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Weight Loss Drinking Alcohol & Eating at night Jan 17 2013
02:55 (UTC)

Yes it's so hard. I'm a uni student so drinking is something I positively refuse to miss out on. I just won't. I'm now only losing vanity pounds so I don't deprive myself completely. 

What I do, which is not preferable for health but the only thing I can think of to have the best of both worlds is to be more extreme during the week. I stick to 1,200 every day and exercise moderately (1.5 hour walk in the morning before breakfast and yoga 5x a week) and then I allow myself 2 free meals a week. I have to remind myself that these are MODERATE free meals and not blow outs. I have 2 because it's very usual for people to drink at uni a few times a week (until exams start). So I'll have bolognaise with spelt or wholemeal pasta because I love it (and to line my stomach for drinking) or chilli con carne with brown rice say, and then I'll stick to either vodka and soda (and have as much as I want during the night which ends up not being too gross an amount) or white wine. I stick to one alcohol because it stops me reaching for sugary cocktails and because I feel less ill the next day. That night when I get home I might have a toasted sandwich with cheese or something, and try my best to leave it at that. Bringing home a guy I'm seeing helps because I tend to be too embarrassed to binge when he's there lol..

That's what I do and I have maintained a bmi of 21 for quite a while now, slowly losing (goal is 50kg, or BMI of 20)

What I do might not help anyone, but I just don't think it's realisitic to lose weight, have alcohol, and eat say 1,700-2,000 calories a day (for short women like myself I'm meaning, taller women could probably lose on that amount), because the deficit just isn't there.

Health & Support please help me!!! Jan 16 2013
22:35 (UTC)

Hey there. Just take a deep breath. IF you have gained weight in such a short time (which is a very big if) forgive yourself and tomorrow or today (whichever is possible) just keep going with how many calories you were eating before to lose weight healthily. There is nothing you can do now about what you have eaten, all you can do is make sure you stop fasting (because look what happens when you get too hungry - which happens to all of us) and just be kind to your body with the healthy foods again.

You will not have messed up your metabolism in a few days don't worry - just keep going like usual. To injure your metabolism I have read in many places that it takes some time of continuous under-eating, not just a few days. 

Incidentally, just wondering how many calories you usually eat to lose weight? I'm 5'2 and 54kg as well, just like hearing what other shorties eat :). Good luck!

Weight Loss The battle of the binge :'( Jul 12 2012
04:54 (UTC)

Ah I totally relate to you, and I am so sorry that you're going through it. My boyfriend also finds it hard to understand, non-bingers wonder, why would you eat when you're full.. why would you eat junk if you want to lose weight?! But anyway. I suggest eating more. My binging is the worst when I try and eat the least. I was trying for 1,000 calories at times, and 1,200 calories sometimes. 1,200 was too low, so now I am going for 1,400-1,500 (with exercise). Basically, I'm following cc's recommendations and sometimes going a little over (hey, it's better than eating a large pizza, garlic bread and icecream alone in my room!)

I think one of the most important things is don't try and eat perfectly. Eat roughly what CC recommends, and if you have a bit of cake because you're in a social occasion, don't feel like the day is done and dusted and you might as well eat ANYTHING you want, you will only hurt yourself in the end. Just enjoy that slice, and try and move on and have your next meal healthy.

Equally, don't punish yourself by restricting too hard after binging, that will keep the cycle going.

I also agree with the above poster who said don't try with atkins type stuff. All things in moderation. perhaps try and eat more protein than carbs but if you want to incorporate food you love into your calorie count, do it and enjoy it.


I don't know if any of that will help, they are just the things that have helped me. Good luck to you :)

Weight Loss For those of you trying to loose those 10 vanity pounds.. Jul 12 2012
04:37 (UTC)

I definately relate. I've spent about 5 years (and I'm only 21) trying to eat the perfect 1,200 calories (or less, or a bit more) and I've lost about 3kg in that time. I've gotten fitter and more toned, but I haven't reached my goal weight, which is 48kg at 5'2 (currently 53kg). Basically now, I've tried not calorie counting and doing paleo, but I felt out of control and like I wasn't going to lose the weight, so now I'm back to stupid calorie plans.

