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Health & Support i'm scared for my friend Jun 08 2009
01:29 (UTC)

I absolutely notice people's eating habits more, whether they are undereating or overeating. Wait it out a little bit and if you still notice the same things, try to talk to her again, although I'm not sure it would've ever helped me. Maybe talk to your parents if you have a good relationship with them. They can either advise you or talk to your friend's parents, telling them YOU have a concern (not that your parents have this concern).

Health & Support Ways to grow taller Jun 07 2009
22:06 (UTC)

Do be sure to eat healthy foods; lots of veggies and calcium and things, but don't expect to grow much. Sorry.

I'm 5'0" and I'll be 21 in a month; I definitely haven't grown since I was 15. It's kind of a bummer, but you'll get used to it. If your doctor doesn't seem to be concerned about your height/lack of growing, just try to accept it.

P.S. Our parents are the same height; mom 5', dad 5'10".

Embrace it.

Weight Loss I felt a bit down today and I ate 1600 what should I do? Jun 07 2009
21:46 (UTC)

Don't skip dinner. Eat something small and healthy later this evening (as in, 6-8pm, not 10 or 11) when you feel hungry, even if it's just some fruits or veggies.

Do eat, though.

Young Calorie Counters My mom keeps calling me fat.. I don't know what to say to her. Jun 07 2009
21:43 (UTC)

I am very sorry that you hear this at home. I have never been over weight (neither are you!), but my mom (who is, but not a lot) always made comments to me about "watch what you eat!" and "better stay active!" I am so glad you acknowledge that she is wrong. Please remember that in the future so that you don't fall into any bad habits.

That being said, I am really not sure what you can say. Maybe mention that you are trying to eat healthy? Find recipes online that are healthy just for "something new" to try at home? I'm not sure if you could effectively do that without upsetting her, that's kind of up to you to feel out for yourself.

Foods How can I make myself not eat during studying? Jun 07 2009
21:30 (UTC)

For me, chewing gum works sometimes, but other times it just doesn't cut it. Then I turn to bags of frozen carrots or frozen green beans. I eat them still frozen.

A little weird, but like the poster above said, even if you eat the whole bag, they're just veggies!

Health & Support Stubborn 10 won't go away Jun 07 2009
20:59 (UTC)

I could be totally wrong here, but just an idea. You don't mention your height here, but if you're close to an ideal weight for your height, it's usually really hard to lose that last bit of weight... not sure why.

I would also say that since you work out so much you need to be eating more... 1200 is like the absolute minimum, and you obviously burn a lot with that workout! I'm not sure how much I really believe the whole starvation mode thing, but since you have been doing this same thing for so long, try changing it up a bit.

Vegetarian how many vegetarians wear leather? Jun 05 2009
06:07 (UTC)

As others have already said, it could just be for health reasons.

Personally, I have not worn leather since I was old enough to make my own clothing decisions - like around late elementary school. I also refuse to wear fur, but that has never been a problem for me, because my parents don't do fur either.

I feel like it's sort of a phasing-out thing, I also stopped eating red meat in junior high school, and went fully vegetarian right after high school.

Vegetarian CARBS!- help! Nov 19 2008
04:58 (UTC)

do you eat eggs? hard boiled eggs are a must for me.

The Lounge The I hate Christmas Music Thread Nov 13 2008
15:51 (UTC)

i didn't hate christmas music until i started working in retail. since i'm forced to listen to it 40 hours a week for 2 months, it just grinds against my nerves every time i hear it!

The Lounge Athiest Holiday Ad Angers Christians Nov 12 2008
19:54 (UTC)
Original Post by coffincritter:

Original Post by kizzichan:

"It's a stupid ad," he said. "How do we define 'good' if we don't believe in God? God in his word, the Bible, tells us what's good and bad and right and wrong. If we are each ourselves defining what's good, it's going to be a crazy world."

^ This.


And yet...none of the atheists I know are out raping and murdering!Some of them are even doing volunteer work and donating to charities! Why is that?

^ this is what i've been saying for years.

