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I have fought weight all my life.  Last year starting in May I lost 80 lbs.  From over 330 to close to 250.  I had a goal,  I was seeing an old friend that I hadn't seen in years. I did see him this summer and it was very, very  nice!!   Anyway I started slipping back into old habits and had gained almost 30 lbs I am back with resolve again to lose the rest of this dratted weight.  I know how to eat and lose weight I have lost and gained 100's of lbs.  I know that it is a lifestyle change and I think I am real close.  I now feel happier when I am eating right.  I won't go so far as to say i enjoy exercise but I do do it.  I have lost about 10 lbs this first week...which has helped my moral greatly.  I do know that it won't always be easy and life happens and food happens but still we trudge on.  I have a wicked sense of humor and hope that some of you befriend me as we continue this journey.  My goal? I want someone to say, "Honey eat something before you blow aways!!!"


It is now June 2012,  I have lost 100.4 lbs and I have never felt better.  I still have much to lose but I cannot begin to tell you how much BETTER I feel!!! 

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