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Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Dec 05 2014
12:06 (UTC)

Stob630953552 - good luck! We're here to support you!

Lilhurricaneo - what do are your macro goals, where you wouldn't be able to eat more meat for dinner? My Macro goals are 40% Protein, 35% Carbohydrates, and 25% Fat (although my carbs tend to be lower than that and my other two macros are usually slightly higher).  Honestly if you are at a loss for what you want for dinner, put a protein on it.  It is one of the best things for weight release.

As for me, I'm a little frustrated that I haven't released any weight this week - I am back on plan, except for exercise, and I haven't eaten anything that would throw my body off.  So if I can get to the gym two more times this week, I hope to see a significant weight change.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Dec 03 2014
17:53 (UTC)

Yeah I don't eat dairy or fruit.  If I am really craving sweets i do have strawberries, which are fine.

I had ice cream for the first time in two years on Sunday and got so seriously sick that I'm not going back to dairy for a long time.

I do have almond milk, but for the most part I eat things like what I'm eating today:



eggs cooked in olive oil, grilled onions, and peppers


Salad w/ mixed veggies and 5-8 oz grilled chicken


Zucchini with chicken or fish, cooked in either olive oil or pesto.

I also snack throughout the day, and although I eat Medifast instead of regular food for my snacks, I recommend celery, string cheese, nuts, or deli meat.  The Oscar Mayer 3Ps (meat, cheese, and nuts all in one container) are usually my inspirations, but I make them on my own because I don't like the quality of Oscar Mayer products.


Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Dec 03 2014
17:20 (UTC)

I'm mostly just careful.  I have had 61 grams of carbohydrates today so far, which is high for me, but very little of it was sugar except for the salad dressing.  Tonight it's zucchini and chicken with a splash of olive oil or pesto.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Dec 03 2014
12:24 (UTC)

Hi Everyone! I don't know where I've been... all over the place, I suppose.

I fell off plan for awhile but I am back on it.  And it wasn't Thanksgiving that threw me off - it was just all the changes going on in my life.

I will go into a little more detail.  My husband and I are separating.  It's nothing either of us did, but we're not in love, and we feel like we deserve to be.  While we figure this out, I actually met someone else, and so did he.  My someone else lives an hour and a half away, and since I have a better vehicle than he does, and I make more money, it's usually me driving down to see him, instead him coming to see me.  He's a foodie, like me, but he's not as much into healthy lifestyles as I am, so at this point we're working on that.  He likes my homemade fajitas (which the way I make them are low-cal).

I also haven't been sleeping.  On nights I do sleep, I can tell a difference in the way I feel all day and how well I stay on plan.  Like the night before last I managed in 7 hours of sleep, which for me has been virtually unheard of.  And so yesterday I had a bounce in my step most of the day and went to the gym and stayed on plan (except for some cookies my husband left out - grrr).  Last night I forced myself to fall asleep sometime between one and two, and I got up as usual at 5:30.  I didn't stay asleep that whole time - 4:30 and I met again, along side some knee pain from my first workout in weeks.

So my life's pretty hectic now, with 65 hour work weeks (down from 70-80) and I just need to get focused and keep my eye on the prize.

BTW, on diabetes - I'm prediabetic (something glycemic) and except for a bad experience with some cookies yesterday, I eat like it.  I eat an extremely high protein diet, no bread/grain/rice/potatoes, and low glycemic veggies, such as salads and stir fries.  For example, yesterday I only had 60 carbohydrates the entire day and about 6 grams of sugar... again, until I ate cookies... And that tends to be about typical for me.  It's not Atkins or anything, but I just don't eat a lot of carbohydrates because it's what spikes my blood sugar.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Nov 12 2014
17:51 (UTC)

Howdy folks!


My lowest weight this week was 182.0, but I've been bad on my diet this week (chili for lunch on Monday and Japanese for dinner; Chinese for lunch yesterday; okay so far today except I have dinner plans with a guy I'm seeing, and he wants to cook me either country fried steak or pasta with sausage.  Both delicious).

I'm so happy right now to do so well!

