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The Lounge First real boyfriend and I'm so nervous/paranoid; advice? Oct 28 2009
10:55 (UTC)

Thank you : ) That's made me feel a lot better haha, Yeah I just ignore the petty comments I assumed I'd get a few at least but you're right about asking people detached from your life; i felt a lot more comfortable doing that than speaking to people who knew us both. Thank you again

The Lounge First real boyfriend and I'm so nervous/paranoid; advice? Oct 27 2009
23:15 (UTC)

I see your point I should have made it more clear.

I meant that it's the first relationship that I've ever wanted to really work out, cos before I wasn't really mature enough to see a relationship last more than a few days.

I'll change it : )

And thank you

Weight Loss Is Your Fat Evenly Distributed? Oct 27 2009
22:12 (UTC)

the right side of my body is a bit bigger than my left : /

I can notice but no-one else has to my knowledge...maybe they're just being polite.

Young Calorie Counters How old were you when you had your first kiss? Oct 07 2009
22:35 (UTC)

13 with a guy i didn't know and never saw again! It was at an under 16's 'night' club haha. My first meaningful kiss however was 17 with my current boyfriend. First proper boyfriend was when I was 14 but I was too shy to make much out of it. So to be honest I don't really count them much.

But don't worry about your age, everyone does these things in their own time : )

Vegetarian Vegetarians- where do you get your protein? Oct 07 2009
22:31 (UTC)

i eat a lot of nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc

Quorn also contains protein!

Weight Loss How often do you eat ice cream? Aug 30 2009
16:00 (UTC)

Hardly ever actually now I think about it. Me and my friend will split a Ben and Jerries tub of cookie dough ice cream once in a blue moon and never manage to finish it but that's about it. I prefer frozen Yoghurt but it's not that popular or easy to get around here : (

Weight Loss I'm so embarrassed to go back to school! Aug 28 2009
15:06 (UTC)

Hun, stop worrying thats the last thing that is going to help. I've put on a bit of weight too and I have to go back to collage in a week and I started freaking out too. But you know what? Just start from here on to cut down on the bad stuff and munch on the good stuff, add a little running here and there and you'll be fine. The weight will come off and you'll probs find that when you get back to school your eating habits will get back to normal and you'll end up getting back to how you were. As for your friend - don't worry about it. She might have just been trying to help or something. If she's doing it more than that one time talk to her, tell her how it makes you feel. 

Good luck.

Foods Eating out at a mexican place with my friend tomorrow. Help!! Aug 28 2009
14:58 (UTC)

Thank you : ) I remember liking vegetable fajitas so I'll go with that choice if they have it. Water is perfect for me too since I like sipping on it so much. Thanks again, I feel better now

The Lounge why are some people so ugly? Aug 27 2009
22:54 (UTC)

Most of the time I don't wear make-up and make very little effort with myself simply because foundation makes my spots worse and to be honest I'm not really into make-up that much and I don't have the confidence to dress really nice - I'm also quite a tomboyish dork so that may have something to do with it. I put eye liner and clear mascara on sometimes...each to there own. Some people wear to much, some people wear none and some people get it just right. It's all down to the person. Some people I know look better with a naked face haha

Weight Loss I'm 17 and wanting to reach 110lbs but I'm not sure if this is the right target for me. Targets confuse me - can someone help?? Aug 27 2009
22:21 (UTC)

Woah...who knew maths was involved in weight loss : )

Thank you for your help, I'll make sure to aim for a healthier weight perhaps around 130 - 135 lbs.

Weight Loss I'm 17 and wanting to reach 110lbs but I'm not sure if this is the right target for me. Targets confuse me - can someone help?? Aug 27 2009
22:20 (UTC)

Thank you! I only ever drink water anyway and I've just started exercising too so hopefully I'll see some good outcomes soon! I'll try and aim for around 130 lbs now.

Weight Loss what are your hip measurements? and what size pants do you wear? Aug 30 2008
11:59 (UTC)

hmm I can't say for sure my hip measurements because I lack a tape measure but I'm a UK size 12-14 atm which is depressing as I used to be a 10! D: this is what summer vacation does to you!

Foods What is one food you know you probably eat too much of, but can't/won't stop? Aug 30 2008
11:49 (UTC)

Bread and Pasta and also cheese spread! I do try to cut down on these things most of the time but I normally can't go more than two days without having withdrawel. I suppose I could be addicted to much worse foods but then I eat all three in excess when I'm not careful so maybe its just as bad.

Weight Loss For the yogurt lovers! Aug 29 2008
15:41 (UTC)

I don't suppose they have this in England do they?? It sounds awesome.

Pregnancy & Parenting Need parental advice. Aug 28 2008
10:17 (UTC)

I'm 16 now but when i first ever signed up I was 15 and I learnt how to work this site pretty quickly. It's a great way for us teens to learn how to lose weight healthly because there is so much support from all ages here. I think this site could only help your daughter :3

Good luck to her!

Health & Support Scale Phobia Aug 27 2008
09:34 (UTC)

Thank you! Hmm I think it would be a good idea to have someone hide mine - at least that way I wouldn't know where to look for them. Thanks for the idea.