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Weight Loss Constipation Aug 16 2011
11:34 (UTC)

If you're like me, increasing the grain fiber binds you up a bit, especially if it's a big fiber boost all at once.  Try increasing your water, and eat a few prunes (almost as delish as chocolate, if you are avoiding sugar) or even some prune juice.  Drink a big glass of water with the prunes.  Some others that might work, a fresh ripe pear, or in a pinch, an apple.  Stay away from bananas and blueberries, as well as spinach, kale and white rice/tapioca until your tum feels better.

If you take a fruit based stool softener (or even half of one) make sure you drink a whole glass of water with it.  I find that adding fruit fiber to the grain fiber really breaks the constipation cycle. 

When you are back in the rhythm of things, try to see what started it off in the first place, and make sure you either eat smaller portions of it at a time, avoid it, or add the opposite kind of food in the same meal or same day (like a few prunes).  Then you can get all your vitamins without having a bad stomach.

Also good while you are constipated, for gas in the chest-- baby collick pills.  They are called dimethicone and they do work!  You can get them at a regular drug store.  Good luck!

Weight Loss skinny fat Mar 31 2011
12:09 (UTC)

Just wanted to say that back in the day I was 55 kg at 160 cm, my belly was so flabby people thought I was pregnant (I wasn't!).  Perhaps add some good core exercises like pilates, to firm up the pooch.  It will help your posture and keep your back feeling good too. 

Like you, I always had a good body image and liked my curves, but of course, after I *did* have kids, that pooch stayed. How I wish I had toned up my abdominals beforehand.  Good on you for trying to avoid it.

Good luck!