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Young Calorie Counters What do you want to be when you grow up? Dec 05 2008
04:38 (UTC)

I've wanted to be a writer (best-selling author!) since I was 3.

I also want to be an artist, a human AND animal right's activist, a photographer, and an editor.

I'm viewing them all as realistic. I'll figure it out somehow.

The Lounge Good idea to let kids graduate with a 10th grade eduMAcation? Nov 08 2008
05:17 (UTC)

I think it's a great idea- it makes me want to move to New Hampshire!

I'm only a freshman right now, but all my classes (except gym) are either junior or senior level honors classes. I'm not looking forward to the next two years (I'm going to graduate early) because I know I'll be dead bored. This is my first and last year taking French in HS, because I'm already in the highest class.

In my opinion, this is a great step in letting kids who need a bigger challenge (or any challenge whatsoever) do what they need to do to find it.

I wish I could go to college NOW- I know where I want to go, I've visited the campus, know (basically) what I want to do with my life. I feel like I could handle it- it wouldnt be easy, sure, but I could deal.


Vegetarian Are YOU the first? Nov 06 2008
16:57 (UTC)

umm, shyea. the first EVER in my family on BOTH sides. Im also one of the first democrats.

the rest of my extended family (outside of my parents) live in the south, on hog farms. can you say clash of viewpoints there?!

visiting them = NOT FUN.

The Lounge I think I finally have a goal, body-wise, to look at Nov 06 2008
02:10 (UTC)

Not to offend anyone, but I kind of think kate moss looks gross in that picture. She has no boobs!

I do love Keira Knightley's stomach though- so perfect! She's a little too skinny though.

Overall- I agree with the person who said Jessica Biel!

The Lounge Who will you be voting for for President of the United States??? Nov 03 2008
00:02 (UTC)


(if i could vote :D)

The Lounge My kitty is dying.. Sep 01 2008
05:06 (UTC)
one other thing- I agree you might know how your cat is feeling better than the vet, but don't always go with if he's meowing in pain or not. My old cat died of kidney cancer, and he didnt make any vocal signs of pain, although he was in severe, severe pain. He just hid away from us all while he was dying :(

You know deep down what the right choice is, I'm sure :( You don't want your cat to be in pain, but you dont want to lose him either. I apologize if i'm assuming things, though. I could be wrong.

If it was me, I wouldnt want my dear cat to be in pain. Geez, I'm crying just at the thought of it.

*more hugs*
The Lounge My kitty is dying.. Sep 01 2008
05:02 (UTC)
I'm so so so so sorry :( I know how much pain you're in right now. My cat is my best friend in the whole world- I dont know what I'm going to do without him. He recently had  surgery and I was so scared- I couldn't stop sobbing.

I wish I could say something to comfort you, and i know if i was in your position, nothing would be comforting to me, but I just want to say that I'm sure your cat loves you very much, and he has had a very happy life- coming to your backyard is the best thing that ever happened to him :)

Best wishes- I hope you, and your family, and your cat will all be ok :( *hugs*
The Lounge New Yorkers! Input please! Aug 07 2008
14:23 (UTC)
thanks for the help :)

yeah, i dont really want to go there ( to ground zero) but my dad does, so we're going to go.

zehill- thanks for all the GREAT ideas!! :)
Vegetarian I am vegetarian. And I miss sushi.. What do you miss? Aug 04 2008
14:44 (UTC)
i dont miss anything meat related- meat disgusts me


i do miss yoplait yogurt- stupid gelatin :( i loved that stuff so much!! and jello :D
Weight Loss i'm actually HAPPY!!!! :D Aug 03 2008
22:11 (UTC)
ok, good luck! :) well i was scared for two main reasons...

- i'm a recovering anorexic, and i was scared that i'd get freaked and become unhealthy again

- knowing if i HAD gained weight- i couldnt have lived with myself
The Lounge ...too thin? Aug 03 2008
22:08 (UTC)
um, to everybody that got mad at this- i posted this a LONG time ago, and the picture was different

the girl thats in the link now is a lot healthier

seriously- the old picture was a lot different

chill people! :)
Young Calorie Counters 13-16, tall, and need to lose 5-10 pounds, come here! Jul 31 2008
21:54 (UTC)
i totally understand- I'd love to be 125 again! i was a size 2 too! i miss those days :(

I'm vegetarian, and a fairly healthy eater- my problem is just exercising, i guess. i pretty much hate it!! Unless i'm playing basketball or ice skating- but those arent exactly "normal" things I can do all the time. I cant stick with plans!!

I'd love to be a runner- but I get so cranky and tired and I have leg issues so its not a great option ><
Young Calorie Counters 13-16, tall, and need to lose 5-10 pounds, come here! Jul 31 2008
19:53 (UTC)
Great! i'm just curious- what size are you guys?

I'm anywhere from a 3 to an 8- stupid sizing differences!
The Lounge My cousins broke my cat. Jul 31 2008
19:44 (UTC)
To answer your questions- no he's not overweight- he has been in the past, but he's at a very very healthy weight now, with no health problems.

I was wondering about conservative treatment too- but it turns out that this is too severe for that to work, and I dont want him to be in extreme pain for the next couple of months. i'm reluctant to do surgery , especially considering his age, but the vet thats going to do the surgery is experienced and I'm trying not to worry (its not really working)

This kid is stubborn and insistant- and i'm sure he was getting annoyed the cat wouldnt come out from under the bed and he just kept yanking and yanking. I really hope my cat  bit him. Hard.

And these kids dont have good intentions- they are tasmanian devils on speed.
Young Calorie Counters 13-16, tall, and need to lose 5-10 pounds, come here! Jul 31 2008
19:28 (UTC)
nooo problem! :) what are you problem areas? mines probably my lovehandles >< grawr they just wont go away!
The Lounge My cousins broke my cat. Jul 31 2008
19:26 (UTC)
I WANT to make them pay for it- but my mother doesnt want to. Dont worry theres no way i'm letting them back in my house- I'm so angry at them.

who was watching them? well they made ME watch them for about 3 hours- and then i figured since they were with their FATHER for FIVE MINUTES that he would watch them- but i guess not. Their own father was watching them when they did it and he didnt even intervene.

I hate relatives :(

The cat was hiding under the bed- they crawled under it and tried to yank the poor kitty out :(
Young Calorie Counters 13-16, tall, and need to lose 5-10 pounds, come here! Jul 31 2008
19:16 (UTC)
Ooh i'd love to join!

Age: 14 (and a half :D)

Height: 5'8''ish

Goal: I'd be happy around 130, but lower would be great :)

I'm probably around 140ish at the moment- but i have no true idea because I LOST MY SCALE! hehe :)
The Lounge My cousins broke my cat. Jul 31 2008
19:14 (UTC)
they're about 6 and 4- young, but definently old enough to not do what they did :( evil children...*mutters*
Young Calorie Counters tummy bulge? Jul 23 2008
05:56 (UTC)
AHH my god i totally understand. it succcccks. in the morning, i'm fairly happy with myself (well...basically) and i feel light and happy (only, i'm hungry, so not incredibly happy :D) and then i eat all day and BOOOM!

i am an elephant :D

it happens to everybody - dont worry about it, even though its ridiculously annoying
Foods Would you rather... Jul 16 2008
05:03 (UTC)
black olives!

and for the first question, i'd rather have cake :)