I'm really glad you are stepping away from it. It sounds like you have your priorities set well, like exercise and having a good social life and being generally healthy without the angst. I want to be like that as well but I feel like I cannot until I reach my goal. I'm naturally quite stocky in build so I really wont get down to 48kg without being vigilant, it won't just fall off if I'm generally healthy. And also sadly, I'm perfectly healthy and I think I want to be thinner for other people, not myself. It makes me kind of sad and I'm so sick of this whole thing, I'm sick of feeling guilty and feeling so unrelaxed about food.

Good luck with maintaining this kind of life, I think it's definately for the best.

Weight Loss Daily calorie intake - why am I putting on weight? May 08 2012
07:43 (UTC)

You might have a warped perception of your own body. I know when I binge, my whole outlook changes. I walk around being self conscious of my legs in jeans and I feel like my arms have doubled in size. But I haven't gained weight in ten minutes from binging, so it's psychological. 

The key thing here is that you 'feel' you are gaining weight. Have you weighed yourself? It would be shocking if you were gaining weight on 1,200 calories. Even if you feel guilty, at least eat 1,200 calories. That will give you the best chance to look slim but not go into starvation mode. 

Weight Loss Can I lose weight eating more carbs than people usually say to if I stay in the calorie limits? Apr 02 2012
03:14 (UTC)

Thanks Mamabear I'll check it out although I'm not sure if I want to follow a diet as such. 


Armandounc, okay, but CC suggested I eat 1,400 to lose weight so, what would you suggest?

Weight Loss Can I lose weight eating more carbs than people usually say to if I stay in the calorie limits? Apr 01 2012
23:36 (UTC)

Fincharella - thanks for your imput! And yes, I think 1,200 is just plain unrealistic. I still want to binge most nights at 1,400 and I rarely can stop at that. Thanks for your fat suggestions, I love quinoa and should eat it more and I do eat fruit and oats already the meals I gave were just an example but I realised there was no fruit lol :) 


Gavibear - sadly I don't really crave fruit or veggies. I eat them, but just cause I feel better when I do and should. I never eat white carbs always wholegrain pasta and wholemeal rice and bread. I guess if my body is using it fine and I don't feel sick I should keep eating carbs at every meal..


Johodog - I would love to be buddies! I'm thinking 110 pounds might be better too just haven't decided yet. I may go up to 1,500, definately 1,400. 1,500 is something I could probably actually stick to for once so I will seriously consider it. I exercise an hour a day almost every day and it's pretty intense running and elliptical so that burns probably about 400 anyway which means net would only be 1,100! I think I'm finally learning that you can't deprive a person  who has an emotional relationship with food.. it just doesn't work binging always wins so we have to be realistic. I'm relatively new to cc so what does being weight loss buddies entail? Do we tell each other how we're going and stuff? 


Thanks guys I feel a lot better for eating carbs and won't feel as guilty 

Maintaining How can i learn to eat in moderation?! Apr 01 2012
11:05 (UTC)

I also found that helpful Bek... Thanks. I am extremely black and white. I was just on 1,300 calories but then I ate a brownie and ice cream and thought to myself, I'd kind of just like to stop now. I really hope I can continue to do that. My slimmest friends eat treats in moderation

Weight Loss SHORT GIRLS: how do you deal???? Mar 29 2012
02:44 (UTC)

Hate to tell you, but a lot of your complaints have nothing to do with your height.

Many short women have good waist to hip ratios and have a defined waist ok that's not just tall women. I'm 5'2, 20 year old female and my measurements are 33 - 23 - 34, and it's not that rare a few of my small friends have nice waists. Your tall friends getting asked out more may be more confident (you sound pretty insecure sorry, not judging you I am too), they may act more flirty to guys, or sorry.. but they may be prettier.

