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Foods What's the healthiest candy bar? Oct 26 2012
06:58 (UTC)

I agree with finkielink,

Pick whichever one you desire =D Especially because you're only having one every other week. I would try to work the calories into your meal plan, but that is very do-able. Pay no mind to the sugar, fat, etc. It's only one treat and you should enjoy it!

The Lounge Smiley Face Stickers For Us All!! Sep 14 2012
18:39 (UTC)
The Lounge Smiley Face Stickers For Us All!! Sep 14 2012
18:33 (UTC)


Health & Support emotional eating Aug 22 2012
14:51 (UTC)
Health & Support emotional eating Aug 22 2012
03:52 (UTC)


Foods What time does your "new food day" start? Aug 20 2012
04:20 (UTC)

I also start my new food day at midnight, but usually won't eat anything until I wake up. Midnight is basically the cut-off.

Books handmaids tale Aug 18 2012
02:41 (UTC)

There's also a movie. I bought mine off Amazon (VHS) was very good!

Weight Loss Question about recovering from a mini binge Aug 15 2012
15:42 (UTC)

Do the opposite of what I would do...I would try to restrict the next day and that keeps me in the binge/restrict cycle...

If I were sensible enough to take my own advice, I would treat each day as it's own and start fresh the following day by eating the usual target intake.

The Lounge Is it smart to give a random person/stranger help who needs a ride in your car? Aug 15 2012
03:56 (UTC)

You have a very kind heart, but it's important not to be too optimistic about other's intentions...That sounded really paranoid, but you have to be to some degree. My first instinct is to help people when they are in situations like this, but you need to stop and think, "Why is she stranded at Walmart...? Why is it my problem? Shouldn't she have made arrangements beforehand to prevent having to ask a stranger for a ride...?"

Maybe her car broke down and she's now stuck at Walmart, but if that wasn't the case, I wouldn't have much sympathy. If other people can't plan ahead, it's not my problem.

Weight Loss Twizzlers .... my beloved. Aug 15 2012
02:15 (UTC)
Original Post by smw:

Switch to alternatives that you're not quite as happy with but will help you wean off.  Dark chocolate is a bit harder to wolf down than milk.  Black licorice or ginger chews are plenty sweet but have overwhelming flavors and take a while to munch through.

Great suggestion!! =D

Weight Loss Twizzlers .... my beloved. Aug 14 2012
23:28 (UTC)

In my experience, fruit has satisfied the cravings I've had for sugar. Maybe you need to eat multiple pieces of fruit to get the same effect, but it can be done. 

Weight Loss Overcoming emotional eating Jul 04 2012
01:04 (UTC)


Foods Do you guys find grocery shopping to be completely confusing? Jun 22 2012
13:46 (UTC)

Yes, I find it incredibly confusing. Sometimes, I will grab whatever I'm craving without obsessing and other times, I worry about the safety of aluminum cans or the plastic a microwave meal comes in. Packaging can worry me just as much as the ingredients.

Vegetarian be vegetarian....... Jun 14 2012
05:19 (UTC)
Original Post by radhika_vyas:

yes you are write.....

aha! You are making me lol

Weight Loss Eating Slowly Jun 03 2012
19:12 (UTC)

Instead of counting, I make sure to chew my food so thoroughly to the point where it becomes unrecognizable. Sorry if that sounds gross lol

The Lounge How can I come to terms with my sub-average intelligence? May 31 2012
23:26 (UTC)


Motivation it's happening! all I can think about is sweets! May 26 2012
19:40 (UTC)


Motivation it's happening! all I can think about is sweets! May 26 2012
18:09 (UTC)


Health & Support my dad and eating May 21 2012
03:28 (UTC)


Health & Support Mourning Stargirl213.... May 21 2012
03:16 (UTC)

Omg, I was wondering about her JUST earlier today. I have chills now =/