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Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 19 2009
15:54 (UTC)

Aww my Tilly is a Border Collie cross :)

Atleast now you can show your room mate how to properly care for and train a dog!

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 19 2009
13:11 (UTC)

Samidget we weigh in on Wednesdays :)

lynners what kind of dog is it? Everytime I take in a rescue case I end up keeping it :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 18 2009
12:47 (UTC)

Chantale glad your not giving up.....look how far you've come! Sometimes you just need that break so you can come back at it refreshed and ready to kick ass again. You're doing great!


Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 18 2009
09:17 (UTC)

Morning everyone!

Last Week: 160.4

This Week: 159.8

Finally the 150's! I did see them a couple of times over the weekend then it fluctuated back up to 160 but its wednesday now so its now official! I'm not sure if it'll fluctuate back up again a tiny bit but hopefully the 150's are now here to stay (until I move on to the 140's). Still a bit miffed that I'm only seeing 0.6lb losses but its better than nothing!

I ended up having a really low calorie day yesterday, returning home from work and gym I found my street and surrounding streets cordoned off by police, turned out someone had found a hand grenade and bomb squad had been called for! They were going to be a couple of hours so I had to go to my friends house. They never have anything remotely healthy and I didn't want to jeapordise weigh in day....I actually turned down pancakes! By the time I got home it was too late to eat up to my calories so I just had some peanut butter on toast then went to bed. I was just happy my house and animals were still in one piece!

Weight Loss Comparison Pic Feb 18 2009
08:57 (UTC)

Wow thanks everyone for all your replies I feel SO much better now, its always good to get other points of view other than your own clouded judgement :)

And yeah I'm definately planning on getting a whole load of new swim suits for my hol!

Thanks for commenting on my babies aswell :)

Weight Loss Comparison Pic Feb 17 2009
14:32 (UTC)

Thanks thats made me feel alot better :D

I know friends and family have commented on my weightloss but its harder to see it yourself, specially as I am very self critical. Bring on July! :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 17 2009
08:39 (UTC)

Valentines day....whats that lol. Never had a valentines card in my life Frown

Well I decided to upload a couple of comparison pics after around 10 - 12lbs loss. Think I can see a tiny bit of a difference but not much. I have had a few people comment on my weight loss though which always helps Laughing

My ankle is really bad again even though I haven't touched the treadmill for frustrating. I'm getting a bit super critical with myself at the moment aswell for only losing half a lb some weeks BUT I'm still chuffed to bits that I'm still losing so I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Weight Loss A midget complains Feb 12 2009
13:29 (UTC)
Original Post by kindal:

Undecided I may be short but i'm attracted to tall men. LOL



 Me too Laughing

Also I eat 1600 - 1800 calories a day as I work out hard (which I enjoy) so I'm actually always eating!

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 11 2009
10:02 (UTC)

Morning everyone and welcome to all the newcomers!

Last Week: 161.0

This Week: 160.4

Still losing :)

I would be happier if I was losing a little more but I'm happy that the scale is consistently showing a loss every week now (only 0.5lbs til the 150's!). I think some days my deficit is still a bit too high.....over 1000 so I'm not sure if it was a bit smaller I might have a bigger loss....dunno I might do some experimenting but I'm scared to go the wrong way and end up not losing at all!

Good luck everyone, hope you have a good day

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Feb 04 2009
08:56 (UTC)

Morning, hope everyone is well!

Last Week: 161.8

This Week: 161.0

Those 150's are getting closer but its agonisingly slow! Stepped on the scale 3 times, first time 161.0, second time 160.8 and third time which was going to be the deciding time 161.0....bleaugh lol. 160.8 would have been a full lb but its not like .2 makes much of a difference!