Secondly, I think this obsession with 'long legs' is ridiculous. I am so sick of short girls banging on about the fact they don't have long legs. Get over it, seriously, it doesn't matter. You can still be cute and have lovely toned legs that aren't long. The more you fuss over it the more you degrade small women by acting like it's this amazing thing you don't have. Frankly it's frustrating.

With kids, honestly kids can just be nasty, don't worry about it. You're 16, not 25 so it's okay if you look a little young. Don't worry about it.

I don't have to deal to be honest, I'm small and I have a lot of interest from guys often a hell of a lot more than my tall friends. It's about having a nice body and having a pretty face. That's just the truth.

Weight Loss Body image issues Jan 16 2012
06:57 (UTC)

Hi there, 


First off, I think your goal weight is realistic and good. I'm 5'2 and I was 117 (give or take) and looked fine, healthy bmi of 21ish. So on your similar frame I'm sure that weight would be fine. Now I'm 114 pounds and I look pretty much the same. 


I sometimes measure myself with a tape measure to see progress but it's pretty casual and random and I don't really keep track. Tracking every calorie and exercise and getting on the scale is enough for me. But when I do have a look at my measurements, its only bust, waist and then hips. I hold most my weight in my lower half so keeping track of my widest part (which is my bum/hips) says the most. I don't bother measuring my arms or whatever, because it's quite difficult to always make sure you are measuring the same spot. 


I can relate about being short and feeling like legs are too large. But I've learnt to accept that being the shape I am, which is slightly not busty enough to be an hourglass so I think of myself as a pare-shaped girl, I'm never going to have really thin lanky legs. And you know what, I'm cool with that.. if your legs are in good shape, you will look great and really nice, just means you don't have quite as much leeway in gaining weight as tall peopole do because it will be visible super quick. 

Also I do the same thing with researching celebrity weights. I do it A LOT, more than I'd care to admit... I find celebrities with a BMI of 19.5-20 look my favourite, which actually helps and takes the pressure off of wanting to look even slimmer. I'm glad other people do this too, sometimes I feel prettty obsessive lol. 

Well good luck reaching your goal weight :) 

Foods FAVORITES--food survey time!!! Jan 12 2012
06:11 (UTC)


Fruit: banana

Veggie (cooked): sweet potato

Veggie (raw): carrots

Meat: roast chicken with gravy

Cheese: oh so many.. roquefort (not sure how to spell that one) the blue cheese, haloumi, feta, chedder

Bread: ciabatta all soft and nice! a good baguette

Dairy item: ice cream

Milk: just any milk

Candy (chocolate): i like sees candy and lindt lindor the little balls

Candy (non-chocolate): red lollies whatever shape and size

Family meal often made: mexican: mince, tortillas, excellent guacamole with plenty of lemon juice and onion and salt, salsa, cheese! yum

Thanksgiving food: I'm Australian we don't celebrate this but I never say no to a turkey roast!

Christmas cookie: Don't really have christmas cookies come to think of it.. I like all cookies

Packaged cookie: Premiere cookies just from the supermarket do the job, but any home made ones are great too.

Chinese food: sweet and sour chicken is my fave with rice

Italian food: pizza, with almost anything on it except anchovies

Mexican food: quesadillas (not sure how to spell that), tortillas, tacos... this clear soup with avocado in it.. all of it!

American food: Burger and fries, one day I'd like to go to America and try southern fried chicken, pretty sure I'd adore that!

Baked potato topping: Cheese, butter.. haven't reallly eaten this as a meal much but I think some sort of mince sauce would be delish!

Food at a BBQ: hot dogs

Sit-down restaurant: Bistro Thierry in Melbourne where I love. Amazing french food. I get minute steak and thin french fries with peppercorn sauce followed by an apple tart thing

Fast-food restaurant: Sadly I like most... kfc, red rooster, nandos. But I like some healthier ones too like grill'd and that's the one I indulge on.

Drink (hot): coffee, hot chocolate

Drink (cold): orange juice

Ice cream flavor: cookie and cream

Cake: chocolate cake or pavlova

Pie: Don't have pie much but I like apple pie and would like to try pecan pie one day


What do you eat when your sick? vegemite on toast, dry biscuits

What UNHEALTHY food item isn't worth the splurge that others LOVE? Hmm.. is lobster unhealthy? I will splurge on most unhealthy things..

