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     I am happy to have found this website because I sure need the support of talking with others to stay motivated to eat right and take better care of myself.  I have a pretty stressful life right now, I am "on call" for family members alot. I am the only one who is not employed, so I guess they all think I am available anytime. Even though I do not have to be commited to the type of schedule that a job entails,  I need to have my time and routines respected.

     Since I have a hard time saying no, I end up comforting myself with food I don't need to eat. My husband is very supportive, and tells me I should take back my life, and does not ever say a word about my weight, only that he wishes I felt better and had the energy I used to have.

     Anyway,,,,I am starting the Slim in 6 program, and hoping for some great results!!!!     

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