Pbear that post about small losses is what I keep telling myself all the time! I would love to lose 2lb a week or more instead of around 1lb a week but at the moment I'm just glad that the scale has been consistently moving every week, specially after my plateau before christmas. If I can continue losing roughly 1lb a week I'll be happy :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 30 2009
09:10 (UTC)

lynners there's no wonder that poor dog is so unhappy and frustrated. I'm sure if she was locked in a small cage for 10 hours a day she'd get pretty cranky and mistrustful of people. I think I'd be inclined to report her. As for breeding....does she have any idea of the amount of health tests a reputable breeder has to have done to ensure they are breeding the healthiest puppies possible? Hip scores, elbow scores, heart tests etc. How can she possibly have any idea of a pet store puppy's genetic history.......argh don't get me started!

She can't even look after the dog she has let alone be bringing more into the world. Obviously nothing but a money making venture.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 29 2009
15:53 (UTC)

lynners I'm sorry the dog bit your bf but I think the responsibilty lies with the dogs stupid owner, a dog will not start to bite just for the hell of it, usually a dog who bites has not been brought up well. The poor thing probably needs a responsible owner who will train it and socialise it properly. If its getting shouted at constantly cos it doesn't understand what she is asking of it then its probably a fairly scared and confused dog. The majority of dog attacks stem from bad owners...not bad dogs.

It seems like your room mate is one of those annoying people who won't accept advice but if the dog is actually starting to bite, as in not a puppy play bite that he didn't mean to be so hard, then it really needs nipping in the bud before it becomes a real problem. Sounds like a very unhappy pup to me. I hate these people with a passion who take on animals without taking responsibilty for them!

Weight Loss Measurements - should I be rejoicing or weeping? Am I bragging or confessing? Jan 28 2009
09:29 (UTC)

I have just got myself a measuring tape but its the bust measurement that confuses me, do you measure round your boobs and back or underneath where the bra strap goes? (that sounds like a ridiculous question!) I have taken it to mean round the boobs so I measured myself at:

Bust: 42.5"

Waist: 32.5"

Hips: 42.5"

Thighs: 25.5"

I love having an hourglass shape (apart from the chunky thighs), I'm just looking forward to having a much smaller hourglass shape :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 28 2009
09:02 (UTC)

Morning everyone!

LW: 162.4

TW: 161.8

So its still going down despite last week not being such a good week :)
I still can't get over the fact that upping my calories has made such a difference! I wish I had figured this out much earlier but I suppose I could have gone on being oblivious much longer, atleast now I have it figured out (for now) I have started the new year with renewed progress. The 150's are so close! ;)

lynners I started off my working life working with horses, its all I ever wanted to do growing up. I attended an agricultural college with an equine department for two years then got my dream job at an Arabian stud. I worked there for 4 years and I loved it. I got made redundant when they got into financial difficulties. Since then I've had a change in direction and trained as a Graphic Designer. Its something I love doing but so far haven't found a job which feels totally right. Its such a competitive area and all the best jobs are looking for people with experience....which is difficult to get when you can't get the jobs. I suffer from really low confidence and have little faith in my abilities which makes it even harder to shine in job interviews. I am currently working as a 'graphic designer' at my local council but the work is not as creative as I'd like so I don't feel like I'm getting as much experience as I need to get a better job. Where I work because I'm the only person who does graphic design everyone thinks I'm 'the bees knees' when it comes to design but put me next to a proper designer and I'm practically useless lol. I think I'm still trying to figure out where I want to go in life aswell (bit late at 30 years old lol)

kyrnairffe you might not work out but you have a busy job and even walking is exercise. If you sat all day every day doing nothing but watching telly then 1200 would probably be fine but as soon as you start moving about you start burning calories which will leave you under 1200 if you do not up your calories to compensate. Believe me I've been there! Yeah I lost weight initially but then it slowed and stopped until I started to up my calories to feed my workouts. Yeah I work out alot but I'm sat on my backside all day whereas you are on your feet doing a physical job. You are not sedentery so 1200 calories is too low for you. Congrats on the loss though but up your calories and you'll keep losing :)