What UNHEALTHY food item IS worth the splurge? really good ice cream, expensive cheese. Im so hungry now!

What’s your favourite snack food? nice cheese on biscuits, chips

How many meals do you eat a day? 2 or 3

How many snacks? usually none

Which meal is the biggest meal of the day? either breakfast or my second main meal. I often prefer to have higher calories 2 meals than 3 small ones

How often do you eat food prepared by someone other than yourself? my parents cook for me when I'm at home every second day on holidays. I buy food out about every second day, only the ones I can calorie count though


Weight Loss Anyone tried The Warrior Diet? Jan 11 2012
13:09 (UTC)

On second thoughts.. my sister said she read a scathing review of the warrior diet by a dr which said eating so much at a time is bad for your heart. Of course it's better not to believe just one person but if there's any chance of this, count me out. I ate 900 calories tonight as my main meal and all i wanted to do was sleep and i felt kind of sick. Good luck if anyone decides to try it though though I don't think I will personally :/

Weight Loss My Before And After! Jan 11 2012
07:18 (UTC)

Well done!!!! you're an inspiration. Bet you're feeling fab, good on you!! 

mchanterelle - not sure what you mean by ppl plz, you're the only one who can lose 20 lbs for you

Weight Loss so my friend Jan 11 2012
06:41 (UTC)

Firstly, drill it in to your friend that crash dieting makes people fat in the long run. Literally. I wasted my teen years - binge, starve, binge starve - all the while screwing up my metabolism and slowly getting chubbier.

I know it's tempting to endeavour on some crazy low cal schedule thinking 'ohh I'll be soo thin' but the sooner your friend wakes up and realises she enjoys food and cannot starve herself long term the sooner she will reach a happy weight for her.

1. step 1, use a calorie counter to see how many calories she is allowed to have. iture-advanced.  <-- use that 

If you're friend is hell-bent on going low cal and desperately wants to be thin and isn't tall... this is my plan for what it's worth 


B: Muesli, shaved apple and yoghurt/cereal and fruit = 400

L: Boiled egg on toast/tuna salad = 200

D: Chicken, steak or tofu with vegetables or salad = 400

D: Yoghurt and fruit = 200

That suits me and the food I like. The salads and meats vary obviously depending on what's put in it but I keep them within the appropriate ranges. 


If you're friend is tall or very active use the calorie calculator I put above and add more calories depending on what her calorie needs are.


Hope this is of some help


Weight Loss I don't believe the hype.... the scale doesn't lie, right? Jan 11 2012
06:25 (UTC)

I honestly don't know how anyone can eat 1,200 and exercise. I'm 5'2 young female and I feel like I'm going to hit somebody/fall asleep at 1,200 with exercise. I try and try but usually end up at around 1,400. 


Anyway the reason I'm posting is because you mentioned you have a multi vitamin before bed. You should have it in the morning, they can keep you awake.

Weight Loss Anyone tried The Warrior Diet? Jan 11 2012
06:11 (UTC)

This diet works well for me too. I was doing this diet for a while and it worked. More energy and I got to 'eat big' which I just have always loved to do. I only stopped because I lived at college at university which was catered and so it's unsociable and a waste of money to do a warrior type diet there. But now that I don't live at a college so I'm totally doing it again. 

While some people think bingers shouldn't do it, I disagree. Having 3 perfect 400 calories meals or 4 little 30 calories meals personally makes me want to binge. I hate tiny little meals. I'm not overweight I'm 5'2 and 116 pounds but I'd like to be 109 or so. I get greater pleasure unwinding at the end of the day with a nice big healthy meal and then just hanging out for the rest of the night rather than these little meals all the time. I also feel lighter and more confident during the day walking around because I don't feel full and I'm not calorie counting in my head all the time which drags me down and makes me bored. 

So yeah that's my 2 cents, I'm going to be getting back into it so I hope it works again, I'll let you all know here in case anyone is interested :)