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Foods better n' peanut butter Jan 23 2011
23:42 (UTC)
Original Post by lulufit:

I eat peanut butter all the time. How does this compare to regular peanut butter nutritionally? Is it lower in fat and calories?  Sounds yummy so maybe not. php

The Lounge Anyone Watching the lunar eclipse? Dec 21 2010
08:01 (UTC)

Tail end of the eclipse but:

Young Calorie Counters Sunken stomach? Dec 08 2010
06:00 (UTC)

It's hard to say but she may not necessarily be overweight. I have a particularly wide rib cage and they have always sort of stuck out (though not horribly but there sort of visible, you know?). Anyway, you can't control where weight is lost. I suggest just doing weights and if nothing changes, accepting your body as it is.

Fitness /\ December 2010 \/ Row the Nile Challenge Nov 28 2010
17:16 (UTC)

Oh gosh, I haven't been here in forever. I think I may try and do a little rowing in the first half of the month- may not have access in the second half. I'll decide on a goal later.

Young Calorie Counters Do you binge at all? How much if you do? [TEENS WHO OCCASIONALLY BINGE!] Nov 23 2010
07:45 (UTC)

I've been binging more and more frequently lately and this thread made me feel so much better. The last one was Saturday and was easily 6000+ calories. I am really trying to normalize my eating and eat only when hungry, not really bothering with scheduling meals. I should probably be gaining weight right now, so whenever I start binging I always say to myself "I'm supposed to be gaining anyway, it's not a problem" but it is a problem because it is unhealthy and a bad habit.

The Lounge Harry Potter 7, Part 1 is Heeeeeeeerrre!!!!! zOMG! Nov 17 2010
23:55 (UTC)

This will be my first midnight showing ever.  I figure I'll get to sleep around 4:00. Then I have to wake up at 7:00 for a chemistry test.



Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Nov 11 2010
07:42 (UTC)

breakfast: Veggie dogs.

lunch: Veggie burger and two apples.

snack: Another apple.

dinner: Amy's Breakfast Burrito

snack: Popcorn minibag, nutter butter, (another) apple, and a couple graham crackers.

exercise: ran 4.5 miles (including cool down), one hour tai chi.


I came sooooo close to binging today. It's been rough the past couple weeks so I haven't posted on here but I wanted to today and that though actually kept me from binging.  Yay!

The Lounge Did someone say McRib??? Nov 06 2010
00:50 (UTC)

I used to hate Taco Bell but now it is the only true fast food place (as in I'm excluding Panera and also Subway and such) that has food I'll eat.  Seriously, everywhere else if it doesn't have meat it has dairy.

Actually had a fresco bean burrito today, :)

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Nov 05 2010
22:52 (UTC)

Don't feel like you have to get a meal plan.  That's how I felt and I regret it.  Ask upper classmen how they do without it. Of course, it depends what school you go to but my school ID is a free bus pass so I just take the bus to the supermarket when I need to buy groceries.

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Nov 03 2010
16:22 (UTC)

So I went to the counselor. They're pretty busy so I'm not sure when I'll start having my regular one-on-ones but I'm freaking out over it a bit. I guess everyone gets nervous at this point, huh? The funny thing is how, objectively, I can lay out all the facts and know what to do and stop myself from doing anything too bad. But having a mini peanut butter binge yesterday didn't really help my psyche, x.x

arnevet: My college always has vegan meals but I like being able to decide my meal, you know? I have very limited choices each day that are vegan, which stinks, and despite their claim that they are oh so healthy (and they sometimes are), at times the cooking methods really turn me off the food.  Next semester I won't have a meal plan any more but I have been eating there less and less and I feel so bad, like I'm wasting my dad's money since he paid for the meal plan.  In my defense, I said I didn't want one but he insisted.

I'll update later with my meals.

B: Veggie dogs.

L: Sweet & sour vegan meatballs

S: Apple and couple saltines.

D: Bean burrito.

S: Nutter Butter and an apple.

The Lounge I'm not a parent, but... Oct 31 2010
19:30 (UTC)
Original Post by kay_h:

I think a lot of it starts with baby food. I bought 3 jars of it because I thought that was what I was supposed to feed my baby. But one taste and I knew that I could not expect him to eat that crap.   Instead I just put what we were eating into a blender and made my own.  I would make extra and freeze them in ice cube trays so I would have quick meals for them.  They always did love their veggies. 

