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The Lounge Something Fun~ 15 facts about yourself. Jan 02 2012
19:37 (UTC)

Here are my 15 facts!

1. I have hypermobility in my fingers. (Freaks people out all the time, heh)

2. I have never gotten a sunburn in my life (Yay melanin powers!)

3. I lifeguard all throughout the summer, hence why I'm surprised I've never remotely gotten burned by the sun, haha. 

4. Planning on either becoming a discrimination or environmental lawyer

5. I love videogames

6. Deep conversations and debates intrigue me

7. I love taking road trips around the area; just getting lost somewhere relaxes me

8. Speaking of which, I've been lost in foreign countries and I loved every minute of it!

9. I never get hit on in the US, but the moment I went to Europe, guys couldn't keep their hands off of me. Difference in culture, maybe? ;)

10. My hair is uuuber kinky-curly, so it looks super short, but the moment it's straightened, it's down to my waist. My own awesome magic trick!

11. I've never been fond of any addictive-like substances, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc. Salt may be my only weakness.

12. I've ran track, swam on a swim team, and was in an African dance troupe for awhile

13. I don't see the point of television anymore when everything is online on a computer

14. I'm an avid reader

15. The only liquid I drink is water; I gave up drinking soda and fruit juices around 13 years old and it makes a huge difference on my skin and my wallet!

The Lounge Is anyone else really looking forward to the Olympics??? Aug 09 2008
01:43 (UTC)
I'm sooooo excited! I'm watching the opening ceremonies right now and it's amazing!

I'm definitely looking forward to the swimming portion. (Ex-competitive swimmer but a lifeguard now. :D) Phelps is a hottie haha but I'm really rooting for Torres. Swimming at an olympic level at 41, with no additional substances?? Amazing.
Health & Support This is completely ridiculous and goes against EVERYTHING I've ever been told. Jul 27 2008
03:36 (UTC)
Haha, I got 720 also. Must be some sort of glitch if everyone is getting it.
Young Calorie Counters How old were you when you had your first kiss? Jul 27 2008
02:31 (UTC)
16 and never been kissed. Sometimes it feels depressing but most of my friends who have been kissed early on regret it somehow. So... wait I shall!
Motivation The thing I hate the most about being overweight........ Jul 27 2008
01:59 (UTC)
The thing I hate the most about being overweight is knowing that I have a slammin' bod under all of this flab. Gosh, even my doctor said if I was 140 lbs I'd look like Ciara the singer or Janet Jackson, haha! Not only that, but I don't want to have the potential health risks that run in my family like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and all of the other diseases that are related to being overweight.
Foods Nutella! Jul 27 2008
01:51 (UTC)
Oh my gosh, Nutella is very great. Ironically, I first tried it at an Italian film festival, haha. I agree with the posts above about portion control. Eat it in moderation or not as often as everyday. But darn, is that stuff good!
Young Calorie Counters Negative side of losing weight Jul 23 2008
02:28 (UTC)
I remember when I was smaller, my bones, especially on my clavicles and my tail and hip bones, would hurt really badly if I ever sat down for a long time or bumped into something. They must've be sensitive because they've never been exposed out like that without some type of layer of fat over them. And the bad thing was that I wasn't anywhere near my target weight! So when I get down in those digits, my protruding bones will be dying lol.
Games & Challenges 10 pounds by the end of August who's in?? --GROUP CLOSED Jul 18 2008
04:00 (UTC)
Count me in. I've let myself go in the past months and I need to get back on the road! Starting weight = 221.4 lbs

  • July 18th 2008 = 219.8 lbs (-1.6 lbs)
  • July 25th, 2008 = 216.8 lbs (-4.6 lbs)
  • August 1st, 2008 = 216 lbs (-5.4 lbs)
  • August 8th, 2008 = 218 lbs (-3.4 lbs err... binged the night before)
  • August 15th, 2008 =
  • August 22nd, 2008 =
  • August 29th, 2008 =
  • August 31st, 2008 (Final Weight) =
  • The Lounge Virginia people? Jul 18 2008
    03:54 (UTC)
    *raises hand* Yay Virginia! I'm from central VA (Richmond).
    Young Calorie Counters Any Really Young Young Calorie Counters Like in Middle or High School??? Mar 22 2008
    20:23 (UTC)
    Sophomore in high school, also 16.
    Young Calorie Counters kind of sickened. Mar 22 2008
    20:10 (UTC)
    Yep, I think I agree with everyone who mentioned the growing part. Even though I'm at a lower weight than I was when I was, say 13 and 12, I can't fit the jeans I used to wear when I was that age because my hips grew wider due to hormones. So I say you're okay. ;) Oh and by the way, I'm 16.
    Health & Support Is she too thin??? Dec 18 2007
    00:46 (UTC)
    The first pic is a little alarming but not totally bad and the second and third pics look fine to me.
    Young Calorie Counters School is in Kids... Dec 18 2007
    00:04 (UTC)
    I lurve this kind of music!! :D
    Weight Loss fast metabolism Oct 09 2007
    01:45 (UTC)
    I have at least 3 friends who have a really fast metabolism. They're all teens but if you see their family and how they eat, you will see it's not just from hard work and eating right.

    One of my friends is about 5'3", 100 lbs and does absolutely nothing; nada, zip, not a thing to keep her weight maintained. She eats a bucketload of crap like soda, pizza, chips, candy, you name it. But regardless of it all, she stays very thin. I have to admit it's annoying lol because whenever we go out to eat I'm trying to watch what I eat and she devours anything on the menu. At least it's nice to know that I have her mile time beat by at least 4 minutes. Haha... She is also a "skinny-fat" girlie. If you poke her in the arm, your finger would go in at least 3/4 of an inch. No kidding. So hopefully she'll realize in due time that just because she's thin doesn't necessarily mean she's healthy.
    The Lounge Ugh...Wisdom Teeth...Please Help! Sep 24 2007
    01:50 (UTC)
    Eh... Everyone's scaring me. D: Mine are just growing and I'm afraid of the pain that they might or probably will ensue.
    Weight Loss'd Rihanna do it??? Sep 23 2007
    00:51 (UTC)
    She probably got her body from any other leading singer out there: Personal trainers, rigid diets, and plenty of exercise. If we were all that famous, heck, I think we'd all look that way or pretty darn close.

    (also off-topic, people say my eyes resemble hers. lol)
    Weight Loss Weight Loss Challenge For High Schoolers! Sep 03 2007
    03:44 (UTC)
    I'm so in. ;)
    Foods Oh my oreo pizza? Aug 31 2007
    00:52 (UTC)
    Oh my gosh that's pretty wicked. Wicked as in cool/awesome and wicked as in I'll probably not eat it anytime soon. Haha.
    Motivation Being called "thick" a compliment?? Aug 24 2007
    03:09 (UTC)
    For me personally, I'd rather be called thick than fat. When I think of thick, I think of it as not being too fat or being too skinny. Just average plus a little more fluff. So if anyone called me thick, I would probably take it as a compliment and think, "Hey, he didn't call me fat! I'm just cuddly!!" I don't know about you though. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then that's fine also. But for me personally, I'd rather be called thick than chunky, fat, or rail-thin. :)