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Health & Support Always cold! Jan 31 2011
04:31 (UTC)

I suffer from the same thing.  I am anaemic and that could be part of the problem.  I would ask my doctor, if I were you.

The Lounge A letter from Santa to the doubters Dec 26 2010
01:32 (UTC)

Love your thoughtful letter.  "Santa Claus" lives in many guises.  The birth of Christ is celebrated in many ways.  Peace and love to everyone.

The Lounge complete strangers Dec 11 2010
16:25 (UTC)

I do too.  And frankly although it is possible to have unpleasantness, I can't remember it happening.  I've met the loveliest people that way ...everywhere.

The Lounge complete strangers Dec 10 2010
05:02 (UTC)

It does happen to me all the time, but then I live in a small city in Canada which is more like a town.  I tend to smile a lot at people and don't mind them talking to me.  It's just a matter of being friendly.  You can always walk away or ignore them if it is something unpleasant.

Motivation Sticky Sometimes it's about more than losing weight... Dec 07 2010
01:21 (UTC)

May I make a minor observation ckayy: you don't have to like them - you just have to eat them.

Foods What is your binge food? Nov 27 2010
04:57 (UTC)

Surprisingly, not junk food per se.  I can leave candy and snacks alone.  But try me with bread, butter, cheese, any kind of potatoes, anything savoury, pastry, and when I've got it really bad, I'll eat anything not nailed down.  I'm smart enough not to have most "temptations" in the house, but bread, cheese and potatoes do form part of my regular diet, so you see the problem.  Can't live without them either.  So I have to pace myself.

Motivation I Have Changed My Life!!! Nov 23 2010
04:47 (UTC)

Your post was a real upper to read.  Congratulations!  Funny thing I also lost a shoe size.  Size 10 boot to a 9 1/2 and with shoes it depends on the shoe, but mostly 1/2 or a whole size.  I'm currently stalled but working hard to get going again.  Your post is inspirational.

Health & Support SO done with deficits. HELLO HEALTH! Nov 23 2010
04:40 (UTC)

Lotus you are a very smart girl.  You went with your feelings and with what you saw in the mirror.  Congratulations on your common sense!  Now don't go to the other extreme and remember to eat healthy.  Hugs

Motivation Sticky Sometimes it's about more than losing weight... Nov 15 2010
21:32 (UTC)

This is the best post I've read for a long time imlosingw8, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up your soul to us.  I've been floundering for quite a while.  After losing 78 1/2 pounds I've put back on 12 of them and didn't know how to dig myself out of the hole.  Your phrase "Learn to love things other than Food" struck a responsive chord with me as did your observations on the blessings of improved self-image and increased self-confidence.  I was strutting around like a peacock when I was doing well while I now slink around ashamed with a distended belly.  I think you just might have given me the boost I needed to find out what is ailing me and to get to the root of it, and get back on the programme.  Thank you again!

The Lounge The cool thing on your desk right now Nov 10 2010
04:43 (UTC)

A bright blue, green and purple 3" dragonfly, which is magnetized and attached to my desk lamp and an ornate bronze file holder.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Nov 01 2010
00:22 (UTC)

Yummy and piquant!

pickled red cabbage?

The Lounge How did that fake crap called American cheese become so popular? Oct 12 2010
01:55 (UTC)

I know.  I didn't mean to sound holier than thou.  But since I discovered there was an alternative I've had the good fortune to be able to take advantage of it.  I don't know what Zeller's diner uses in their grilled cheese panini but it's one of the best grilled cheeses anywhere.

The Lounge How did that fake crap called American cheese become so popular? Oct 12 2010
00:37 (UTC)

I only like "real" cheese.  I go to a deli and order a bagel, then get them to slice me some real cheddar off the block and put a slice on each toasted side.  Nirvana! I ordered that recently at Tim Horton's and got a bagel with "see-through" uber-thin slices of something orange stuck to each half! Why else would they put those little plastic dividers between the Kraft cheese singles if it wasn't "plastic" cheese?  Try Balderson old cheddar, Asiago cheese, of course Provolone, all worthy cheeses and so many more.

The Lounge Has anyone ever called you fat? Sep 10 2010
00:48 (UTC)

gotu48 - You blow me away with your smarts!  Hats off to you!  Wonder what was eating the old lady?  Always feel there is something terribly wrong in a person's life when they're like that.  Love your description of yourself in the last sentence.

The Lounge Has anyone ever called you fat? Sep 09 2010
01:54 (UTC)

I've been called fat before but never in the derogatory way that some of you have had to endure, so I'm not sure how I would have reacted.  Being fat and being depressed have always gone hand in hand in my life, so if someone had tried to humuliate me at that time, I might not have been able to defend myself.  It has certainly been "discussed" with me, which didn't bother me.  I knew I was fat: In fact I'm still too fat at 192 and 5'5" but for some reason I don't look it with my clothes on.  Without my clothes it's a completely different matter.  I can be pretty lippy if I am in the right frame of mind and can give as good as I get.  I consider it a great victory if I can come up with a good retort.  But you're right: it is one of the last permissible frontiers for insults. Everybody however has their flaws and you don't have to look to hard to find them.

Weight Loss How does caffeine affect you? Sep 04 2010
04:00 (UTC)

I love a good cup of coffee, seldom drink tea, but am not affected by it.  I usually have no more than 1 cup a day, unless I'm going out for a meal, but if I miss a day or two, I don't have any ill effects.  I could drink coffee just before I go to bed, and fall asleep as usual.  I usually drink water as an alternative and seldom drink "pop" as we call it in Canada.

Foods Would you rather... Aug 23 2010
23:07 (UTC)

Solid.  Never met a pie I didn't like

Would you rather have a baked potato with the works or poutine?

Foods Would you rather... Aug 20 2010
05:01 (UTC)

burnt cheese

smoked eel or herring in sour cream

Foods Would you rather... Aug 20 2010
05:01 (UTC)

burnt cheese

smoked eel or herring in sour cream

The Lounge How Much Have you Lost? Aug 05 2010
04:23 (UTC)

I've set out to lose a  2 month old horse & a human's skin (106 lbs), and have lost a gold brick (77 lbs) so far - 29 lbs to go