How did I never think of this?  I'm still a long way off from having kids but I guess in my head it was as if baby food was the only choice.  This is a clever idea!

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Oct 26 2010
04:22 (UTC)

B: Veggie burger

L: Vegan taco + an apple.

S: Apple

D: Peanut butter cereal w/ vanilla almond milk.

S: Another apple.

I'll edit in my other snack as the night goes on.


emilylovestofu: Ha, we were actually just talking about that.  Hopefully I can get out of that habit.

So I feel like I've taken a step backward in terms of disordered thoughts so I'm trying to make an appointment with the school counselor. I've done a lot of research on eating disorders so I feel like I won't even have anything to talk about; but maybe that's just me trying to not have to go. I've never been diagnosed with an ED, and I have not done the extreme things usually accompanied with an eating disorders, but I did cut at least enough to lose weight I didn't need to and obviously I should not have.  So, we'll see how this goes.

Foods Best way to eat fruits Oct 25 2010
08:23 (UTC)

Eep, I'm one of those people who looks through the fruit.  Especially apples.  I'm quite picky about them and a lot of times I figure if I put the apple back because it was damaged, no one else wants to eat it anyway.

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Oct 25 2010
08:18 (UTC)

B: Veggie burger.

L: Veggie sandwich with melon and broccoli.

S: Apple

D: Instant Ramen (so excited to find vegan ramen.  I don't even care how unhealthy it is.  beside, this is the natural diet for college kids!)

S: Apple, popcorn minibag, Nutter Butter.  I might have another apple or something.


avboston: Uch, yes.  I know people aren't judging (or at least they probably aren't) but I can't get it out of my head.  And people on my floor always comment on how skinny they are and a bunch of them are trying to lose weight.  I wanted to make sure they did it healthily so I offered to provide all the nutrition info I know. I warned them about undereating and all that and hyped up strength training vs. endless cardio.  One is already around 19 bmi.  She's admittedly not the fittest, but I explained that she needed to do weights.  Just running would make her weigh way too little.  I don't know how much I convinced her but it is concerning.

And I eat dinner at 9 or 10, haha.  Although, I was up around 11 or 12.  Yay for no morning classes!  At least, not until Thursday, d:

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Oct 24 2010
08:49 (UTC)

My silly nighttime snacking strikes again.

B: Veggie dogs.

L: Dumplings and some noodles.

D: Junior burrito from Moe's/

S: About 3 apples, a mini bag of popcorn, a Nutter Butter and a graham cracker.


avboston: I always get self-concious about my eating habits with other people.  My dad often comments on my small meals during the day but I eat little and often and then at night I am constantly snacking, partially just to make up my calories.

peanutbutter: Don't worry about it!  It's behind you.  Just start anew and keep trucking!

Foods Recovering from vegetarianism? Oct 24 2010
08:30 (UTC)

There's always beans.  Almost everything has protein.  In fact, someone who ate 2000 calories of pasta a day would get enough protein (albeit, on the low side).  Certain grains, like quinoa, are good for protein, and nuts and nut butters as well.  This has some good information.

The Lounge 6.02 x 10^23 Oct 23 2010
08:34 (UTC)

I have a Chemistry test Tuesday.  This is just upsetting.


On the bright side, I instantly recognized the number.

Young Calorie Counters Halloween Costumes Oct 22 2010
22:44 (UTC)

I live in a dorm and pretty much all the girls on the floor (there are eight of us) are going as faeries.  Wal-Mart had different colored wings and skirts so we just got all that and are using out own tights and a tank top or something.  I'm pretty excited but hopefully next year I'll make my outfit.

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Oct 22 2010
05:45 (UTC)

So I didn't eat so healthy today...  oh well.

B: Vegetable soup.

L: Lentil sloppy joe + a little melon

S: Apple

D: Cereal

S: Popcorn, nutter butter, couple graham crackers and an apple.

How close to going to sleep do you eat?  I would rather shift this eating to during the day and eat bigger meals or something but I'm always worried I'll end up snacking a ton at night anyway.

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Oct 21 2010
14:37 (UTC)

So, Lilemmie, I super know how you felt when you lost weight now.  Yesterday I was a pound-ish down and it sort of freaked me out and I ate very poorly.  I'm going to skip posting yesterday but I'll post today's eats at the end of the day.