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Nov 06 2014
13:41 (UTC)

Sometimes Calorie Count needs a Like Button.

On days like these, when I have been up all night talking to a certain special friend of mine, I have just enough energy to scroll through and push Like.

184.2.  Slowly but surely.  49.2 pounds to go.


Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Nov 04 2014
23:34 (UTC)
I just wanted to say way to go everyone! I am down to 184.4 as of yesterday so im super happy. Eating enough is tough when you're so used to eating like an anorexic...

But the doctor is okay with my diet and my efforts to eat more Calories.

You guys are great. One of my biggest inspirations is reading this forum!
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 30 2014
14:08 (UTC)

Thanks Sarah Rip!  I just need to slow down and be patient.

Good job at losing 32 pounds, ICY HEART!


How is everyone else doing?

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 28 2014
17:25 (UTC)

Hi new people!  And veterans to the group!

I am at a plateau after having reached 187 two weeks ago.  I've been floating around 190 the past week, when last week I was at 189.  So things are not moving in the right direction!  Some of what I'm doing differently is reverse dieting, so I am going up 100-calories a week until I can reach my BMR, and then adjusting from there.  It is supposed to fix my metabolism.  On the other hand, I am working out more times per week and working two jobs, which are standing/walking intensive.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 22 2014
02:52 (UTC)

Hey folks - great dialogue; sorry I've missed it.  I've been super busy.

But I'm down to 188.2, so I am super stoked to see lower numbers on the scale.

Except for a low fat ice cream sandwich, I was great on my foods today.  I did have an extra Medifast bar today, but I was hungry... all day...

Health & Support Severe Low Energy on Period Oct 15 2014
22:18 (UTC)

Hi Krayola Blue 91 -

I normally eat the Medifast Diet, modified to account for more Calories because I work out a lot and have two jobs.

As for a doctor, my tests were good in the end of May when I had my full blood work done, with an iron level of 17 (which is somewhere in that "good" range).  But I have been on the Medifast diet for almost 6 months now, so some of it may have changed.  The only thing I needed to work on was my HDLs, so I have a lot of omega 3 items like olive oil (every meal and fish (once or twice a week) now.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 15 2014
10:21 (UTC)

I'm glad you have the professionals to help.

189.8 again today, but happy with the changes.  I mean, here I am, first day of my monthly, and weighing the same I did yesterday, the lowest I've been since the beginning of this journey.  On the other hand... I'm on my monthly.  I could barely get out of bed with the crampy and uncomfortables (the way I describe it, it doesn't sound so bad but it's...omg... please kill me).  And the pounding headache and ZERO ENERGY.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 15 2014
02:57 (UTC)

Kaytee, be careful with the Hydroxycut.  I trust GNC for the most part but my husband's liver toxicity was up for a little while after he'd been taking the men's VitaPak for a month.  So be careful and talk to your doctor.

In other news... Sorry I haven't been on in a few days... OMG WORK.  I have 38 hours this week at one job and 32 at the other.  And the same for next week.  Well, next week might be different because hopefully I'll be teaching by then

I wanted to share that I am at 189.8 as of this morning, which means I've lost 44.8 pounds.  That means I am almost halfway there!  I also have changed my gym regimen, and I offer plenty of advice for people who are trying to get on track with the gym.

3-4 days a week I am doing almost strictly cardio, with 2-4 fitness machines.  2-3 days are strictly strength workouts, with a little bit of cardio.  And one rest day.  Which was last night.  So that means I am going to the gym every day this week now.

Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 07 2014
00:04 (UTC)

So I was supposed to do a 5K, as promised, but I managed only 2.8K.  This was NOT what I had in mind, but I know what I did wrong.  I wanted so badly to outdo Friday's 40-minute 5K that I ran the first half in only 16 minutes, and was completely out of energy for the rest.  I was exhausted.

I did, however, give myself enough energy to hit the weights, like I wanted, and did 40-pounds on two different machines (one is usually 35 and the other is 45, but 40 was my goal today).

