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Motivation What is your canvas like? Sep 08 2010
12:34 (UTC)

i so love your attitude!  i don't know what's going on the canvas today, but it will be colorful!

Vegetarian how do you deal with the guilt? Jan 29 2010
13:22 (UTC)

as you get older, there is a need to be a good hostest - which entails providing ample nutritents to your guests. perhaps your boyfriend's mom feels inadequate in doing this for you. when she verbalizes her frustration, it could be that she is looking for confirmation that she has fed you properly. 

i agree that you should be yourself and keep in mind that she is also looking out for her son.  my mother-in-law makes it a point when she makes a side dish just for me, i thank her, tell her it's yummy, and move on.   - good luck

Foods Pizza toppings? Oct 13 2009
16:07 (UTC)

i love mushrooms on my pizza, my kids like pineapple and broccoli

Foods I love fruits and I need new suggestions Oct 13 2009
16:03 (UTC)

apples, bananas, pineapple and grapes are my staples.

Motivation . Sep 28 2009
13:07 (UTC)

i did the same thing, i lost 30 lbs then fell off the wagon. i stoped counting calories. now i am back to lose 30 lbs again. i find that counting calories helps keep me on track.  getting back on the wagon isn't that hard.  just stick with it. you can do it!

Motivation 14 pounds gone! Sep 18 2009
18:00 (UTC)


Motivation Workplace Weight Loss Challenge Sep 18 2009
15:47 (UTC)

ive done two different workplace challenges, the first was a disaster, the second very good.

first - men and women are not equal! my first workplace challenge tracked lbs lost.  the top 3 losers were men. i came in 4th feeling robbed.

second - some one may have 20 lbs to lose, somebody else may have 50 to lose.  to make it fair to both convert the amout lost as a percentage of their body weight.

have a set start and end date. 3 months is a good duration.

have $$ to fund the winers' pot. every body pays to play. studies show when $$ is involved, people are more likly to succeed.

have weigh ins once weekly - use the same scale/same note taker for accuracy. use the privacy of an office. Only post results using percentage lost over time.

have weekly meeting focusing on nutrition, portion control and other aspects of eating right at the meeting.  this helps to motovate the challengers.

the second challenge had people buddy up. we were a large group of 100 or so challengers. this helped with the motovation because people are working as a team. this may not work in your case, just something to think about.

good luck losing




Motivation I think the horse hates me... Sep 16 2009
13:19 (UTC)

unstick yourself from your room. go get some exercise. bring your books to the library and study there instead, away from the food (pack some carrors or something to keep your energy up) 

exercise reduces stress and you'll be buring calories. good luck

Weight Loss Non-Calorie Counters Out There? Nov 17 2008
21:03 (UTC)

i stopped counting for about a year (after losing 30 lbs) and now i'm back counting again cuz i gained back 13 lbs. counting worked for me once and keeps me in line.

good luck to you non-counters!

Games & Challenges 25-35 Pounds By Christmas? ***GROUP CLOSED*** Jul 29 2008
18:03 (UTC)

this is a great idea, just what i needed.

so please count me in too! i lost 30lbs last time, gained 10 back, now i'm back to lose another 30ish!

i'm 5'2 and 161.    happy losing to you all!


Motivation Motivation Needed Here!! Jul 08 2008
17:49 (UTC)

dont quit, dont quit, huff huff, dont quit, dont quit, you can do it, pant, pant.....

that's what i told myself the other day during a work out, and before i knew it, the work out was done! then i did the crunches (i hate crunches)

take each day one at a time, like you eat a salad, one healthy bite at a time. (hint, when it's time for desert either a: run the other way or b: reach for the low cal fruit)

this is my second time around too, last year i lost 30lbs, gained 10 back, so i'm back to lose another 30. We can do it!   Cool


Foods coke (soda pop).... JUNKIES? HELP!!! Jun 18 2008
13:46 (UTC)

I keep trying to quit too.   i don't like water unless it is very very cold.

how about all the bad things in soda that adversly affect your body?

Drinking soda is bad for your teeth. Soft drinks can eat away the protective enamel on your teeth, causing tooth decay. If you sip sugar-sweetened drinks over a long period, you're increasing exposure to acid and the risk of damage leading to tooth decay.

Can too much soda cause brittle bones? In studies, soda drinkers of all ages have been shown to have higher rates of broken bones and fractures than their non-soda-drinking peers. And for years, scientists have suspected that soda's caffeine, phosphorus and carbonation may interfere with calcium absorption.

Science and medical research point their collective finger at soda, and blame it for everything from diabetes to tooth decay, hyperactivity to childhood obesity. But is soda really that bad for you? When asked if soda is inherently unhealthy for people, board certified nutritionist and author Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, said, “Yes. Simple, unequivocal answer, yes. Yup. Affirmative. Absolutely.

and check this site: ow-diet-soda-is-bad-for-you-too/ 

with all this bad new on soda, it's a wonder why it's still on the market (beside the fact that i'll buy it    :o   )

Motivation How will I stay on track at Disney?!!!! Feb 07 2008
12:58 (UTC)
we went last year, we stayed at a place that served breakfast. i took extra bananas and apples for snacks at the park and before dinner.  it took the edge off and i didn't worry about the rest of the meals.      have fun!
Games & Challenges Roll Call - January 2008 Exercise Challenge!!!! Jan 07 2008
14:25 (UTC)
105/750   Timekeepers - i think you've got my name wrong - ljdski instead of jkdski.  Thanks
Games & Challenges Roll- Call December 2007 Exercise Challenge Jan 02 2008
14:35 (UTC)
750/750 !  i did it!  i shoveled the snow and ice and skied adding to my workout total.
Games & Challenges Roll Call - January 2008 Exercise Challenge!!!! Jan 02 2008
14:31 (UTC)
30/750   Thanks  =)
Games & Challenges Roll- Call December 2007 Exercise Challenge Dec 19 2007
20:06 (UTC)
Games & Challenges Roll- Call December 2007 Exercise Challenge Dec 17 2007
13:16 (UTC)
Games & Challenges Roll- Call December 2007 Exercise Challenge Dec 14 2007
19:07 (UTC)
Weight Loss How Often should I weigh myself ? Dec 06 2007
14:09 (UTC)
i weigh myself every morning, but i log it only on monday.  perhaps when you exercise then weight yourself - you've had water during your workout.......    i've also noted a highter number after workouts.  <shrugs>