The Lounge Athiest Holiday Ad Angers Christians Nov 12 2008
17:48 (UTC)

i don't find this offensive, but i know a lot of people who would be really upset by this, but i guess i'm agnostic now.

i almost like this ad- in a way, it's saying the same thing i have been the whole time i've questioned religion. many of the Christians i know are not good people. they honestly aren't. they're selfish, greedy, and aren't involved in any sort of charity work. also, they ridicule me often for not going to church.
on the other hand, a group of my friends and i volunteer several places and donate other time and money to humanitarian organizations.

maybe this ad is to combat the ridicule that atheists get from religious people for not believing. the "just be good for goodness' sake" implies to me that people who are not religious can be good people.

Foods Portion Size vs. Calories Nov 12 2008
17:05 (UTC)

i think the bloating does goes away after a while.

and i don't think the mass of the food needs to change. maybe just save the sandwich for later. i have had problems with purging if i feel too full (along with all sorts of other ED things, but that's beside the point), so to combat that, i have tried to start eating very small portions spaced out through the day. this helps me avoid getting too full and also the big bloated stomach that would scare me so much :)

The Lounge Who will you be voting for for President of the United States??? Nov 03 2008
00:42 (UTC)

Obama (already voted!)

The Lounge Restaurant Service - WHY is it NOT Good sometimes Nov 03 2008
00:36 (UTC)

I saw your post earlier when there were no comments on it, and when I realized it was so long, I just sort of glazed over it, knowing you were going to get totally flamed.

Now, I've read all the comments and pretty much agree with all of them. I really don't have much to add, but I do think you should watch the movie Waiting. Really. Please do it. It's not realistic; it's totally exaggerated, but most waiters and waitresses really like it because of how they deal with difficult customers.

Foods More protein, less carbs for the girl on the run... Oct 31 2008
16:03 (UTC)

try almonds! they do have a lot of protein, although they are fairly high-calorie (about 7 cals per almond). they keep me full, and they're very portable :)

The Lounge This is so gay! Oct 31 2008
05:51 (UTC)

i don't hear this very often anymore, but i will say i think for SOME people, the campaign will have an effect.

about a week ago, i noticed a high school friend of mine had a facebook status stating that something was gay, and i posted the link in a comment, and within the hour, he had changed his status to say it was stupid. this kid is very religious and not LGBT-friendly, but i was honestly really touched that he changed it.

Young Calorie Counters College freshman---Is it okay NOT to drink? Oct 15 2008
20:32 (UTC)

it's absolutely okay!

i came to college assuming i wouldn't drink. i'm a junior now, and i do have the occasional mixed drink, because i do like the taste.

still, i have been at tons of parties in which i was one of the few who were not drinking. i was sort of surprised, but in my experience, there isn't much pressure from others to start drinking.

the only thing is, i don't like being around people who are super out-of-control drunk. but, i'm uncomfortable in that situation whether i'm drinking or not.

have fun in college, but definitely realize that drinking is totally NOT necessary to have fun :)

Weight Loss big calves Oct 12 2008
22:59 (UTC)

i think it is mostly genetics. i got weird things from both my parents. i'm only 5'0", and i have a super tiny body frame, both of which i got from my mom, but i got these huge calves from my dad (if it gives you any idea, my ankle is barely 8" around, and my calves are 14"). oh, and i am in the normal weight range for my height.

so unfortunately, i'm guessing your calves won't get much smaller. but, i definitely feel your pain, most "skinny jeans" either look REALLY dumb on me because they're so tight in the calves, or they just don't even go on in the first place. and i can forget about wearing cute boots.

The Lounge Any book worms? Sep 15 2008
18:26 (UTC)

off the top of my head ---

my absolute favorites are Chuck Palahniuk books. They are pretty strange, but great: Fight Club, Survivor, Invisible Monsters, Choke, Lullaby, Diary, Rant

if you just want "chick fluff," i absolutely love Louise Rennison's Confessions of Georgia Nicholson. There are nine books in the series, i think, and they're just a lot of fun to read (young adult)

Fahrenheit 451is amazing... definitely a classic. (Don't judge it by the movie.)


The Lounge Frozen Glass Bottle - Help! Sep 06 2008
15:09 (UTC)

Thank you! Yeah... it's like 42 proof. It's horrible stuff and tastes like rubbing alcohol.