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Foods SURVEY TIME :) eating habits and such- BOREDOM BUSTER May 29 2010
12:06 (UTC)

1) It's a "free day" and calories don't matter so you are eating based on taste alone...what do you choose...
a) Fruits and vegetables

b) Meat, fish, cheese, eggs

c) Rice, pasta, grains

d) cakes, pastries, sweets

2) You tend to like your food:
a) Baked

b) Boiled

c) Fried

d) Grilled

e) Steamed

f) Microwaved

3) The flavor you like the most is:
a) Bitter

b) Salty

c) Sour (vinegar, lemon)

d) Sweet

e) Savory (cheese, buttery)

4) How fast do you eat your meals? 
a) 5 minutes or less

b) 10 minutes or less

c) 15 minutes or less

d) More than 15 minutes

5) What type of meal would you prepare assuming you only have 15-20 minutes to prepare it?
a) Burrito

b) Quesadilla

c) Wrap 

d) Sandwich

e) heat up leftovers

f) frozen meal 

g) cereal/other breakfast food

h) make something new and fast

6) How long does it take to prepare your meals?  
a) 15 minutes or less

b) 25 minutes or less

c) 35 minutes or less

d) More than 35 minutes


7) How often do you have dessert?

a) every night

b) 1-2x per week

c) once a week on a designated day

d) rare occasion


8) If you realized you had miscounted your calories by 500 and you now have more calories for today...what would you have?

a) larger dinner

b) extra snack

c) dessert after dinner

d) nothing extra, have a larger deficit

e) wine/beer/calorific drink


9) You have decided to go to the store to buy candy...what do you buy?

a) chocolate bar (full size) 

b) chewy fruit candies (gummy bears, sour patch, skittles)

c) hard fruit candies

d) gourmet chocolate

e) seasonal candies (candy canes, candy corn, marshmallow peeps)

f) bag of miniature candy bars


10) You are ordering dessert from a restaurant, what do you get? (actual choice according to your life NOW)

a) berries/fresh fruit

b) fruity dessert (apple pie, peach pie, apple crisp)

c) chocolate cake

d) cheesecake

e) ice cream


11) You've decided to eat something deep fried...what is it?

a) french fries/potato wedges

b) onion rings

c) mozzarella sticks

d) chicken nuggets

e) buffalo wings

f) corn dog


Foods NEW Walden Farms 0 calorie peanut butter spread??? May 29 2010
00:19 (UTC)

ohhh soooo DISGUSTING. I bought it because I saw it at my local grocery store. SO SO SO SO GROSS.

On the bright side ..It totally turned me off peanut butter Yell (a food i used to binge on)

Fitness Tips for surviving summertime runs, anyone? May 03 2010
12:15 (UTC)

I usually go jogging at night when the sun goes down ..I live in the French Riviera so it is also very hot.

Around 7-9 pm, I find its the best to run, anytime before that I feel like im running in a sauna.

Fitness toning up May 02 2010
09:21 (UTC)

well number one is a proper diet. cut out the junk, alcohol, pop and watch salt intake.

as for exercise ...I found running and pilates really helped tone my mid section.

Foods -30 Questions!- May 01 2010
20:29 (UTC)

1. Favorite type of milk? CHOCOLATE MILK so so good, I can drink gallons of it.

2. Favorite restaurant? astoria - mmmm gyros in a pita

3. Favorite FAST FOOD restaurant? Manchu Wok - oh so good orange chicken

4. If you had to eat either breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert for the rest of your life...which would it be? breakfast : )

