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Foods Cravings - listen or ignore? Dec 10 2009
19:28 (UTC)

Dont listen to your cravings.

Some scientists did a study to see if people craving specific foods needes the nutrients from them..

Two groups of people craving choclate...they gave one group a pill that had the same nutrients as chocolate, and then gave the other group some chocolate.

The idea was to see which group reported their cravings lessening.

Obviously, it was the group that ate chocolate,the one with the pill still reported cravings for chocolate.

It isn't your body trying to tell you that you 'need' something..My dad does this all the time, he says he 'needs' more meat than other people because of his 'ancestery' and that his body craves/needs that much cow.

Totally doesnt,Although fat in meat DOES contain some weird natural chemical that makes you feel full,so theres that.

Weight Loss my boss makes me fat... Nov 24 2009
16:12 (UTC)

Yeah, this is your fault, not hers.

Try meditation, or if all else fails just get floored at work.

Equally as bad as overeating,but atleast getting wasted lasts longer than 3 seconds.

Just sayin'.

Weight Loss Fat Bias: Why ISN'T it Majority Rule? Nov 06 2009
22:35 (UTC)

People like to think of themselves as empathatic and such, but everyone makes little ''exceptions''.For some people, its the obese. Others choose other absurd targets,Like being glbt, or muslim. This sort of thing wont stop until everyone realizes that we are all human, and that the inherant value of life has nothing to do with how 'good' of a person someone is.

Health & Support Weirdest Binges Oct 22 2009
00:16 (UTC)

Whenever i get stoned i just usually go on a mission to the gas station,buy tons of burritos and sausage,egg,cheese sammich's, eat them, stop at a burger joint or something on the way home.Nothing out of the ordinary,really.

But i have noticed that if im drinking and start binging its always something really bad.

1.a Gin,rum,bourbon and diet coke ice cream 'soup'

2.Wasabi&Horseradish,tabasco,cheese and peanut butter sammich.(the burn rules all!And the peanut butter and cheese make it sort of like a delicous burning napalm sticky sandwich thingy)

3.cooked shrimp, beef ramen,chicken ramen, hot and spicy ramen, spicey cheese raman,and pizza.Put into a blender, then drank.Iiiiick.

4.raw eggs with sugar and curry on top of a peice of toast with butter and chicken.

5.Any deepfried foods from a grocery store,deepfried AGAIN at home.With ranch,mayonnaise and lard.

6.Meat sandwich.Drunk me likes to cook some hamburgers,steak,and brats and use the steak or hamburgers for bread,there is usually bacon involved.

7.Bacon with that 'bacon salt' stuff thats popular online.

8.A cake with beef boullion and bacon grease in the frosting.I dont know why,either.

9.two heads of lettuce.It was quite a impressive feat, and lettuce has few calories so it didnt totally slay me.

10.i would dip jalapeno peppers directly into a butter+lard+tabasco+horseradish+curry and avacado 'dip'.

11.Avacados with anything. No,really. anything. italian dressing? yes.In icecream? yup. with mustard,choclate dip and ketchup?

several times,baby.

Weight Loss Horrified by a Weight Loss Commercial Oct 21 2009
18:49 (UTC)

Cripes.Like adolescents need any more self-esteem issues.

Health & Support Dealing with Complusive Eating...Any tips? Oct 21 2009
18:47 (UTC)

Ive always found that keeping my trigger foods out of the house helps alot.

I also pretty much only binge in two kinds of situations:

1.When no one is around, my brain probobly thinks that if no one can see me eating, the calories dont count.Silly.

2.At night,under the cover of darkness,lol.If im drunk or in a altered state of some kind than it increases my chances of binging by like a billion,so i find it helps to sit around with friends or be out of the house if im going to party or just be awake later at night.

So maybe try to keep track of what time and situations you binge in?

and then you can come up with a game plan, like not being in the house, or replacing binging with a differant activity.

Motivation Anyone experience a double standard? Oct 21 2009
18:34 (UTC)

I can't honestly believe ANYONE in a committed relationship would dump someone else for gaining weight.Thats so absurdly shallow that it manages to lower my already abyssal perceptions of the human race.