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Foods Vitamins - What are people taking? Nov 29 2006
18:41 (UTC)
i take one a day womens, which covers most of the bases...i also take a shot of vit C, plus a B-Complex. the b-complex is highly recommended for all women..especially in my age group (im 19). on top of those i eat a viactive calcium chew and two fish oil supplements.
if you're on a diet that's around 1200-1400 cals a day i'm certain you're missing something that vits can cover. just be sure you're getting enough calcium tho! that's the most important thing...
Weight Loss share your goals for christmas Nov 18 2006
18:52 (UTC)
140 to 143...somewhere in that range by christmas...! (i'm 149 right now) it'd be cool to go back to school mid-january 10 pounds lighter! i'm pretty sure i can do it too... :)
Weight Loss Diet Soda Addiction - An American Epidemic! Nov 17 2006
20:12 (UTC)
yeah that stuff literally melts's really not much better for you than regular soda, it's just replacing calories and sugar with aspartame and other chemicals the body wasnt ever mean to take in. yuck...moderation is key, if at all
Motivation I'm ready to quit! Nov 17 2006
02:11 (UTC)
you're prob at a plateau like everyone said...and they're maybe right about the cals...personally i've been eating about 1300-1400 steady (with higher and lower days in there)...and i've been losing slow but steady for 8 weeks now. make syre you;re drinking tons of water of course....
something else that might help is to add weight training to your regimine...not a ton of heavy lifting or anything, but it'll build muscle which burns a lot more cals than fat.
you should do it anyway, it's good for your bones and makes you leaner, quicker :)
Weight Loss Low iron - Diet suggestions? Nov 17 2006
02:06 (UTC)
make sure you eat cereal that contains iron...that can be a huge source of it. plus red meat of course, cream of wheat, green veggies, potatoes, oatmeal, etc..

try a google search too...i bet theres a huge list of foods you can look up. :)
Motivation urgent problem! Nov 16 2006
04:53 (UTC)
and often does thanksgiving come around anyway? if you want to eat something, eat it...

i think thats something not emphasized enough's not the end of the world if you eat whatever you want for a meal one day! you're not going to gain back all the weight youve lost, you're not going to negate all the hard work you've done by giving into a special occasion.
get back on the horse the next day. i doubt it'll even be a glitch in your weight loss.

enjoy it :)
The Lounge Anyone watch "Thin" tonight? Nov 15 2006
04:26 (UTC)
didn't mean to put it in a positive light, but yeah. point taken ;)

The Lounge Anyone watch "Thin" tonight? Nov 15 2006
04:08 (UTC)
ahh man i wanted to see that so badly...wish i had HBO. how was it?
annorexia is something i really cant wrap my mind around. just think of the willpower they have...not to mention a warped view of what really matters in life i guess.
Weight Loss Day 1...Not too bad Nov 15 2006
04:05 (UTC)
gotta love Subway subs
stick to whole wheat bread and dont load up on mayo or anything too fatty and it's a good healthy meal. plus they have a calorie chart in there too..

and hey, even if you hit up mickey D's, you can snag a salad. good choices..

Good luck!!! you can do it  :) :)
Weight Loss The question to end all questions..... Nov 15 2006
03:54 (UTC)
what she said.
Weight Loss been bad... Nov 15 2006
03:42 (UTC)
hah man i think you're doing fine...especially with exercise? no sweat...dont worry about it! :)

and like cap'n said, berries are great snacks. i have frozen blueberries that are like 70 cals per cup or something crazy like that....i dont know if i recommend the campbell's soup as much as captain though...thats a ton of sodium for the day...

drinks? water, of roomie digs crystal light. hits a sweet spot with very few cals.

the thing that works the best for me is to have a lot of variety to what i eat at each meal. like for lunch today, i had a soy chik'n patty, an orange, half cup of whole wheat pasta, and a bit of pineapple. all that was just 350 calories and i got a variety of food. maybe that makes it seem like im getting more.
good luck, i think you're doing just fine :)

Weight Loss The question to end all questions..... Nov 15 2006
02:51 (UTC)
well, im not 100% on this...but i've heard that our fat cells shrink instead of being expelled from the body.
activity and a lack of excess calories to burn up (ie 500 fewer than normal/dieting) shrinks them :)

i could be wrong...
i just know i want this crap out of my body...heh
Weight Loss What size do you dream about! Nov 15 2006
01:06 (UTC)
i'd love to fit into a 4...i'm currently an 8, so i think it's obtainable once i drop the next 20 lbs :)
Weight Loss Aww, nuts! Nov 13 2006
05:50 (UTC)
hah yes...i bought some pumpkin seeds at WF a while back and man were they gone quickly.

what i do now is just buy them in small amounts. better to make more trips to the store than to risk eating a giant bag in one sitting.

(and maybe its just me but it seems like ever since i started eating healthier, im at the store five times a week..! heh goes with the territory..)
Foods Lo Cal/ Fat Dessert Suggestions? Nov 13 2006
05:42 (UTC)
two words:

skinny cow favorite is mint. they're in the freezer section of the grocery store. they're healthy ice cream sandwiches, etc...
you should check out all the other healthy frozen stuff around them too. :)
The Lounge Does anyone want to look like Playboy models? Nov 12 2006
08:23 (UTC)
haha, i love that show! i think you're right too...they're beautiful, especially Holly. I'd love to look like them, and doesnt it seem so much more attainable to have their figure than to be a stick? heh such a cute show...they seem like such sweet girls too (who'da thought..?)
Motivation Hard to watch everyone else eating junk Nov 12 2006
08:19 (UTC)
I know just what you mean...

My roommate is 5'8 and i'm guessing 220ish lbs, and it bugs the hell out of me to watch her eat herself into a future of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. (plus it's hard to share cabinets with people who love carbs and cupcakes..ohh man.)

The weird thing is i talk to her all the time about my new diet and how healthy it is and how horribly i used to eat, and she'll agree how bad it is, and how fat this country has gotten...all while shoving pizza in her face.

i think people just need to do it at their own time. Some day it'll hit her, it's just not our place to really get in people's face and tell them they're wrong about their diets. (or maybe it is and i just dont want to hurt her feelings..!) you should feel great that you're taking control of your weight and food. maybe they'll see your results and it'll kick them into gear....
Motivation 5'6-5'7 ft tall Nov 12 2006
07:51 (UTC)
i'm a medium frame, 5'7ish...and i'm currently 150 lbs.
i'm down 7 lbs from before i started here at cc (man still hasnt sunk in...i've never successfully lost weight before. feels kinda good, eh? :)

my goal is skinny jeans, how i cant wait to squeeze into you...!

you guys are awesome by the's so cool to hear about all the weight you've all successfully lost. REALIZE HOW GREAT THAT IS! it's hard for me to see the good in weight loss sometimes :) :)
The Lounge Where are you from Nov 12 2006
07:13 (UTC)
going to school here in florida though....
Weight Loss 5'7" medium frame goal weight Nov 12 2006
05:08 (UTC)
i'm 5'7, 5'8 on a tall day....
har har..

im at 150 goal is 125-130. 130 is probably most likely with muscle tone.

and man let me tell's damn hard to get below 150.
:) good luck