5. Best carnival treat? soft serve ice cream yum yum yum

6. Favorite type of chocolate? milk chocolate

7. Favorite candy bar? snickers

8. Favorite non-chocolate candy? fuzzy peaches

9. Favorite soda? diet pepsi YUM

10. Eat slow and savor it or gobble it all up? gobble it all up (unfortunately)

11. Protein, carbs or fiber filled foods? fiber

12. It's a hot summer day, which recipe comes to mind? frappe with 1 % milk and watermelon

13. Favorite type of nut? walnuts

14. Ice cream truck is here! What do you get? SOFT SERVE ice cream twist

15. Favorite type of cheese? havarti

16. Favorite ice cream flavour? anything with caramel or nuts .. or soft serve vanilla

17. It's a cold winter day, which recipe comes to mind? oatmeal with pb

18. Smooth or chunky nut butter? smooth

19. Favorite filling for pastrys? chocolateee sauce

20. Favorite way to get in your daily exercise? rollerblading!

21. Favorite way to consume chocolate? (milk, cookies, bar, cake, ice cream, other) cooookies

22. Favorite pie? apple

23. You have left over calories to splurge, what will it be on? ice creammm!!!

24. Live with no food or water? (being as both are impossible, just answer anyway d:!) water

25. Favorite thanksgiving dish? potatosss yum

26. Favorite food type? (italian, mexican etc.) chinese and greek

27. Favorite soup? chicken noodle

28. Which treat would you make guilt-free if you had the power? ice cream

29. Favorite dairy product? ice cream

30. Favorite way to treat yourself daily? ice cream sundae with nuts yum

Weight Loss Dasani water and salt Apr 26 2010
20:10 (UTC)

yuckkk yuckkk yuckkkk . i HATE dasani water, tastes so grossss. Doesnt taste like water at all

Weight Loss Is putting Crystal light in water the same as just drinking water? Apr 26 2010
20:01 (UTC)
Original Post by laighloni:

I've been drinking crystal light and the great value brand for years now, and to be quite honest I never crave any types of sweets or foods while drinking said products. Before drinking the products I had a really hard time with not being able to stop eating, I would binge all night long. After starting to drink these It has helped me so much, and I've lost insane amounts of weight. I dont know why every one here is saying drinking it makes you crave food, Because for me it is not the case. Nor for anyone else I have talked to about it.

I have to agree. Crystal light has allowed me to up my water intake (by more than double) which has been key to my weightloss. More so, I drink the sweetness fights off the craving of sweets for me, plus my stomach is full after drinking a bottle of crystal light. Now I am 100% sure that artificial sweeteners are not healthy, because you are pretty much putting chemicals in your body - but thats ONE VICE that im willing to take: Since it beats eating loads of fat sugar and salt which was what I previously was doing to my body which led to me being overweight.


Weight Loss I'm about to down a box of oreos.. please help Apr 26 2010
08:19 (UTC)

yeah id definitely throw them AWAY ...wait ruin them first by pouring water and salt and gross stuff all over them.

having one ...will lead to wanting another and another. and before you know it youve down the whole box and they didnt even taste THAT great. so not worth it

throw them out and never buy them again

damnnn coookies ...horrible high calorie weakness of mine

Motivation Lost 29 lbs! How much weight have you lost and what kind of diet plan are you on? Apr 25 2010
21:39 (UTC)

Seems like you're on the right track ..but remember that losing the weight is HALF the battle. So make sure what you are doing is realistic and you are making changes that you can keep with you for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy weight.

Motivation Lost 29 lbs! How much weight have you lost and what kind of diet plan are you on? Apr 25 2010
21:37 (UTC)

I am on no diet plan. I am currently on a LIFESTYLE .

I eat healthy balanced meals and incorporate some daily exercise, all of things that I know I can do for the rest of my life.

with this type of lifestyle change, I lost 40 pounds. And I plan to keep it off forever with the changes I made in my lifestyle.

Foods Diet Coke verses Coke Zero Apr 25 2010
08:32 (UTC)

another fan of DIET PEPSI much better!!

Weight Loss I've gained 30 pounds from binge eating over 4 months. Apr 24 2010
19:35 (UTC)

Oh i feel you on this one ..if it wasn't for bingeing, my goal weight would of been reached a long long time ago.

Heres what I found works..


THE NUMBER ONE KEY TO CONTROLLING YOUR BINGEING is finding out what triggers your binging, and why/when you feel like you are going to binge and what you are going to do.

Find out what causes your bingeing, when you binge, how you binge etc.  make an "ACTION PLAN" of how you are going to deal with it. and WRITE this down and post it somewhere. If you have a plan like this, then falling off the wagon doesnt really feel like all or nothing, because there still is this BACK UP PLAN, and some control!!

Once that is figured out (and yes this takes time).. time to take charge!

For example, when I feel a binge coming or I know I will be in a situation that I tend to binge in. I MAKE A PLAN. Such as leaving the house, talking a walk, calling a friend, plan what I am going to eat. Eating before hand (for parties). NOT HAVING THE FOOD IN THE HOUSE.
As well, come on here and re looking at my goals

Its all in your mind! Find that motivation that made you want to start this journey to be healthy or write down why you want to stop bingeing and ALWAYS go back to it.

