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I am a 24 year old stay at home mother of one, who, shortly after my son was born 2 and a half years ago, has been living with the knowledge that I need a hip replacement.

I have hip dysplasia and a short right leg that were not diagnosed until I was pregnant.  Because of this I have osteoarthritis in most of my lower joints, a curve in my spine, foot problems (hammer toes, flat feet etc.) and torn ligament and cartilidge in the bad hip.  I also have a torn ligament in my left knee.

Thats just the lower half of my body.

I have been told that if I lose weight I could put off the hip replacement even longer.  I have already had the arthroscopy (I recovered amazingly quick afterwards due to yoga and light exercise up until I went in) so will do anything to put off the BIG ONE.

I lost 1 stone after having my son, but have been unable to shift any more (I put on 2).  Even if I can get down to my pre-pregnancy weight, I will be happy, although that was a little overweight as well.

I am lactose intolerant (which was misdiagnosed as IBS), suffer from depression ad anxiety which gives me insomnia, am a smoker who would like to quit when Mr Will Power is available, and am just generally falling to pieces.

All support is appreciated as my mood is like a yoyo some days... and yes, that is where my son gets it!

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