Good luck everyone with todays weigh in :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 27 2009
09:34 (UTC)

kyrnnairffe I have a sedentery job (I'm a graphic designer) but I work out 6 days a week and my target calories apparently is 1600 - 1800. Yeah that sounds alot! Just before christmas I had been frustrated that even with all the working out I was doing and eating healthy I had not lost any weight for weeks...probably around 6 weeks or so. I hadn't been logging my calories, mainly guestimating and focussing on eating clean and healthy but obviously something wasn't working for me. So I started to log my calories and discovered I was only taking in 1000 - 1200 calories a day (I'm 5ft1 and currently around 162lbs). I upped my calories to around 1600, logging carefully every day and immediately started losing weight again at a healthy 1lb or so a week (maybe not this week cos I was bad!). Honestly I know its hard to believe that eating more when your trying to lose weight will be beneficial, specially as I used to have an ED and I still struggle with the starve myself mentality but the past few weeks have proved to me that upping your calories if needed really does work. take a look over the last few pages of this group and you'll see how much I was struggling just a few weeks ago.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 26 2009
13:13 (UTC)

kyrnnairffe have you used the tools on this site to calculate how many calories you should be eating cos 1000 is too low, you should have a minimum of 1200 but you will probably find that you can easily lose weight with more than that and even more if you exercise, CC will work that out for you. This group is very helpful and supportive so you've come to the right place.


Ok so I've been a bit bad last week, been feeling rubbish with a headache and sore throat and general grottiness and as a result I've hardly done any exercise. I went swimming on thursday but only did a pathetic 22 lengths and again on sunday (slightly better but still rubbish 50 lengths). I've been craving all kinds of bad foods and unfortunately gave in on wednesday night and had some really bad, high calorie food which pushed my calories to 3000 :-O

Got back on the wagon straight away though even though the cravings were nagging me....I didn't listen. Hopefully won't have affected this weeks weigh in too much, I'll be happy even if I just maintain. Hopefully be back into the swing of things gym-wise this week....cold or no cold :)

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 22 2009
09:10 (UTC)

v_avila thanks! I'm so nervous though that it was just a random run of good luck and next week I'll be back to square one again! Hopefully that won't be the case and I've finally cracked it, its so much more motivating seeing definate results of my hard work on the scale and those 150's are feeling much more achievable now!

pbear when I initially logged what I had been eating it only came out at around roughly 900 - 1100 which was a big shock to me as I had thought I had been eating a fair amount so I have been religiously logging and have managed to get 1500 - 1600 in daily. I'm supposed to be at around 1800 for my activity level apparently but after losing 1lb a week I'm a bit nervous about increasing any further so I think I'll see how I go for now.

Its good to see that everyone is still dedicated to the group and so many new members joining, its so helpful having a support network to turn to :)

One thing I keep reminding myself when I have a wobbly week is that I'm in a much better position in the beginning of 2009 than I was in the beginning of 2008 and things can only get better :)

Weight Loss Sweat and Weight Loss Jan 21 2009
12:50 (UTC)

I think alot of people use the sauna/sweat suits to lose weight temporarily to fit into a certain weight category for a sport eg featherweight boxing. This weight loss is soon as you drink and rehydrate yourself your weight will return to normal.

I personally use the sauna/steam room a couple of times a week but not for weight loss, just because its good for clearing out your pores and making your skin feel fresh. Specially alternating hot and cold (sauna and cold water plunge pool) opens and closes your blood vessels and is great for flushing toxins out...supposedly good for the dreaded cellulite! I drink lots of water at the same time so as not to dehydrate myself.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 21 2009
08:46 (UTC)

Good morning, hope everyone is well

Last Week: 163.6

This Week: 162.4

I can't believe the difference upping my calories has made! I haven't even worked out since thursday (unless you count 4 hours of non stop dancing on saturday night) as I've been busy with another poorly ferret amongst other things. Feeling pretty rough today with a headache and sore throat but hopefully will still make it to gym tonight as I don't want to leave it any longer.

Hope everyone else has a successful weigh in :)