Another thing, MAKE SURE YOU ARE EATING ENOUGH CALORIES for your body, height, weight. Depriving yourself or not eating a balanced diet (carbs/protein/fat) will TRIGGER binges. When I started trying to lose weight, I only ate 1200 calories (convinced that this was enough, no matter what anyone said). Obviously this led to me rather starving myself or bingeing. I upped my calories slowly, and I now eat 1500/day which works for me (everyone is different). So use the tools on this site in order and follow them!

It takes a lot of will power, and self-control.  Take it one day at a time!
As for eating mindlessly out of boredom ...just keep busy, get your mind off food. I find chewing gum and drinking tea also works.

whatever you do , don't give up! You can do this good luck and hope this helps!

Games & Challenges **April**Weight Loss Challenge**Sign Ups Always Welcome! Apr 22 2010
20:57 (UTC)

Name: Angie
Age: 20
Height & frame: 5'4 medium
Highest weight & date: 177 dec 2008
CC start wt and CC start date:jan 2009 174

Start Weight in April, 2010: 139.2
Goal Weight (by April 29, 2010): 135 (this is my ultimate goal weight as well)

Week 1; 08-Apr: -- away for vacation for 2 weeks
Week 2; 15 Apr: 137.2
Week 3; 22-Apr: 139
Week 4; 29-Apr:

Total monthly weight loss: - .2
Average daily calories: good for 5 out of the 7 days. realllllllly realllly bad for the last two.
Add comments binge binge binge binge binge. thats all i have to say. i hate you bingeing ..back up to 139, DETERMINED to lose it for next weigh-in!

Motivation Goals. Apr 22 2010
18:54 (UTC)

As for dates, I got really de-motivated and would binge if I didn't reach the date that I anticipated (which is usually the case).

The way you should look at this is a LIFESTYLE change. so slow and steady wins the race. Lifestyle changes don't have numbers, your main goal should to start healthy eating habits and add in exercise.. and that number on the scale should follow!

good luck!

and i second the non-food related rewards!

Once I hit 135, I'm getting my belly-button pierced (im sure ill never want to gain it back with that reminder there lol)

Motivation Goals. Apr 22 2010
18:50 (UTC)

I started my weight loss journey at 178 and I am currently 139ish, my goal being 135.

I found what worked best was small goals (as in every 5 pounds lost) and now that i am on approx. last 10 pounds I do every 2 pounds. Its just a little motivation that goes a long way!!

Motivation So, he says to me . . . Apr 22 2010
18:45 (UTC)

someones getting lucky


(and VERY VERY sweet of him Smile)

Weight Loss best calorie calculators? Apr 15 2010
14:05 (UTC)

Well other than the CC calculator which is pretty good..

I find that the phord is easily to understand and really accurate as well

Games & Challenges **April**Weight Loss Challenge**Sign Ups Always Welcome! Apr 15 2010
06:23 (UTC)

Name: Angie
Age: 20
Height & frame: 5'4 medium
Highest weight & date: 177 dec 2008
CC start wt and CC start date:jan 2009 174

Start Weight in April, 2010: 139.2
Goal Weight (by April 29, 2010): 135 (this is my ultimate goal weight as well)

Week 1; 08-Apr: -- away for vacation for 2 weeks
Week 2; 15 Apr: 137.2
Week 3; 22-Apr:
Week 4; 29-Apr:

Total monthly weight loss: - 2
Average daily calories: around 1200-1400 calories a day
Add comments Ah so after two weeks of vacationing around europe with my mom, and getting back to my lifestyle. I also had a huge binge day. Weigh in today at 137.2, meaning i lost 2 pounds and im only 2.2 pounds away for my goal! I am loving the way my body looks, and has transformed!!!! I am so close to my goal, I can do this, hope everyone elses week went well!

Weight Loss If you are what you eat what are you? Apr 13 2010
11:13 (UTC)

haha oatmeal

oh man i live off that stuff

well actually ...chewing gum (horrible addiction)

Motivation Can't stop overeating when friends are around Apr 13 2010
11:03 (UTC)

oh and I missed your last part of the post.

The key to self-control is PLANNING. PLAN YOUR MEALS. PLAN WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO beforehand!

Yes its harder when around friends who are eating all these great foods, but write down how you feel when you eat like that and how many extra calories its going to cost you. And keep coming back to that and how much you want to reach your goal weight!

As well ...before eating the popcorn, make a large cup of tea/or drink a large glass of water. Make sure you are NOT hungry when you are with them. That will help a lot with your willpower. As well, try sticking in a piece of chewing gum afterwards for the oral fixation.

Hope this helps, good luck!!