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Young Calorie Counters Confused and lost; would appreciate some help? Apr 30 2012
16:43 (UTC)

You definitely had an eating disorder, whether it was anorexia or not. Right now your body is desperate to recover. This might require overshooting your normal weight for a while, but it's necessary to get healthy. You are not bingeing, you are experiencing extreme hunger. Go to for more info. There are a lot of people there recovering from eating disorders. They can help you. They helped me. Maybe read this: y-is-bingeing-not-bingeing-when-you-are-recov ering-from-re.html . Good luck with your recovery!

Young Calorie Counters Why does losing weight make me feel good even though I'm already at a healthy BMI? Apr 14 2012
19:16 (UTC)

Thank you for the answers guys! Yes, I did have an eating disorder... I realized this myself and I've been in recovery since January 1st. Don't have my period back yet but I hope I get it back soon. It's funny how I just read this post and I can't believe my mind used to be so twisted! Thanks again for all the support!

Health & Support Anorexia recovery-my first binge-trying not to feel guilty... Apr 01 2012
07:15 (UTC)

That was NOT a binge. That was called HUNGER. Your body desperately needs energy. It doesn't matter WHERE it comes from at this point. I was never as underweight as you, yet during my recovery I probably ate 3000-4000 calories per day for around a month and a half, because my body NEEDED it to recover.

Because this is a caloriecounting website, many people here are used to giving advice about losing weight, not gaining. If you want real support, please visit the following website: You're in quasirecovery right now. You deserve to be in real recovery.

Good luck with recovery!

Health & Support ED and the Minnesota Starvation Study Feb 14 2012
17:52 (UTC)

THANK GOD for that study, otherwise I would be so worried about this extreme hunger phase I'm going through! But I know it's just a normal part of recovery, so I'm enjoying eating :) What I find comforting is that all men returned to their original weights 1 year after the starvation ended, and since I was nowhere near overweight before I got an ED (i just thought I was, actually had a BMI of around 21.5), I'm sure everything will work out.

Young Calorie Counters HEALTHY & ATHLETIC girls - how much do you eat? Feb 01 2012
08:26 (UTC)
Original Post by aragingsea:

She didn't say anything about trying to look skinny. She's trying to gain mass and that's great.

I didn't say she was trying to look skinny. I just told her what she has to do to get her period back.

Young Calorie Counters HEALTHY & ATHLETIC girls - how much do you eat? Jan 29 2012
20:57 (UTC)

I know that right now the way you look is one of the most important things in your life.. Believe me, it was for me too. I'd gotten down to 125 pounds and was maintaining that on around 1800-2000 calories and 5-6 hours of gym training  a week. 

Although it may not seem so, I was really undereating. I was supposed to be eating around 2800-3000 calories to maintain. So I was creating 1000 calorie deficits.

The only way to get your period back NATURALLY is to get to your body's set point. That might not be 138 lbs. That might be 145. That might be 150. But what do you prefer? Looking skinny or being able to have a family in the future? Your periods and metabolism are strongly linked to the amount of leptin in your body. It's found in fat and it's essential for good health.

In order for my body to recover, I'm currently using the help of a former poster on here, Hedgren. She currently advises people on this website:  . If you want your period back and to just stop thinking about calories in-calories out all the time.. you'll have to stop all exercise and since you're under 25, eat at least 3000 calories a day. Until you stop gaining. That will get your metabolism back to normal.

Just spend some time browsing the website. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. But your kids will thank you if you do..

Health & Support Where art thou, period? Jan 23 2012
21:40 (UTC)

I'm also currently working really hard on getting my period back and honestly, I couldn't have done it without the help of wonderful Hedgren! She used to post here, until she moved to her own website . In order to get your period back you have to be eating a minimum of 2500 calories, 3000 if you're under 25.

In order to get your period back, you have to reach your Optimal Weight, your set point. So if that's 130 pounds, you'll have to go back to 130 pounds. I'm sure you looked wonderful at that weight! The only thing that's telling you you were 'fat and ugly' at that weight is your ED-messed brain! Believe me, it will get better, but you must dedicate yourself completely to recovery.

Best wishes!

Weight Loss Gained 20 pounds eating 1500 Jan 17 2012
06:23 (UTC)

It's also for people who want to boost their metabolisms and I have a feeling that the op is actually stuck in the first phase (water gain) and thinks it's actually fat

Weight Loss Gained 20 pounds eating 1500 Jan 17 2012
06:01 (UTC)

I suggest you check out Gwynyth Olwyn's website. She also goes under the name of Hedgren on calorie count and she's helped a lot of people suffering from E.D.s to restore their metabolisms, and she's helping me too. This is her website: . In order to reach your optimal body weight, the weight your body wants and needs to be in order to be healthy, you have to eat 3000 calories a day (assuming you're under 25) until your body stops gaining weight. At first you'll gain a lot of weight which will actually be WATER which your body stores for cellular repair. But in time this weight will go away. She explains the phases of recovery here: ases-of-recovery-from-restricted-eating.html  , and here she explains why you need those 3000 calories: -i-need-2500-calories.html . Hope I helped!

Young Calorie Counters how long have some of you had a weight problem? Jan 06 2012
21:30 (UTC)

it started last summer... when i discovered caloriecount, and turned into an eating disorder. it's funny how i used to wish that i would be anorexic so that i could eat all the sweets and all the food the people in recovery could and go through reactive eating, and here i am, recovering from anorexia myself, and it's not fun to have to stuff yourself 24/7. but i want my period back, my body back, my life back! back off, stupid ed! you can't control me

be careful what you wish for

Young Calorie Counters Is it possible to go through reactive eating even though I'm at a healthy B.M.I.? Jan 02 2012
18:46 (UTC)

ugh, this is just so frustrating! I feel like all the hard work I did to lose weight is just wasted... but I can't stop eating!

Young Calorie Counters YCCers --What did you eat TODAY? Dec 25 2011
19:55 (UTC)

Merry Christmas! :)

Today's eats:

Breakfast- slice of marzipan stollen, really big apple, green tea- 390 kcals

Lunch- plate of egg tagliatelle with shrimp and garlic, a little tomato salad- 440 kcals

Snack- two handfuls of peanut m&ms- 300 kcals

Dinner- ate out at McDonalds, got a chicken mcwrap and a tuna salad without dressing, for a total of 570 kcals

Snack-apple- 100 kcals

TOTAL- 1800 kcals

Exercise: walking around the mall for around an hour, after watching the new Alvin and the chipmunks movie. Did any of you guys see it? I thought it was pretty silly, but my little sister loved it.


Young Calorie Counters YCCers --What did you eat TODAY? Dec 24 2011
18:33 (UTC)

Hi everyone! :) I'm trying to maintain my weight after having lost around 20 pounds (Currently 5'7' and 125 pounds), and I thought it would be fun to share my eats with you. So, here goes today:

Breakfast: -cinni-mini crunch cereal with 1.5% milk- 180 kcals

Snack: apple-100 kcals

Lunch: 1/2 cup rice fried with one egg, 2 chicken meatballs, grated carrots and a little mustard (really yummy) and a cucumber salad -440 kcals

Snack: half a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of marzipan stollen (yummy German cake)-350 kcals

Dinner (well, pretty much just dessert, but it's Christmas, so gimme all the sugar you can)- 3 homemade oatmeal cookies, 3 homemade lemon cookies, a cup of milk, an apple- 720 kcals

TOTAL: 1790 kcals

Exercise: 45 minutes at the gym: 15 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill (walking/running), 20 minutes of circuit training