Today, since I worked so hard, I intend on doing a slow 5K tomorrow, no matter what speed.  I will not watch the clock.  I REPEAT, I WILL NOT WATCH THE CLOCK.


Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Oct 06 2014
18:47 (UTC)
On Friday i had an abundance of extra energy even after having worked until 9:30. So i wemt to the gym, pushed the 5K button on the treadmill and went to town. This was my first 5K in a year and my first RUNNING 5K in 8 years. 40 minutes. I intend on doing a 5K everyday i don't work 2 jobs until i can get back to running the whole time. Then i will work on speed and hills so i can do 5Ks for charity again by spring and help coach cross country at the local high school i am about to work at, in the fall
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 06 2014
18:42 (UTC)
No problem Peg2010! I forgot yesterday to count my water but it was a cheat day. I had tacos and a sub fron Subway. I probably had 5-6 glassss of water and a lot of diet coke. Today much better. 8 waters (4 bottles of h2o) and one diet coke. And i didn't eat at Subway even though i was sitting in one on my lunch break.
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 06 2014
17:07 (UTC)
Peg 2010,

Don't worry about 3 pounds. Sometimes it is water retention and bloating from various factors, such as salt intake or your monthly. Watch your sodium intake, drink more water, reweigh in 2 days.
Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 06 2014
17:03 (UTC)
Good day to all! While I am not new to Calorie Count (member since 2007), I am, however, new to the Fitness Forum. This one caught my attention specifically because it is not all about "What kinds of workouts will lose the most weight without bulking up?" Those kinds of questions are one of my pet peeves.

But I am big on motivation forums, like this Fitness October 2014.

I work two jobs, so I have already set the goal to hit the gym any time I am not working both jobs. So far it mostly works, although I can sometimes feel the burnout if I work both jobs immediately the next day after a good workout.

This week I only work both jobs Wednesday and Thursday, and for Wednesday it is a very short shift on one of them. So I have the opportunity to work out 5 times this week.

Monday: - 3.1 miles in 40 minutes or less (last time it was 40:01) - 2 Fitness machines (upper body)

Tuesday: - Interval workout with three minutes high intensity running, two minutes walking for 30 minutes.

Wednesday (optional): - 3.1 miles running in under 40 minutes. - Active Stretching

Thursday: - off

Friday: - 3.1 miles in 40 minutes or less. - lower body and core machines.

Saturday: - 3.1 miles in 38 minutes or less. - 4 machines of my choosing.

Sunday: - 3.1 miles in 38 minutes or less. - Active Stretching Day
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Oct 06 2014
16:31 (UTC)
Hi guys,

It's been a little while but I have a second job now and haven't been too motivated to do much of anything. Good news is my weight dropping slowly but surely. I am at 193.2 as of yesterday and haven't hope my weigh in at the nutritionist goes well.

Good to hear from new folks.
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Oct 06 2014
16:05 (UTC)
This is super awesome!

A little about me:

Height: 5'' 2 1/2" (the half is important when you're short!) Current Weight: 193.2 Goal weight: 135 Age 26 (27 in January) Build: mediumish Shape: Hourglass (48" hips, 38" waist, 40DD breast size)

Details: - Grammar Nazi: I correct poor grammar on a regular basis. I also try my best to adhere to proper grammar rules when I type or write my book. - Ambitious: I work two jobs. One of them is walking intensive, and the other is standing, bending, and lifting intensive. I am also writing an urban fiction (vampire) novel. - Goal oriented: I try to set goals for myself every week. This week my weight release goal is 1.6 lb. In order to do this, I intend on working out every night that I am not working both jobs. - I listen to Heavy Metal and alternative music. Currently my favorite band is Halestorm, but my favorite two songs are by Nine Inch Nails ("Closer) and Lindsey Stirling ("Roundtable Rival"). - I have a bachelor's degree in psychology that I don't use. It has been a struggle staying on a Calorie Count plan with a lack of reliable employment. - I drink a lot of water, more than the standard 8 glasses a day. I have already finished 8 glasses and it is only noon! - April 2015 is my ultimate deadline for my goal weight.