my cardio training after a serious sprained ankle this last November (ofcourse right before the biggest food holidays). I do alot of core workouts and have noticed a good change from that. Now that I can do cardio again I am hoping to slim down my bum.

Motivation Embarassed to exercise Feb 18 2008
16:21 (UTC)

As you can see from your replies, you are not alone.

I have a slightly different take on the gym for ya. I am one of the skinny somewhat fit people and I still get nervous about going in there. But when I am doing my cardio I bring music to listen to and a book to read if I am doing the stationary bikes and before ya know, time is up and no one even noticed I existed. By that time I am feeling a bit more comfortable in the gym so when I move to weights I just keep the tunes up and go about my business. Its not so bad, just focus on what you are doing and ignore the rest.

Good luck!!